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SEE IT: Mom lip syncs her 4-year-old’s tantrum and nails it

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LOS ANGELES — A California mother was unable to calm her 4-year-old child — so she opted for an alternative way of getting her attention.

Jennifer Closson Aprea said her daughter was yelling “No!” and shrieking when she decided to record herself lip syncing the tantrum.

Aprea told BuzzFeed her strategy worked! Her daughter was soon laughing and giggling at her mom’s silly faces.

Aprea has received some backlash about the video, but she’s taking it all in stride. She posted an update on her Facebook page:

“When a silly video of one of her typical four year old tantrums go viral and half the internet world starts to think she’s a “brat” and I’m a “horrible mom” (again) I just have to grab a glass of wine, cuddle up with her, and share a little bit of her good side. She’s an amazing daughter and big sister and any of the wonderful people who have been following us for a while already know this. (Trying really hard not to let the internet trolls get me down tonight!)”

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  • JanS

    don’t let ’em get you down…either they don’t have children, or their little flowers are robots.. I’m thinking it’s the former, in which case they just need to STFU. Parenting is HARD, and, yet, y’all can laugh at yourselves :)

    • Just Sayin'

      I’m a parent to a 10 yr old and i would be dammed if he acted out like that. And no, he’s not a robot. He was brought up differently. He knows how to use his words rather that kicking and screaming to get what he wants. He learned at an early age that screaming and crying wasn’t going to get him anything. It’s called preparing him for the real world. Parents these days think that tantrums are cute. Well they’re not. And i’d be embarrassed to know that my child acted like this.

      • Callie

        Yeah your kid is ten, he better not be acting like a 4 year old! I highly doubt you had a perfect child at 4 years old. My kids are great, the 7 year old would never throw a tantrum like that but my 3 year old would if she’s tired. But I’m not an idiot, I don’t compare them because they are at different maturity levels. You sound ignorant on child rearing. Maybe keep your criticism to yourself next time because it just makes you look like a fool

        • Just Sayin'

          Ignorant on my child rearing. Right. At 4 yrs old my child didn’t kick and scream like that. Yeah he’d cry if he was tired or wasnt feeling well to act like that, no way. By no means did i ever say my child was perfect. No child is perfect. But a child that acts in that manner it’s considered disrespectful, but i guess it’s just a cultural/bringing up thing, so go ahead and let your child walk all over you now, lets see when our children are teenagers which parent is going to be having the issues with their unruley kids. Parents let their children get away with too much and when they grow up they end feeling like they’re entitled. I see it way too often working with teens and young adults. It’s unacceptable and it’s all because parents don’t know how to tell or show their children that this type of behavior is not going to be tolerated. No sweetie, not ignorant, just unwilling to let my child run me like it seems you are.

          • Mama

            Let’s see how much your children hide from you, and how quickly, and desperately they get away from you. Being an overly tough parent is just as bad as being a lax parent. It is an absolute fact of parenting that kids throw fits. If your 4 year old never threw a fit you should have them assessed. Whether you agree with it or not most of the time the best way to end a tantrum is to ignore it. If you just let them get over it they will move on, and no one has to get excited about it. If you are constantly disciplining or scaring your children, they are going to want to desperate from that. They are also going to make damn sure you don’t find out what they’re really up to.

      • jamie

        This kid is 4. And while I have 4 children myself, and 4 stepchildren, only one of the children act this way. Hes 4, and this little girl has nothing on him. Every kid is different and some are more “strong willed” than others. You can either have a sense of humor about it, or beat them sensless because time outs etc. result in 4 hour long ordeals. Obviously beating them is out of the question and spanking them doesn’t work. It takes longer to train these types of children to not act on their emotions and to think about their behavior.

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