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Mom of 2 men shot by Olympia cop: ‘No reason to open fire on them’ (VIDEO)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • dg54321

    Aside from them trying to take off his head with their skateboards, no, I can’t imagine why you would fire at them.

    “He dinnt do nuffin” in full effect.

  • Now that's good parenting

    Wonderful parenting. The mother admits they are thieves, they assulted store employees & an officer, but thinks they are good boys? Someone needs to let her know the difference between the words good & felon.

  • Lawrence Beerbower

    Here’s the part of it all I agree with. If they were good boys they would not be out attempting to steal beer or assaulting an officer. the question is did the officer respond properly in the situation and what options were available to him to respond with. If the only immediate option he had was to draw his weapon and shoot. The he did the right thing. Either way both suspects will live and both will be sitting awhile in jail on multiple accounts. All because they are such good boys. A mother is the first person who will deny that their children can and will do wrong.

  • Wallus

    Insinuating that all black people commit crimes and then should be elevated when they take on cops physically is something that should be insulting to the other tens of thousands of young black people who were not doing crime that night. Protesters don’t seem to stop and think who is repeatedly involved in incidents. it isn’t the majority of black people.

  • Marlena Richards

    Here’s a thought, People don’t care what what shade you are, they just care if you are going to rob them or hit them with your skate board…Doesn’t seen gentlemen of that of that caliber are such good boys….

  • chris

    It’s really a shame when police can’t do there job with out being called racist. Facts are if you steal your a criminal if you are trying to hurt LEO your going to get shot. It’s not a race thing your a dumb ass thing

  • Tyrone

    If you resist arrest you might get shot. If you attack a cop you might get shot. Duh!!!! So tired of the perpetually aggrieved young black man…..doing stupid, violent crap, reaping the consequences, and then insisting that it’s everyone else’s problem. Disgusting but predictable how Q13 is covering this story like these misbehaving thugs are the victims. -Signed, A Responsible Black Man

    • Amanda

      Thank you sir.
      I’ve been watching so many stories recently that seem to TRY to turn an issue into a race issue. Its disappointing to see our country take 10 steps backward on this matter.

  • Myron Cornett

    Quote from the Daily The Olympian by Some attorney for the suspects. “What happened to those kids has to stop,” Johnson said. “There was a time in this country when two packs of beer wouldn’t get you shot.” End Quote. Right… That statement really holds water in a broken bucket. They reportedly attempted to beat the Officer with a skateboard that has metal fixtures and hard rubber wheels. Silly as it sounds a skateboard used to beat on someone could kill. I think the Officer did the right thing in defense of himself. The Officers didn’t ask for this to unfortunate incident to happen, but it did due to the suspects choice of right or wrong.

  • Mary williams

    That’s what mothers do,sometimes kids do bad things no matter how good you raised them, some turn out to be good kids who were raised by bad parents, it’s not always mom’s fault how they kids turn out,where is daddy? Boys need a father to take part in raising them,there is only so much a mom can do. People are so quick to judge another, when their kids are not the saints they think they are,before you throw that stone make sure you don’t have any skeletons in your own closet, I’am sure none of you are sin free, not a one.

  • HonestAnarchist

    Awful lot of bigotry and ignorance in these comments, we still have a long way to go as a country if this is deemed necessary and righteous. Our fellow men, women and children are being shot, killed and tortured every day and we are spitting on their graves. You all should be ashamed of yourselves, I know your parents would be.

    • Dean

      Your name is perfect. Plenty of people have been killed with a skateboard, fists, etc. Quit being a criminal and quit using the past as an excuse to be a criminal. You could not walk down the street without police protection. Its called civilization.

  • Sean

    The largest issue in this case so far is the evident lack of transparency. There is no way of determining whether or not the police officer’s life was actually in danger and his actions justified. Provided the information given it is easy for the officer to alter reality knowing that his word is valued so much higher than regular civilians. Otherwise, Rational thinking people don’t attack police officers especially unarmed.

  • Brandi

    Listen you all can say as you want but just because they stole some beer or what not doesn’t mean that she didn’t raise her children right I’m pretty sure a majority of you people on here voicing what you think have children that you think are the best listeners in your presence but are out there doing and talking the way they want when your not around. No one knows the situation at all and regardless of what you may think nobody should be shot for a pack of beer I think there are many other ways he could have stop them from so called hitting him with a skateboard such as using the taser that they always seem to be going for and accidently so called grab there gun there is truly to much of this mistaken your gun for your taser bullshit going on around the world if you ask me I just think there should have been other actions taken. Think about it regardless situation you think anybody that sits there and watches someone shoot there brother isn’t gonna come back more aggressive as he said they were cause I tell you outta of rage and anger anyone who watches a cop shoot someone or brother or sister that they are with everything goes out the window and it becomes more than u trying to attack a cop they are each others keepers that’s how I see it .Its wrong attacking a cop but its worst for a cop to shoot someone for no reason or when other action could have been taken. Question did cop get hit?????

    • dg54321

      Ah, yes, the wall of ignorant text full of emotion and not getting even the basic facts of the case right. It’s telling that all the people who protested this seemingly legitimate use of force are completely (willfully?) ignorant of the facts of said case.

      Learn something, and you might not be the target of ridicule.

  • seesee

    officer sounds very calm while making both call to report shootings …. terrified
    for his life please all parties in this incident are guilty for bad behavior … just saying

    just recently I observed a white cop alone body slamming a white student against the front hood of cop car … I did not witness a struggle the cop had situation under control and kid was yelling “officer why are you hurting me stop this is unnecessary please stop” while officer removed property from client pockets another bystander confiscated items from ground and placed on cop car this could have easily turned ugly for community as that cop had his back turned on two other bystanders within five feet of his turned back but for sure that cop had direct eye to eye contact with me during this incidences … I was in moving traffic and did not want retaliation from the boys in blue cause that cop was clearly taking a visual photograph of my watchful eye …. in a previous episode I could have easily been targeted by cops while driving alone in the dark cops made a cadillac U-turn and pulled up in close proximity of my car attempting to intimidate me God gives each of us wisdom to know when evil is larking in darkness just pray to see another day with family … I trust in God for daily protection

  • Rob

    So… boys were pretty much good boys. How about a public records search for their names?

    Have they been charged with assaulting an officer or impeding an investigation for yesterdays events?

  • Johnny B Good

    Obviously her, “good boys” have a bad side. Look at their criminal history… This isn’t a race issue, you attempt to attack a police office with a skateboard your going to get hurt, they have the right to protect themselves. It doesn’t matter what color these thugs were, black, white, brown, pink, purple or green….. But let’s protest and break windows before the investigation is done and the facts are out……

  • sheila

    If there were two suspects then I would think that the officer could have held them at gunpoint until backup arrived before trying to take them into custody. Otherwise he could have held them at gunpoint and should not have gotten within striking distance of the suspects and he could not have been harmed by the skateboard. In any case I’m wondering why the police are becoming so willing to open fire on everyone. I’m all for gun rights but it is becoming all too common for officers to open fire. Since when is shoplifting a death sentence? The boys may have been future thugs but to open fire on them was just wrong because the officer had other options he could have used.

    • Jim B

      A: They aren’t dead but they probably wish they weren’t so stupid.
      B: They ran into the bush when he told them to halt.
      C: They circled back and tried to overpower the officer and hit him with the skateboard because he was calling for backup. Alcohol and anything else they were possibly doing clouded their brains. Life isn’t like a rap video where you can “stick it to the man” and get away with it. Now they screwed up their lives by being stupid. Sure some jackass lawyer will try to sue, but if they don’t get a bleeding heart jury, they won’t get anything.
      Maybe they should sue the Rappers who make it sound so easy.

    • Jim B

      At 1am it is pitch dark. If you hit a cop with your skateboard there will be consequences. It’s on open mike during the attack and fight back. If he was some racist, two more bullets would have finished the job.
      The cop has a family to go home to. Can’t blame him for protecting himself. Blame goes to the cause, not the protector. With all these protests where the consensus seems to be “kill all cops”, all that will happen is more crises happening, that could be averted, simply by not doing the crime.

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