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Hundreds hold rally, march to protest police shooting in Olympia (VIDEOS)

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OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Hundreds of people gathered Thursday night in Olympia to protest a police shooting that wounded two brothers suspected of trying to steal beer from a grocery store.

Police say the two were not armed with guns when they were shot earlier in the day by a police officer who confronted them.

Protesters rallied first at a park, then marched about a mile to a building that houses the Olympia police headquarters and City Hall. They chanted "Black Lives Matter," ''No Justice No Peace" and the names of the young men who were shot.

The young men are black and the officer is white.

Data pix.

The protesters began dispersing on their own at about 9 p.m.

The officer involved in the shooting reported he was being assaulted with a skateboard early Thursday before the shooting that left the 21-year-old brother in critical but stable condition. The other brother, who is 23, was in serious condition. Both are expected to survive.

The shooting is being investigated by a team of detectives from several agencies.

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  • Tyrone

    If you resist arrest you might get shot. If you attack a cop you might get shot. Duh!!!! So tired of the perpetually aggrieved young black man…..doing stupid, violent crap, reaping the consequences, and then insisting that it’s everyone else’s problem. Disgusting but predictable how Q13 is covering this story like these misbehaving thugs are the victims. -Signed, A Responsible Black Man

    • Dan

      And then add to that the pampered, self indulgent sheep suffering from “liberal white guilt” that demonstrate to show how they are “down with the struggle” by excusing lawless behavior based on skin deep values. If it was a matter of justice then melanin would be a minor part of the story if a part at all. #deadwhitecriminalsdontmatter

  • harry

    So if you are black you can steal beer from a store, assault the store employees by throwing the beer at them when they catch you stealing, run from the police, and assault the police with a skateboard without consequence. Because you are black. BS BS BS

  • Marvin HIll

    They were breaking the law! If you do that, you can get shot. Every sensible, fairly well educated person knows that. That is unless you are black. and entitled. Much is made in your article concerning the RACE of the individuals involved. Good selling press, huh? How about Kerrie Orozco, 29, of Ohama, NE, a white female police officer who was shot and killed by Marcus D. Wheeler, a black convicted felon. She was shot and killed while trying to serve a warrant on ol Marcus? I didn’t see much your RACIAL BAITING press there. It is a shame, and the liberal media is getting totally disgusting.

  • Frank D.

    Where are all the back people protesting….just a bunch of white kids living in mom and dads house that graduated from college and can’t find a job.

  • Sharon Ann Hoffman

    Seriously?! Look at this lot…. this is craziness….. are any of these people black or do they have any idea what it is like to be a police officer or family of a police officer ?Honestly… turn your light onto your own issues

  • Mike

    Look at all those moronic white sheep. They deserve some quality “cultural enrichment” / the subsequent hospital bills.

    • Frank D.

      Have you ever been the service?….People tried to kill me and don’t think it is easy to kill someone. You do it to protect your buddies and yourself. You have a lot of growing up to do.

  • DK Hamblet

    Hmmm, lets see, their sister just happens to be driving back from a 2 AM appointment at the hospital, Mother claims it must be mistaken identity cause there are so many black people around (right, at 1 AM there are just SO MANY black citizens walking about on the West side near Safeway) and NEWSFLASH — they even look like the guys who boosted the beer and assaulted the Safeway employee. I’d just bet the sister was planning on picking them (and the stolen beer) up in her car. Mom — you shoulda raised your kids with better ethics. WHat’s a cop supposed to do when he is alone late at night and assaulted with a skateboard? Have better Aim.

  • Maleko Souza

    First off, what does race have to do with this? Oh, it does because the media, Al Sharleton, Barry Owebama, et al said so. Second, apparently POLICE LIVES DON”T MATTER? Here’s a thought for all you young, gullible and easily manipulated young white liberals. GET A LIFE. Until you graduate from Evergreen, move out of your mom’s basement and get a job, you know nothing about the real world. You are like sheep and you willingly go where you are told, and say what you are told do say.

  • mtrvtkd

    sister just happens to be in the area at the same time. At 1 am Really? Humm. Pick up driver more like it. Doesn’t matter what race you are., if you don’t do what a cop says, you can possibly get shot. It’s the risk you take when you break the law.

  • thatguy

    Black lives matter…. I’m so tired of hearing this because you are all full of crap. Black protesters or white, this chant only happens if a white cop does the shooting. Where were all of you traffic clogging wastes of space protesting and marching when that little black girl was killed in Kent a few weeks ago? Didn’t give a crap about that did you, because she was killed by a supposed gang banger who was probably black. So until you are willing to march and protest for every black person killed by someone with a gun, shut the hell up and get out of the road. I got stuff to do.

  • Passn8ldy

    Protesting because they were not armed with GUNS? Guns aren’t all that kill. How about a knife? Would that have been better? Look at the videos that are all over YouTube of people being assaulted with skate boards. I hope they take photoshop and post the face picture of every single one of these ‘protesters’ and the police do facial recognition and don’t come to their aid the next time one of them calls 911!

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