School district says it has no record of bullying complaints by girl’s dad; he says he spoke to them

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • Katrina Sperry

    I am a mother to three children at this school. My kids love Amber. She was a shining light in their eyes. My girls have been bullied all year long. The Principal is a fantastic circle talker and is doing the same here with the media. His mistake was not officially writing reports and following through. That is exactly what I have seen allot of all year long myself with my children. I thought I was alone with this battle. I am now finding out that there are hundreds of other families whose children are being bullied and its being swept under the rug. There are not enough solutions in place to help the children. They need to give the bullies the help that they need to stop. They need to address this major problem and not lie about the problems. ACCOUNTABILITY!!! I was just in the Principals office two months ago telling him he has a major bullying problem (from students and teachers) and that there were going to be serious consequences to the children’s mental health if he didn’t help with the solutions. I am heartbroken and deeply affected by Amber’s death.

    • Donna Cosey

      If is feasible I would “volunteer” to shadow my child with a cellphone that takes videos. If the school won’t do anything about it then take it to law enforcement.

    • alice smith

      I have a suggestion for you and all the parents of children being abused at this school. Make your complaints, in writing, to the school and hand deliver them to the office. Bring also a copy of what you’ve written and ask that the secretary stamp and sign that they’ve received the complaint so that you’ve got a receipt and they can’t deny that they haven’t received any complaint. This way they can’t as easily ignore you and claim ignorance at a later date. It also may make them a bit more careful in how they handle a written document, versus, you just talking with them that they can later deny happened.

  • Tabatha Steadman

    My daughter went to this school for all of middle and she said the school never took bullying seriously. I pray for these poor kids :( Jesus help this world

  • codemonkeyatplay

    I know Scott Caudel personally and have always known him to be an honest upstanding man with integrity. Why would he lie about notifying administrators that Amber was being bullied??

    Lets think about this for a minute. What does Scott Caudel stand to gain by lying about the bullying? Nothing.

    What does the school district have to gain by denying that Scott filed complaints? Avoiding any responsibility and or legal action.

    I was at the walkout at Evergreen Middle School. I met at least ten parents who said the school took NO action after they filed complaints about their child being bullied.

    Who stands to lose if records of Scott’s reports are found?

    Who are you going to believe?

  • alice smith

    This is a problem where the blame can be placed right at the feet of the administration. This problem is not isolated to just this school. Many schools have this problem. I worked inside the public schools system, (not this school), for several years, and I saw this first hand. Teachers and supporting staff learn very quickly that if they document a bullying problem and present it to the adminstration the administration will many times turn the situation around and blame the teacher and staff for the problem, instead of addressing the student problem. It doesn’t take long for staff to figure out that they’ve got more of a problem with administration if they document the problem. It also doesn’t take long for the bullies to realize that they’ve got free reign and there is no real consequences no matter what they do to either fellow students or staff. It’s better for teachers and staff to turn a blind eye and pretend they didn’t see anything. Consequently, no record is made of a report and the children and staff suffer. I believe the root of it may be student funding and schools not wanting to risk documenting problems along with cowardly administration that refuse to deal with the issue.
    I would truly hope that this dad does file a law suit against this school if the bullying is this bad and that many children are suffering.

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