Washington’s Most Wanted lets you ‘Ask a Cop’

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Time now to ask a cop.

Dan: “If i get pulled over coming home from a hunting trip, how do I properly tell the officer I have a rifle in the back seat of my truck, or any weapon in my vehicle for that matter?”

Pierce County sheriff’s detective Ed Troyer has the answer.

“Hey Dan, that’s a good question, we actually appreciate you asking because the officers do want to know if you have a weapon in the car. The way to handle that is if you have a rifle in the back of your car because you’re out hunting or for some other reason, you’re transporting it from the range, what you want to do is just keep your hands on the steering wheel and the first thing you want to do is look at the officer with your hands visible and say, ‘I have a weapon in the back of the car’ and explain to them why you do and that will probably take care of it. If the officer needs more information they’ll talk to you but we really thank you for being cooperative and appreciate that you do that when weapons are involved or you’re transporting them.”

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