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Parents displeased, even disgusted at ‘completely inappropriate’ prom favor

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West Allis, WI — In the days leading up to prom, school officials at West Allis Central High School in Wisconsin warned students about the dangers of underage drinking and drinking and driving.

Now, some parents say the parting gift students received after prom on Saturday night, May 9th undermined that message, reports FOX6 NOW.

Parents and students say in the past, prom favors included things like sunglasses or lanyards. Some say this year’s gift was totally inappropriate.

The signs warning against underage drinking remain out front at West Allis. In the days leading up to prom, students presented the message in class.

“Don`t drink. Don`t get into a car with a drunk driver,” Ana Kassandra Cavero-Rivera, a student at West Allis Central High School said.

“I was very proud of the school for doing the presentation like that,” Cavero-Rivera’s mother, Johanna Rivera said.

POUR ILLUSTRER LE PAPIER : " LE CHAMPAGNE ROSE, PLUS FESTIF QUE LE BRUT ?" A picture taken on October 24, 2011 in Mareuil-sur-Ay, eastern France, shows a flute of rosé champagne during a tasting session at famous Billecart-Salmon champagne vineyard property. AFP PHOTO FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI (Photo credit should read FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI/AFP/Getty Images)

Getty Images.

Rivera says her pride turned to disgust when she picked up her daughter from prom on Saturday night.

“She tells me `oh Mom, guess what I got for a favor at my junior prom?` And I looked at it and I was quite surprised because it was completely inappropriate,” Rivera said.

“As we were walking out, the whole way leaving prom, you could just hear everybody making jokes about how they`re promoting underage drinking. It was weird,” Cavero-Rivera said.

The West Allis-West Milwaukee interim superintendent wouldn’t answer questions about the champagne glasses handed out to students as prom favors. Instead, a statement was released, reading:

The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District Office has learned that on Saturday, May 9th, 2015 that the students at Central High School who attended their school’s prom received a party favor (gift) at the conclusion of their prom in the form of what appears to be a glass champagne glass. Neither the WAWM Schools nor Central High School staffs condone the use of alcoholic beverages or material that portrays these types of material.

All advisors will be required to pre-approve any further favors (gifts) to their building administrators prior to ordering and/or distributing items like this in the future for any events.”

A school district spokesman says students were supposed to receive a candle with the glass, but for some reason, they only got the champagne flutes.

Rivera says someone from the school should’ve seen what was being handed out.

“Wouldn`t you at least stop at that point and say `wait a second, I did not approve these gifts. Why are you giving these?’ Something,” Rivera said.

School district officials haven’t yet sent parents an explanation as to why students only received the glasses — without the candles. It is unclear whether administrators plan on doing so.

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  • hellomurica

    Outraged because they were given elegant glasses. They can just easily hold any liquid, such as sparkling white grape juice, but of course parents and lunatic progressives love to get mad over nothing, so here’s another opportunity for them to exploit. I’m sure next up will be a class action lawsuit.

    • Klondiko

      Pretty obvious you are one of many alcoholics in denial. Probably consider yourself a wine ” connoisseur”. Get help.

      • hellomurica

        Nice projection, princess. I drink once or twice a *year*. Care to make any more stupid assumptions about someone you don’t know?

    • Mary Buerkley

      agree with u HELLOMURICA, so, it’s a glass and in a few years, they will legally be able to drink wine from it. now, are the progressives starting a demonizing campaign against wine? one would think so. don’t sweat the small stuff. mixed message? maybe so, but as a parent, they are suppose to help sort it out with their child…..that’s what I did.

  • Brooke Inman

    OH GET OVER IT! Im 31 and when I was 17 we not only got a champagne glass in was engraved with the school and the theme of the dance and our class year on it. It does not mean we put Champaign in it!

  • Katrina Ray

    Parents need to grow up. I too as did my husband receive ‘drinking’ glasses at prom. These parents are just paranoid because they don’t believe they can trust their own child’s judgement. We never use them. They are on display and have been since April ’97..

  • Lece

    Seriously?!? I got a champagne glass with school name, date of prom and the name of the theme etched on the glass…I didn’t get it and then say hey I think I’m going to go and fill it with liquor now….overly sensitive people nowadays…smh!!


    stupid!! as a parent of a 21,19 and 14 years old girls I do not see anything wrong with having or receiving a champagne glass. I have a plenty of champagne and wine glass at my house but none in my family drink.We used the glasses for juices,water or pop and my 21 years old didn’t even get influence to drink in her 21b-day..It all depends on how you raise and prepare your children in peer pressure

  • Adam

    If a kid is going to drink, they’re going to drink out of ANY glass they have. These parents are just ridiculous. It’s a champagne flute. Last I checked you didn’t have to be 21 to buy a champagne flute at the store. If your kid drinks and drives in prom night that’s your failure as a parent, it’s not on the school.

  • chris

    Poor writing. For those of us that cannot view the video on their devices, we had 10 paragraphs to read before we knew they were talking about champagne glasses. I know the pictures had the glasses but with many of the stories you can find misleading pictures. The gift could have been small bottles of cheap champagne or they were allowed to toast with alcohol at school. If the pictures even came in on some of the users devices.

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