WEATHER ALERT: School closures and delays

Simple tactics to easily check-in with your kids and combat bullying before things get bad

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • Choclatgurl

    Wow they need more content like this on the news. Great educational information for parents and non parents alike, who are involved in the lives of children.

  • Jason

    I think it’s spot on, especially these days where this generation is growing up with social media at their fingertips, therefore greater opportunity for cyber bullying.

  • ODB

    Informative convo. Thanks for the advice on the social media interaction with. I already started IM’ing with my niece over Google chat.

  • Inye Wokoma

    I know some parents are hesitant to talk candidly about the ‘dark side’ of their children, especially when they are young. There is such a thing as too young, but definitely at puberty I have found that talking openly and honestly not only about things that I did, but also what I was feeling, what confused me, and what the consequences were has always brought me closer to my children. I have two adult children and an eight year old. The lessons don’t always sink in and hold right away. Sometimes it takes years……………. and years (lol) for a something you share to truly make sense. But really it is the sharing that is the most transformative experience. Being human and vulnerable in front of and with your children, when done with discernment, is one of the most powerful forms of parenting.

    I never did anything like letter check-ins, but spontaneous meals with my adult children always leads to good conversation… and really, your children won’t really feel grown to you until their 30s.

    I appreciate you all doing a segment on this. Thanks.

  • Victoria Romero

    What I appreciated most is that much of Taylor’s tips are about expressing emotions. I think often times we get caught up in our ‘tweens and teens’ moodiness and we stop talking because the answers are usually a shoulder shrug or one word, “Nothing.” And before you realize, your interactions are mostly directives. But a simple text can speak volumes in sharing your corny side- the side that used baby talk and did funny things to get that same moody teen to laugh when they were younger. And for sure, the idea about an adult mentor- like a Godparent – a young person can turn to for advice is spot on. Practical loving advice. Does she do workshops?

  • Rosalyn

    Toyia did an excellent job in articulating the issues covered on the show aired. The topics of parenting, youth, education and diversity are important topics that need to be discussed. Toyia has the charisma that connects with an audience and presents herself with poise and grace.She is an intelligent young woman with a lot to offer. It would be great to have her on Q13 FOX as a regular.

  • Kenyatta James

    Toyia explained very well the signs that most parents do not recognize the signs or discount what is really going on. It’s not easy to identify, but these tips are a great start. This was a great segment on this topic. We need to hear more.

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