‘Give me the straw!’ Starbucks manager goes off on customer, gets fired (VIDEO)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW YORK — A Starbucks employee was fired after a video of her ranting at a customer at a store in New York City went viral.

NBC 4 New York reports customer Ruby Chen was at the center of the employee’s anger.  Chen complained about the incident and posted the video on Starbucks’ Facebook page.

Chen says she ordered a Frappuccino and was pulling up the Starbucks app on her phone to pay. The Starbucks employee asked her name for her order.  Chen says she didn’t hear her, at which point the worker began shouting at her.

The shift manager can be heard in the video accusing the customer of stealing a treat. But when the woman offers to pay, the manager refuses to accept it.

“Now give me the straw, and leave,” the manager can be heard screaming. “You’re not gonna be served here. Bye.”

Starbucks offered an apology in the comment section of the Facebook post, saying the employee has been fired.



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  • John Fuller

    I stopped going to Starbucks back in 2008. I got sick of placing orders and watching 6 – 10 people get coffee that ordered after I order my usual tall extra hot latte. I go to Uptown Expresso now. To hell with Starbucks!

  • noone

    Working with the American public is enough to cause PTSD… Let her have one bad day. I am sick of employers treating workers like toilet paper. Under paid, over worked and then the public acts like brain dead or rude morons… So let the workers be human, too. Sheesh!

  • Huh

    How is it the customer’s fault? The poor girl’s just trying to buy a latte and clearly baffled. Nobody deserves to be yelled at like that.

  • Merman Merman

    Typical behavior of blacks and black hispanic mixed people. This is why there are no businesses in all black cities like Detroit. They are just wastelands. A low IQ coupled with terminal levels of narcissism creates a world where trivialities are treated like major catastrophes and violence breaks out at the drop of a hat.

      • FOX News Pls Cover The Daniel Holtzclaw Rape Story

        Hi Karla,

        I’m Black African but I’m sorry I have to “partially” agree with what what the person above; MERMAN MERMAN has said.

        I agree there is a ‘race issue’ (e.g black live matter or the case of “white Oklahoma City cop Daniel Holtzclaw accused of raping multiple black women & every single member of the jury is white!!) but we need to help each other be better people.

        ‘People of Colour’ are the only ones who can change the way the White majority think about them. Why are we always ready to fight? Show we’re hood? Show we’re ghetto? Show we’re stronger?

        The “Customer is always right”. If you cannot handle the customer, call a manager or security as the case may be to handle the situation ‘NOT’ raise your voice at the customer (or get violent with the customer) or raise your voice at an employee of an organization.

        The ‘Gang Culture’ confirms everything I’ve said. Even in London, UK where I live, black people (or people of colour, mostly black teens) account for a large percentage of Gang members!! This should tell us something.

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