Bounty hunters burst into wrong apartment, terrify mother

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Murfreesboro, TN (WSMV) — Sasha Curtis, of Murfreesboro, wasn’t expecting visitors on Tuesday night, but the people at her door didn’t need an invitation.

She said two bounty hunters forced their way into her apartment.

“I heard a man’s voice saying, ‘Open the door or we’re going to break it down,'” Curtis said.

Curtis said she was greeted by two bounty hunters – a woman and a man – with a gun.

“That was probably the most terrifying thing,” she said. “My kids were here and couldn’t defend themselves.”

Curtis cowered in the kitchen with her three children and a friend by her side.

The bounty hunters never found who they were looking for – Curtis’ brother – because he doesn’t live there.

“We did nothing. We did nothing wrong. We were treated unfair,” Curtis said.

Curtis said the bounty hunters eventually left, as did her family. But when Curtis returned that evening, she said she found her door had been kicked in. She claimed the pair had re-entered her apartment and stolen her ID and electric bill.

Receipts show Curtis had bailed her brother, Cole, out of jail in March. She said she listed her address on one of the forms, as well as his address.

According to Curtis, the bounty hunters worked with Ginger’s Family Bonding. Channel 4 spoke to Olin Baker, the company’s lawyer, on the phone.

“The bonding company does not condone breaking into people’s houses or whatever transpired,” Baker said.

Baker said only one of the bounty hunters was contracted with Ginger’s, but he said their behavior reflects poorly on the company.

“I would probably suggest she does not use these bounty hunters again,” Baker said.

After the incident, Curtis decided to move. She said the pair did much more than steal her information. They also stole her peace of mind.

“This was our home,” Curtis said. “This was where we laid our heads every night. And this is no longer our home.”

Baker said he did not “recall” the names of the bounty hunters.

In Tennessee, bounty hunters do not need a license. In February, the Channel 4 I-Team found that not all counties require bounty hunters to register with sheriff’s departments.

Under state law, bounty hunters are subject to a background check and training.

Murfreesboro Police are still searching for the suspects. They could face aggravated burglary, theft and vandalism charges.

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  • alouise ag

    well, this would not happen to most people because they do not list their address as the fugitive;s address.. Furthermore, she signed for her brother, the Fugitive and now she is hiding him, and she is the innocent one…This story is so one sided… Lesson learned.. Do not bail out a FUGITIVE and list Your address as his…

    • ontheboat

      jesus, this would also not happen if the bounty hunters were not CRIMINALS themselves.

      Bailing someone out of jail, is actually how our legal system works, kicking in people’s doors at gunpoint, is a criminal act, so maybe you should stop condoning criminal, wrong, unconstitutional acts rather than blaming a third party?

      • Juan Mena

        Quiet oversensitive person…Bounty hunters are kinda like police except hey do it for money kinda like our U.S. Contractors (Soldiers for money aka merceneries). It is very one sided..

        • ontheboat

          Did they home invaded someone and kidnapped them. Its hardly oversensitive to say thats unacceptable. And who gives a crap what the person wrote on a slip of paper? We still have rights in this country, don’t we? Youd be ok with a stranger kicking in you door and tying you up?

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