Dad of one of 2 men shot by Olympia officer: Shooting should have never happened

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — One of two stepbrothers shot by an Olympia police officer is back home recovering.

Talking to Q13 FOX News for the first time Monday, Andre Thompson’s father said his son is not ready to talk about the early Thursday morning shooting, but he — the father — believes the shooting should have never happened.

Thompson, 24, and his stepbrother, Bryson Chaplin, 21, were shot by an Olympia police officer after he stopped them as suspects in an attempted beer theft from a Safeway store. The officer, Ryan Donald, radioed in that they attacked him with their skateboards before he opened fire.

Near the incident on Cooper Point Road, someone spray painted the words, “No justice no peace.”

“I woke up to a single gunshot; it jarred me awake,” said one neighbor, who didn’t want her face shown on camera because she says the shooting is too controversial.

The brothers are black and the officer is white, and the shooting sparked protests in Olympia Thursday afternoon and Thursday night.

“It’s aggravating because people say you have to be on one side of the fence. I am like,  why?" the neighbor said.

Neighbors say the shooting has polarized their quiet Olympia community.
There is no video of the shooting but detectives say cameras caught the brothers outside a Safeway right before the shooting.

A Safeway employee called 911 saying a man tried to steal a case of beer.

“He stole a beer earlier and he tried to do it again. He threw the beer at me and hit my hand, he threw a case of beer at me, glass beer. He’s at the fuel station right now he’s running but they are both on skateboards,” employee said.

Donald spotted the brothers along Cooper Point Road not far from the Safeway. Donald told dispatch that he tried to stop the brothers but they were aggressive and attacked him with skateboards.

It's unclear how many shots were fired and in what sequence.

Investigators will interview Donald for the first time on Tuesday to get his side of the events.  Investigators said they interviewed Thompson in his hospital bed Thursday, only hours after he had been shot.

Chaplin was critically injured in the shooting and was not immediately interviewed by investigators. He has since been upgraded to serious condition at Seattle's Harborview Medical Center.

Police say they were not expecting more protests Monday night or Tuesday. But they are expecting a lot of people at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

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  • something or nothing

    Did he ever think that his kids shouldn’t of been stealing beer in the first place? Yes they shouldnt have been shoot with a real fire arm but it sounds like they caused the first action. Instead of telling kids its ok to act like assholes maybe we should teach them their actions will cause reactions. Im all for no more police brutally but people want to start using every story to help their cause. You will always be able to twist something to fit, but that doesnt make it right.

  • Scott Wilkinson

    It really is too bad that they were shot, but they were out late at night stealing, assaulted the store clerk then started to assault the police officer. Two against one with weapons, yes a skateboard can be used as a weapon. Saw an interview of the men’s mother and she said they are good kids, well if they are soo good why the hell they out stealing. That night was beer, next week could be a car or worse yet someones home. Hope when they get out of hospital they end up in jail.

      • Christina

        Her? You apparently didn’t to read even so much as the headline. It’s the father that is speaking up, and last time I checked, being a HIM is kind of a prerequisite to being a father. The only “her” in the article is actually a very smart woman who, like me, hasn’t really taken a side because she doesn’t have all the facts, and is a neighbor, not a friend or family member who they might have been stealing the beer for.

  • charles sullivan

    The father is absolutely right. If the brothers had not stolen the beer they would not have been stopped, and whatever actions that caused the shooting would not have happened.

  • kfc

    Woulda shoulda coulda no job no money attack a cop deserve to get shot get a fuckin job you should be thankful you still have a life

  • Jim E Rotten

    He’s right, ya know—this shooting should never have happened. His stupid children, in their early 20s, should have been working full time and starting families of their own, buying stuff legally.

    Stealing from and assaulting people: the brand-new civil right in America.

    Oh, and our police carry guns for a reason.

  • Jillie Brown

    Of course the shooting should never have happened. Parenting skills would have prevented this, if they had taught them the difference between right and wrong. Stealing isn’t good. They assaulted the store clerk by throwing the beer, then used their skate boards as weapons. Self Defense by the officer. I am so tired of it being all about race. ALL LIVES MATTER!!! And it happens to white people, latino, native americans, germans, french, italian.

    • Anon

      People make their own choices. You can’t blame a parent for something their kids do, my parents taught me right from wrong. Didn’t stop me from stealing alcohol. Funny thing is the only Safeway I never stole from was this one.

      • VoiceOfReason

        Most kids shoplift at some point regardless of how good the parents. I certainly had my “bad” period. However throwing beer at a store clerk or assaulting police (if its true) is not normal behavior. Additionally mist kids grow out if it by this age. These aren’t you normal every day kids pranks. This is the behavior of future career criminals and likely involves a parenting failure.

  • Q Ball Brasil

    21 and 24 years old are not “kids”. Also, look up the two suspects in the PUBLICLY AVAILABLE WA State Court Records Name search. Nice history of prior violent crimes and convictions. Welcome to the ADULT WORLD of consequences. As for the Dad? You should of been a better Dad. Quit making excuses for these adult men, be happy they are still alive, and teach them the error of their ways…because the next time they may mess with a citizen who will lawfullty defend themselves, only to be buried in a pine box with next crime they DECIDE to commit.

  • d_2

    Hey Daddy… How about making the statement that stealing and assaulting an officer should not have occurred. In short, Daddy’o is condoning theft and assault without consequences. Brilliant! Love to see those signs at the next so-called protest. Completely ignorant.

  • lyne

    He is absolutely correct, his son should never have been shot. And he wouldn’t have been if he hadn’t been robbing a store, assaulting and battering a store employee, running from the police after committing a felony or two, and assaulting a police officer. And if he’s “innocent” because his brother did all that, then he shouldn’t have been with him – helping or egging him on. It really is simple – commit crime, do the time, live with the results of your actions, and please learn something good from your errors.

  • Wallus

    Lets see, 24 and taking a swipe at a cop with a skateboard. Seems dad should have a few things to be concerned about.

  • George

    It’s ok to be a thief as far as the father is concerned. Just don’t shoot my boys for attacking you, because your a police officer and you shouldn’t shoot blacks. The father should thank him for just trying to stop them instead of shooting to kill them.

  • Mel Ceccanti

    your kids are a direct reflection of you the parents. Maybe if they weren’t robbing a store twice they wouldn’t be in the position they are. You and your kids are 10 pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

  • James Crawford

    The dad is right on the mark when he says this should not have happened. This and so many other incidents should have never happened. If these thugs or any other thug would have been raised by my dad you would have never had this problem. My point the dad can blame who he wants but the truth is it’s on him. I am the man my father made! You cannot learn what you are not taught!

  • Lawrence Beerbower

    Let’s put this in the right perspective. We are not dealing with children here. These are grown men 24 and 21 years of age. They know better than to steal. Then assault a store clerk and then a police officer. They are lucky to be still alive. The only question in all of this would be was appropriate action taken? From what the media has told us absolutely the officer drew and fired in response to being attacked. These two should be in jail once they are done recovering not sitting at home. They attempted to steal beer that is a felony. Assault on the store clerk can range from a gross misdemeanor to a felony. Assault on a police officer is a felony and if they ran that is eluding and which is also a felony.
    So at least 3 felony charges they should be facing in addition to cost of damages which are minimal.
    But we are not dealing with children here these are grown men who know better and should do the time for what they chose to do. These two thieves are lucky they live in Washington state. A place most store owners do not keep a weapon behind the counter.
    This is not about race. This is about dumb and dumber being stupid and having to pay the price for it. in the end the only question should be did the officer have a lessor lethal option available to him to apprehend these thieves.

  • John

    I say, sterilize that father for raising those criminals.

    I will bet you that the father has a criminal record a mile long.

  • VoiceOfReason

    He’s absolutely right and if he had raised them with even a limited amount of intelligence they wouldn’t have been shot.

    Now lets all protest and support them so they believe their actions were acceptable and they were wronged. their next crime may be even more violent.

  • Karl

    I echo the sentiments of so many who have posted before me. Those points have been well made, this never should have happened. The officer never should have been put in a situation where that was his option… but the officer didnt instigate the scenario. There are alot of unanswered questions regarding the recent police shooting here in Olympia. Despite those questions still being unanswered many folks have already reached conclusions. One point of clarity if I might be so bold… while a skateboard is not *intended* as a weapon, ANY physical object can be used as one. Many with more effectiveness than others. As shown in this video were I to need to choose between a) a chunk of pipe, b) a length of two-by-four, or c) a skateboard… I would choose C for a variety of reasons. Good close in, two handed control, functions as a shield, convenient handles, would serve well to block a Taser. Striking the head with the wheels and axle assembly is referred to as “truck slapping” in skater lingo. Not recommended as it could lead to serious if not fatal head injury.

    I dont know what really happened. NONE of us do yet. But to state that a skateboard cant be used as a weapon is fallacious.

  • Scott

    In addition to covering the demonstrations in Olympia, could Q13 also cover what happened. Two men stole beer from Safeway, came back tried to steal more, threatened store employees, a police officer tried to arrest them, they attempted to assault the officer (doing his job) with scate boards, and then were shot by the officer in self defense (oh and the two men happened to be black). Color does not appear to be the issue, done people seem to think that laws do not apply to them.
    I actually saw a sign at the Olypmia demonstration that said “Abolish Police”, how about abolish criminals.
    The lesson to be learned here shoukd be don’t break the law and you won’t have problems like this.
    If people don’t want to live within the laws of this society, move to some other country or expect the police here will enforce the laws like don’t steal, don’t assault police or resist arrest.

  • hugh jorgon

    24 and riding around late at night on a skateboard desperately trying to steal beer??? “Dad” ought to kick that boy in the butt and tell him it’s time to become a man. Get a job… start respecting others… stop stealing…
    As a fellow Washingtonian.. I’m embarrassed for this family having done such a poor job raising this kid. Shame on them.

  • today was a good day

    that is exactly right, they ae not kids the yare young adults. what they are claimed to hace done is not clear. no one really knows the whole story as they have not interviews all of the people involved. IF the police officer said they were attacking him with skate boards, what is the officer to do??? per self defense classes and gun shooting defense classes aren’t you given the “disable your assailant? shoot him/her on the leg, arm a place where it is not fatal!! RIGHT?!?!? So whay are these cops shooting to KILL??!?!?

    • lyne

      You never shoot to disable or disarm (unless you’re a movie star, because you get multiple opportunities to get it right). In real life you aim for center mass and your cue to cease firing is when your target is no longer a danger to you. How to quickly find center mass – draw a line from head to groin and from armpit to armpit, where those lines intersect is the top of your aiming point – another line bisecting the hips is the lowest you should attempt to aim for. Do not aim for extremities or head, because unless you are a sniper, 9 times out of 10 you will miss..

  • Gato

    “No justice. No peace” Ha! They wouldn’t know justice if it bit them. If you steal, assault, show off, be questioned by police and then assault the police officer and you die as a result, you HAVE received justice. There are many provocateurs in this country who are trying to stir the pot for what reason, I don’t know. Don’t fall for their mischief.

  • T.J.

    It sure seems like these protest have been happening more often. Some will say the cops are being brutal more often. Those of us that have simple reasoning skills can see, the behavior is being excused Every time someone pulls the get out of jail free card (ie:racism). First and foremost, these so-called good kids are not just expressing themselves. If they act as criminals – charge them. Period. If there’s a protest turned to riot, charge everyone involved. If they lie during investigations, charge them. And So on. Basically if a white person would be locked up, better treat the black folks equal and lock them up.

  • David

    Why does everyone think there’s such a big problem, they were thugs that’s what happens when your a criminal. And there’s the mother pointing her finger at everyone else, Would any of this happened if they didn’t break the law? White reporters were working and shot by a crazed black man, I do not seeing the white people rioting, and they were innocent they were not thugs assaulting and stealing just doing there job, what is going on in this country? There would be no issue if they were not breaking the law.