Two men allegedly involved in grocery store theft shot by Olympia police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


OLYMPIA – A police officer shot two men, reportedly brothers, allegedly involved in an attempted theft at an Olympia Safeway Thursday morning.

The Olympia Police Department reports an officer fired multiple shots, hitting two men, near Cooper Point Road NW and 14th Avenue NW just after 1 a.m.

Both men were transported to an area hospital with gunshot wounds to the chest. The men, believed to be in their 20s, were in critical condition. The Olympia police officer was not hurt.

Police said the men matched a description of two black men who reportedly tried to steal beer from the grocery store early this morning. The men were spotted by grocery store staff, threw the stolen items on the ground and fled. The shooting was reported a short time later.

"As police investigated the matter, an officer found two men matching the suspect descriptions a short distance away," Olympia Police Chief Ronnie Roberts said. "A few minutes later, the officer notified dispatch that he had been involved in a shooting."

What lead to the shooting, if the men had weapons and why police fired multiple shots remains unknown.

A woman who identified herself as the sister of the men shot said she just happened to be driving by the shooting as it took place. She said she heard multiple shots fired, and saw one of her brothers drop to the ground.

She claimed it was impossible that her brothers were armed with a weapon.

A Thurston County Critical Incident Team is investigating the shooting and the police officer is on administrative leave, police said.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as soon as more information is available.

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  • hellomurica

    According to the police chief’s statement this morning on Q13’s broadcast , the two men were black, since they omitted that here. The men were shot at for shoplifting. I sincerely hope there was more to it than that. Attempting to execute people for shoplifting is inexcusable.

  • "peety"

    Since the OPD is declining to comment on why they shot two shoplift suspects, besides saying they are “black”, I guess we have to wait for the dash cam and body cam footage which surely the officer had, and didn’t turn it off.

    • Thomas Olson

      and because they are black we know that the cop was a racist and had no justification because there has never been a single incident of black men behaving in an aggressive, confrontational, or violent manner. Nope not once so lets get right to vilifying the cop.

    • jay

      Oh that totally justifies shooting them they were stealing, so what your saying is stop wasting money on hancuffs batons tazers pepper spray etc. Lets get rid of prisons and stuff…cuz killing on site is the answer.

      • Thomas Olson

        Did you even read the article before you started commenting? They were no longer at the store they were actually several blocks away. The officer approached them because they matched the description. and then something happened. Did the officer say “YA my chance to execute someone” while these 2 angelic beings stood there passively waiting for death? Did they decide “screw this pig there are 2 of us and one of him, I aint goin back to prison!” I don’t know and neither do you.

        • Careese

          Yup. That’s probably exactly what he was thinking. White officers must be pretty eager to murder black people considering a black person is shot by police every 8 hours.

          • hellomurica

            And white people are shot by cops more often. But I guess you won’t bother with that statistic because it doesn’t fall in line with your skewed perspective.

    • Yor Warren Peace

      According to the reports the young men left the scene without the attempted stolen merchandise. If they don’t have stolen property on them after leaving premises they can’t be charged with a crime, which is why LP will give a shoplifter a chance to dump the merchandise by scaring them away, or detain them outside with the stolen property in order to press charges. Either way the most these two could get charged with is a misdemeanor in this particular circumstance, which isn’t punishable by death in our state of Washington. Also, the young gentlemen in the hospital “matched the description’ of the UNSUCCESSFUL shoplifters at the store, but at the time of the shooting these two pedestrians had yet to be confirmed as the suspects, and there has been no mention yet of recovered merchandise. But again, not punishable by death. Your cool comment has no basis in reality, Kathy. Hope you don’t have children who decide to do commit a juvenile offense and wind up dead because they “deserved it’. Hope your loved ones don’t end up dead because they “looked” like they fit the description. Check your self.

        • Yor Warren Peace

          Perhaps that is so. However, I see no justification to shoot on sight given the current details. If the suspects had weapons involved or somehow engaged the officer to fire, it would have been reported first thing. So, my point, regardless of what I do or don’t know about crime law in detail, is that these 2 should probably be detained under arrest (at best) given current details. And that anyone who says “don’t steal, and you won’t get shot” has a real vapid understanding of life and law themselves, the same people who would easily change their tune if the same incident landed in their immediate realm of awareness. So my flimsy understanding of police protocol still stands as decent argument in light of what we know at this point. Everybody’s lack of compassion and one-liner knee-jerk rally-cry responses is what is embarrassing (as is your opinion based response without any supporting dialogue to enhance your stance from pure conjecture). If the shooting was justified, we’d have heard HOW by now. And to think that the officer could even have maimed the wrong 2 “suspects”…is that not a concerning aspect anybody else? No? Well then, I will kindly excuse myself to go get better acquainted with whatever laws are on the books that make this kind of situation seem totally acceptable.

          • dg54321

            You make the common mistake of assuming a suspect has to be armed to be a potentially lethal threat, and that one must be armed to be responded to with lethal force. None of these things are true.

            We don’t know the situation yet. I reserve judgment until more details come out.

          • Yor Warren Peace

            I clearly did not make that assumption, DG54321. I covered that basis when I wrote: “If the suspects had weapons involved or somehow engaged the officer to fire (…)”.

      • GMAN

        Clearly your ignorance is clear in your writing. One, before you preach an understanding of the law, you should know it. Theft is theft, whether you get away with the merchandise or not. Loss Prevention as you put it has particular rules, one is depending on the amount being stolen it is a far less risk to the company to scare the would be shoplifters to drop the merchandise and leave the store without further incident. As opposed to creating further confrontation that could leave to injury. Second, this is not about theft at all…. it has to due with 2 males (regardless of race) attempting to assault an office with a skateboard. Now this is purely speculation as the facts of the case are still being reviewed. But since protesters feel the need to jump to conclusions that 2 innocent black lives were put into jeopardy, I felt compelled to put my own perception on this incident. When the officer attempted to stop the 2 males, one male aggressively attempted to strike the office with the skateboard resulting in “reasonable and necessary force” to protect his own life. Then moments later when the officer attempted to stop the other male, the male also became aggressive and was shot due to “reasonable and necessary force” to protect his own life. I think that instead of protesting we should be talking with our young and influential children about the following: If you don’t want to risk being shot by a police officer, a homeowner, or any other individual that felt in fear of their life, then don’t commit crime!!! I have two children, a 16 and a 18 year old, both boys. I have never been concerned about them making poor choices because I spent my time as a parent teaching them right from wrong.

      • guest

        i think you are totally wrong, the the are charges for that call littering and attempting to steal, plus in this case the product got destroy so is damage to the property, so you cant just walk into a store and destroy something and walk away and nothing is gonna happen, i dont agree with the out come of them being shoot but they was commiting a crime.

    • Careese

      No, I’m sorry to say that is not the case at all. Most murders are intraracial. Cop shootings by race/per million: 1.47 white people vs 31.17 black people. 15-19 year old black people are 21 times more likely to be shot by police than whites.

    • al

      I hope some cop shoots your dad in the head for taking up two spots at the local liquor store….see how you feel about that then

      • VoiceOfReason

        Or these to thugs graduate beyond stealing beer and throwing cans at store security to raping and killing because everyone makes them feel they are in the right its your family.

  • d_2

    Elementary really. Commit a crime; LEO’s will respond. You threaten harm to a LEO they will defend themselves. Meanwhile… queue up Peety and others who have documented disdain and hate for law enforcement and deflecting the real blame that starts with the criminal. Swing a skateboard at me… I’d reach for my agency issued firearm as well.

    • "peety"

      I’m not sur I heard it right. The two men were in the back of the squad car when a confrontation occurred? How? The officer shot one of them, they ran into the woods, then came back out to fight the cop again?

      PCP? Bath salts? Who gets shot and come backs for more?

      Let’s see the dash cam and body cam.

      • cjk

        there is no footage he had no dash can and no body can according to other news post and it said he was behind his car with the two subjects when they used their skateboard to attack him then he opened fire gave Chase found them after a run through some bushes and opened fire again None of this would have happened if he would have had back up

  • Automatic Systematic

    I find it funny these two kids (while not the smartest in the bunch) are shot in the chest while attempting to steal some beer and elsewhere a lunatic pointing a gun in a coffee shop is out on the street (if anybody deserved to be shot it was that guy) nevertheless… I love all the angelic perseptives from people that act like they have never fractured the law. Being an idiot is no reason to end up shot in the chest by a supposed peace officer. I can’t wait to get all the details of this story. Systematic oppression.

  • SuperDude6.0

    RIGHT…. The sister just happened to by driving by lol. No way she could have been the driver in the beer grab. I see that that would not make any sense. both brothers are probably great kids, that just started college and are getting their life straight.

  • The Decider

    I have no sympathy for thieves. And according to komo, the officer was assulted by force of a skate board. We used to call it “trucking,” and it can be deadly. I say don’t steal and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting shot. Or if you people who stand behind the poor thieves being shot, how bout we just chop a hand off?

  • cjk

    First off I am a black American that being said this better not turn in to a stupid huge thing some young cop made a bad decision to not have back up with him while stopping 2 suspects o wait I live in Thurston county and they don’t have enough cops to give him back up when he is approaching 2 suspected shop lifters I have read every news site I could because this is where I live and I have to say that I hope this does not turn in to some big thing because I don’t want to worry about getting harassed because of a bunch of protesters making a big deal out of something that could have been avoided if there was more cops In Thurston county

  • AlfredoKHuber

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  • Rehn

    Personally I am greatly annoyed by the fact that two thieves are able to get away with a crime just because they’re black. Just as personally, I am also annoyed with how the news is making it sound like they are the victims here. Honestly I am so done with how biased the news is, where is the other side of this report? Also, “allegedly” attempting to steal? Uh, hello? We caught them trying to steal and watched as they damaged store property when they couldn’t get away with it. At this point I’m so sick of seeing black criminals get away with all kinds of stuff just because they’re /black/. Then cops get all kinds of crap for trying to stop them. Gods, it’s the same thing over and over again. There are cases of racism and of foul play but this case does not seem like one. And even if it is- why are we focusing so hard on getting actual CRIMINALS out of trouble instead of spreading awareness of all the innocent people being arrested, beaten, and murdered in cold blood. Why are we determined to let them get away with bad behavior?

    I sound horrible for saying this don’t I? Well imagine how you sound to me, when you say that a person (almost specifically of African-American heritage) can get away with assaulting me or stealing from my house because of that heritage. What if they stole from you, if they were of different color? You’d be losing your mind if I said that to you.

    Now here is where I ruin all this and say that hopefully, the bullets will have taught them not to try and steal again. Now that’s me being salty and blunt.

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