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Police: 19-year-old man shot, killed while forcing way into apartment in Parkland

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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PARKLAND -- A 19-year-old man who was trying to force his way into a Parkland apartment Wednesday night was shot and killed by the tenant, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department said.

The shooting took place at the Concordia Arms Apartments at 114 129th Street South at about 9:40 p.m.

The 19-year-old man, who was known to the tenant, came by an apartment and wanted to come inside. The tenant told detectives the victim made threats to beat the tenant and shoot up the apartment. The tenant said he closed and locked the door.

When the 19-year-old began to kick and pound on the door and window, the tenant got his firearm and told the man to leave.

The 19-year-old forced open the door, damaging the frame, and the tenant fired once, hitting the man in the chest, a sheriff's spokesman said.

The tenant is in his mid to late 20s, the spokesman said, and was cooperating with detectives.


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  • eibarra

    There’s more to the story than he’s admitting; he could have shot him in a non-lethal place to incapacitate him, and then called 911.

    • alice smith

      Eibarra, Are trying be funny with your comment? Imagine that a violent man is breaking in your door and the door bursts open, are you really going to be careful to aim for a non lethal place to shoot? Also, take into account that the intruder also stated to the tenant that he also had a gun and was planning on shooting the place up. Come on, be real. This is another case where a gun saved another life of a would be victim. At least this violent man won’t be able to harm anyone else ever again.

      • MARC

        This 19 yr old kid was not violent. I took him in, I saw him cry . He knew those people, They knew as well as I that he talked big, I am a older person, and just by thumping him with 2 fingers on his chest to drive in a point that I saw a young man who had potentiel, that being a lacky for some wanna be hip hop rapper who was a adult having young kids 14 15 stealing for him cause they dont go to the big jail, he would. I knocked him on his butt. He was put out at 12, cause he tried sticking up for MOM. remarried. taken in by well , wanna be s mom. used, cause he thought he fit in. Was called a NIGGER BY HIS M. These young kids follow Mr rapper like a god. i ask where are the parents? How much do they love this child, to guide

    • hellomurica

      No, fool, you’ve watched one too many hollywood movies. You do not shoot to incapacitate, you shoot and continue to shoot until the threat has stopped, and you aim for center mass. When someone is threatening you or someone else with great bodily harm or death, it’s not the time to be practicing trick shots when you have seconds to act.

    • Renee

      Its called fight or flight forceable violence towards your family are you really going to stop and say yourself wait let me non-deadly force even though he wants to kill me ! Not all the time can we all just get along . even his closest friends say he talked a big talk hanging with the wrong crowd and when this went down. The only remorse was that his life and freedom now is Gone .pathetic!!!!! He will never hurt another family, person again ! God works in mysterious ways.

    • sheila

      Sorry but if someone tries to force their way into my residence I will also shoot to kill! It is my right as a human being to protect myself and my family and I won’t take the chance that a minor wound would stop the guy from getting up and causing more harm. I’m glad he did it this way, stop being victims! more people should follow this example!

    • Kev

      You are an idiot.. When someone’s trying to force their way into your home you don’t go easy on them. This person coming into the home could have been armed and dangerous and still could have shot you being wounded while you had sympathy

  • hellomurica

    Leave it to silly progressives to make dumb comments about shooting to injure as opposed to aiming for center mass. The world progressives live in is unbelievably bizarre.

    • Eastbound and Down

      Yes indeed. I wonder where PEETY is. He is usually good for at least one asinine comment about guns being bad. Too bad there are not facts backing his ramblings. Like DG points out here is the classic defensive gun use situation which probably saved this guys life yet the anti-gunners are out there saying we don’t need guns. Yea right.

      • hellomurica

        If someone is breaking into my home they don’t get a warning shot. If that happened then they clearly are not interested in me being secure in my home, so I am also not interested in them being secure in my home, either.

  • dg54321

    Just another one of the 1.5 million DGUs every year, most likely. Guy is cooperating with the police, story seems legit…..guess the criminals should take a lesson from this; we’re armed down here in Pierce County and shooting back. You want to commit crimes against a helpless victim, better move up to Seattle.

    • monikag13

      This seattle resident is armed to the teeth! If anyone tries a home invasion on me the police had better send the meatwagon instead of the ambulance!!!

  • Concerned

    Parkland, and Lakewood are two of the roughest places to live here in WA. (not to mention crappy Tacoma & Renton) You better be able to protect yourself, there are so many druggies ready to kill for anything they can take from you to get their next high. This area is a really crappy place, full of crappy people. The man in this story is someone I know, he is an estranged part of our family. I’m glad he protected himself. God Bless you.

    • Renee

      I live in Tacoma in a beautiful neighborhood with a beautiful home and an upstanding family that is involved in the community plz don’t place judgement on all of us it shows how narrow minded and cruel you really are

  • peej

    Law and common sense states no one needs to break into someones home. I DONT CARE if there is more to the story, If your breaking in you will pay the consequences. This is what will happen if you try breaking in at my house!

  • Deven manzanares

    The man that shot the 19 year old is a drug dealer and the kid they shot was my best friend and this whole story is a lie. He would never do that unless they were in the wrong. Rip Anthony and I’ll see you again don’t worry bro I’ll never forget you or the memory’s. I know we can’t go to the bar like we planned but I’ll save a drink for you man

  • Jenkins

    Parkland isn’t that bad of place to live I lived here for 8 years there’s trouble no matter where u live it’s better than SeAttle and greAter Tacoma u want real trouble go to Louisiana my home state

  • Justme

    First of all shut tf up you dumb muthafucker ! You don’t know shit who tf are you too try an judge someone you don’t fucking know? Who are you god bitch coss I missed the part where your. Ignorant Ass opinion Was needed . Let’s get something I knew that boy and how there talking about him unacceptable you don’t know shit , so don’t run your fucking raggedy ass mouth ! That guy who was so scared was the fucking neighbor hood weed man , there’s always too sides of the story ! And after sitting outside at his candle light to night I could heard the truth !!! He had no gun when he was found so how was he robbing him you sound dumb ! He wasn’t killed on that mans door step he was killed in the parking lot which shows any one with common fucking sense the shoot was chasing him !!!! Don’t judge a book bye its cover you don’t know a damn thing ! So many people lost someone they love and dumb ass low lives you talking about them stfu if that was your fucking kid would you want some one talking about them like that ! NO so stfu stop speaking what you don’t know ! You really make a ass of your self ! 💯 RIP ANT👼🏽❤️❤️

    • sheila

      Man where did you receive your education? Your ranting is so ignorant with the profanity and misspellings that I totally lost interest in trying to figure out what you were trying to say. Sorry but you can’t make a point in any conversation if you can’t speak or spell properly so that others will pay attention.

  • myopinion

    I am so sorry for everyones loss of Anthony such a loss at only 19 yrs of age. I will say the guy who shot him had other options then shoot him, like calling 911 as soon as he closed the door not grabbed his weapon, we have 911 for a reason. I just wish Anthony had walked away but at 19 we make bad decisions and say things we don’t mean this young man had a hard life with no parents out there to help him, he did have great friends if you can see by some comments, I hope more come here and say the truth about him and the truth about the shooter.
    Now about Parkland I can say over the 30 yrs I have been there it has changed like all places, but there is still wonderful people who live there, I have never had an issue living there nor my friends and neighbors. I would rather live in Parkland then Spanaway anyday, don’t make a whole place bad because bad people live there like any where. R.I.P Anthony

    • alice smith

      Whenever I’ve read comments, such as yours, that imply that there may even be a choice when under a violent attack, all I can figure is that these people have never been in an emergency situation that required them to act immediately to either save their own life or that of their family. It’s purely delusional the options that you wrote. Police are ALWAYS going to be minutes away when seconds count and those seconds may even be the difference between life and death. I have been in that type of situation once in my life, so I know how ridiculous and unrealistic the options that you present. For the most part I see people that are delusional in this respect have the view that human beings really don’t have the right to defend themselves. That tells me, as a female, that they value the life of a violent criminal as worth more than mine.

  • sheila

    Wonderful! The police are there to solve crimes and put away the guilty, not to protect citizens. When society begins to protect themselves then maybe would-be criminals will think twice before they next try to victimize someone.

    • Mr Sandman

      There are rules to every game including this one. Weed man or not. As soon as you decide to force your way into any place. You have to deal with the consequences. Ive been drunk fighting talking shit to everyone I saw until I got slumped and had to learn from it. If he had shot the aka weed man would he be a hero or would y’all be saying.” He only sold a little weed he didn’t deserve to die for it” any family and friends of this young man need to talk to his peeps instead of ranting on here about how he wasn’t that bad. Every cop that shoots a black man isn’t that bad until he is on your doorstep or in your neighborhood. “Prevention is a better intention than media attention” get in your community and off the web if you wanna change shit #build SEATTLE

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