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Two dirty, hungry children found running through Walmart parking lot on their own

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FEDERAL WAY -- Two kids were found dirty and alone, running around a local Walmart parking lot. The mother and daughter who found them say they called police when they got the feeling something wasn't right.

Maybe it was mother’s intuition. But Linda Duncan-Delgado knew there was a problem when she and her daughter pulled into the Federal Way Walmart on Mother’s Day.

“I said this doesn’t look right, something is amiss here.”

They saw a toddler covered in dirt, running through the parking lot. Duncan-Delgado worried he might head toward a busy street.

“I knew he was in danger, so I got out and kind of ran after him. At the same time, my daughter contacted 911.”

“The little boy had a dirty diaper that hadn’t been changed all morning,” says Sarah Duncan. “He wasn’t wearing any shoes, he didn’t have a shirt on.”

They found the boy’s 5-year-old sister nearby. She was also dirty, hungry and thirsty.

“I could tell they hadn’t eaten all day, so we took them into the Walmart,” says Duncan-Delgado. “My daughter and I kind of cleaned them up a bit, washed their hands and face, and got them some Happy Meals.”

She says when they washed them, there was so much dirt the sink ran black.

Police found the children’s mother and her fiancé parked in two cars nearby. Both had fallen asleep. Police released the children back into their care. But they referred the case to Child Protective Services and to prosecutors who may file abandonment charges.

“I don’t know the circumstances or the situation,” says Duncan-Delgado. “But I think the first thing that needs to happen is to make sure those children are protected at any cost.”

She is glad she and her daughter took the time to make sure the children were safe, and she hopes other people will do the same if they see children who may be in danger.

“I really believe it’s the difference between life and death. Look at this parking lot, something could have happened so quickly.”

“It could have so easily been one of them got hit by a car, or one of them got kidnapped,” adds Duncan. “So many things could have happened. Thank God they didn’t.”

Q13 Fox News asked Federal Way Police why the children were not immediately taken into protective custody when they were found. We were told the officer did not think they were in imminent danger, and that they could be cared for by their mother and a grandmother who was also called. But the case is still being reviewed.

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  • harry

    So who is going to be pointing the finger when these poor kids end up in even more tragic circumstances than they are in now FWPD?!!

  • Dyan Nelson-Haugen

    Are you fu***** kidding me? The F W P.D. released those kids to the parent(s)?? Thank God that the 2 women that found them were true Good Samaritains. It could have ended so much more tragic. This really shows there are still good people in the world, and that, in my opinion, some people shouldn’t be parents.

  • Patty Lessley-Douglas

    Thank God these two women found them first!!! I don’t even want to think of the horrible things that could have happened to them. I really hope CPS checks up on the family, it so sad to think of these children being hungry & not being taken care of :-(

  • erica mcdaniel

    WTF in the 80’s they would have not gone back to parents…. No way in HELL! CPS would have taken them away so F(&*%^%$ fast. I agree with HARRY..I no who i will point the finger @ FWPD. In any Drunk Person that falls asleep in their own car will spend the night in jail. DRUGS WOULD HAVE BEEN MY FIRST GUESS. AS THIS PARENT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED ON THE SPOT. i have seen kids get yanked from parents just for having dirty laundry on the floor of the home, or dishes in the sink. this is some BULLSHIT shame on you FWPD. you should have made sure that mom and dad spent 1 night in jail. Then CPS would have been on top of this NOW but, no now it is just a report filed, and Know these kids and parents are on a list to visit. A new opened CPS file could take 3 to 6 months befor CPS will have the time….oh these kids are in no DANGER IS ALL. that is all FWPD is saying to this agency of CPS by not arresting these LAMF parents SHAME SHAME SHAME I do hope that this haunts your dreams at night this to the officers that did nothing. I hope the kids get the help that is very much needed…..

  • Paul&Kathy

    No doubt the parents (or “mommy and boy friend”) are on Welfare and voted for Obama.
    South King County is “such a classy area”………….

    • anonafae

      First of all, chances are that these were white folks-black kids would have been removed right away
      Secondly, Paul&Kathy, it’s because of REPUBLICANS social services have been cut, funding taken away from needy kids because REPUBLICANS think that only corporations need help.
      Everyone wants to blame Obama and fails to acknowledge those who are actually hurting America- The REPUBLICAN held congress. It was CONGRESS that voted against Vet bills, infrastructure and job creation bills, voted against tax breaks for the poor and middle class, voted to decrease NESESSARY funding to social services that help children, elderly and vets. But, they did vote to give tax breaks to heirs and heiresses, to the tune of $23billion a year.
      Liberals don’t vote that way. I’m sick of republicans not taking responsibility for their heartless bills and practices. You vote for people who take food and shelter from these kids, because you think you are better than them. You vote for people who keep creating wars and cutting funding to the VA, but scream about patriotism and support our troops. But you mean only figuratively, like these kids, you don’t support the funding to see them cared for. If I had to guess you’re a bible thumping Christian that forgot about Christ.
      In an age where information is a click away, where you could learn about the branches of government and HOW THEY FU**ING WORK, I am always confused as to why there are so many stupid people pointing fingers and not getting it right.
      You better get off the internet. Obamas watching. He’s comin for you and your guns! Hide!

      • james

        You seem to do your finger pointing. Why even throw a jab at religion in there. And republican or demicrat when will people learn it doesn’t matter. The wealthy look after the wealthy. And these must be white folks kids.. I can do myn own guessing here but find it funny how african americans feel free to be racist and throw slurs around as well as having their own black scalorships and schools, as well as appreciation days but if their were white colleges or scalorships and white people using racial slurs their would be a huge shit fit. And my family is white and my sister spent over$30 grand fighting to keep her kids. You just don’t know what you’re talking about and just assume a situation like everyone else. Shit happens everyone thinks people are perfect way to make someone feel like shit becuase they were so worn out they fell asleep in a parking lot. I am guessing the 6 yr old got the toddler out. And better off if they did get kidnapped are you sense less… yeah better for them to be raped and murdered by a perve. Yeah that would be so much better for them. My 4 yr old finds ways to get dirty in my house I can only I’m imagine what shed look like playing in a parking lot. And she is always hungry, snacking all day. Kids are not stupid, they find ways to get into things.

    • feminist killjoy

      Statistically, people who receive government benefits tend to vote republican. As do people with low IQ’s.

    • Renee Ross

      Actually we know that is not true because those kids were white I know this because had they been black we would have seen their pictures and the parents would have been arrested, So they were probably poor white trash who votes republican because they have been brainwashed into believing that voting against a black man makes them better then black people even if it is voting against their best interested and yes I agree that they are probably on welfare since more white republicans receive more than any other race in this country.

  • Fallon

    Why in the holy heck would they be returned to the parents! I don’t always care for the system but really? I’m sorry there is never a chance in heck I am going to fall asleep in a car and my toddler and 6 year old find their way out……and I not wake up for peets sake! This is sad and disgusting. I pray they find those kids a better home or the parents get a big effing slap of get it together. Poor babies.

  • Xochitl

    I’m glad those kids are safe. People should stop being judgmental especially if they don’t have the full story. They could have fallen asleep from exhaustion due to working a lot to support their kids, maybe they are homeless living in their car. That doesn’t make them bad parents just having a hard time maybe. They could have fallen asleep too exhausted to notice their oldes unlock and open the door. I’m sure if the officer would have suspected drugs or alcohol he would not have gave the kids back! That Tells us it was probably other circumstances. I’m not saying what happened is ok but we don’t know therefore should not judge. I remember being homeless at age three in Seattle and my mother alone with three kids working and looking for a home but the circumstance didn’t mean she was a bad mom she is the greatest mom and now greatest grandmother :-)

    • Kristen

      What story are we missing? These children were being ignored by two lazy parents who were sleeping in their cars in the middle of the day. These kids were dirty, unfed, and clearly neglected. Don’t breed what you can’t feed. Nothing confusing or complicated about shit parents. They could do better.

    • Nicole

      That’s fine if there homeless doesn’t excuse the fact that what happened is NOT ok and the kids should have not been IMMEDIATELY released back to the parents UNTIL cost investigated. The fact IT DIDN’T end up much worse Doesn’t excuse what happened. It’s tge “what ifs” that SHOULD sorry the police.

  • Kristen

    Didn’t think they were in danger? Homeless, no food, dirty diapers, filty children. What is wrong with the authorities? Please for the love of God stop having children you can’t take care of. Another great reason for forced sterilization and fire the idiots who let those children back with these incompetent imbeciles.

  • Lynne Harris

    How in the world could those police officers release those children in good conscious hoping that CPS will look into it. Fell asleep my a**. There is no excuse for this.

  • ???

    If they didn’t have drugs on them it’s probably because they didn’t show up yet . How much you want to bet they fell asleep waiting for the dealer . SMH

    • shauna

      Do any of you people stop to think that maybe their mother works graveyard?? And they are homeless awaiting the long wait you have through the family housing connection?? Y’all need to pit your pitch forks n torches away and think …cuz things like this can happen to Amy one of us!!!

  • Brenda Nickel

    They’re probably homeless. Homelessness is a horror, especially for children. It’s a shameful thing to be The United States of America, and rate #2 , next to Romania, in poverty !

  • Amy

    Ridiculous!!!!! Can’t believe the children were just handed back to the loser parents. The officer is a complete idiot to think they weren’t in “imminent danger”. Makes me furious that kids are not protected, by their parents, or the law.

  • WendyR

    Thank goodness for this mother & daughter intervening. But because it appears this Police officer did not want to do any paperwork, he gave the children to the MoM. (Yes the very same mom who was “asleep” aka passed out) with her b/f in a nearby car. Sadly, I think these kids will be in danger again soon.

  • jk5

    I hate to say it and I hate to make them wait….but I am thinking they shouldn’t have cleaned them and feed them before the police came…the police needed to see them as they were. Then proceed to clean them and feed them. It’s not their fault, they were just running on instinct to care for them.

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