Activist sits atop large ‘tripod’ near Seattle’s ports to protest Shell Oil (PHOTOS)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — A small group of activists have set up a large “tripod” with a person sitting atop at a Seattle fuel transfer station to protest the expected arrival of Shell’s arctic drilling fleet.

The move is intended to protest Royal Dutch Shell, who is moving a giant floating oil rig into Seattle. Dutch Shell told the Times that the oil rig is making its way from Port Angeles to the Port of Seattle, and should arrive sometime this week. The 400-foot-long Polar Pioneer will dock in Seattle, before heading up to Alaska’s coast to start exploratory drilling for oil.

Another oil rig is currently making its way to a docking in Everett.

According to the protest group, protester and Seattle resident Annie Lukins is on top of a large tripod at a transfer station on 16th Avenue Southwest on Harbor Island, Seattle’s port area. Lukins said she does not want to see the giant oil rig move into the area, and certainly doesn’t want to see the proliferation of drilling in the arctic.

“Shell already knows the impacts of drilling in the arctic,” she said. “They are placing themselves in defiance of climate science, in defiance of the treaty subsistence rights of the Inupiat, and in defiance of our elected official here in Seattle.”

Last week, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said the Port of Seattle did not have the necessary land-use permits to allow the oil rig to dock in the area.

According to the unnamed protest group, thousands of protesters would be on hand as the oil rig comes into Terminal 5 sometime this week.

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  • Magnus

    hypocrites.Every one of them. If you don’t want oil, stop buying/using products made from it. Protesting an oil rig while using products made from the same substance is stupid. You want to make a change? stop using it.

  • tootietuttle

    let him sit there all he wants. The media is the only thing that keeps him up there. when the welfare checks roll around, he will come down.

  • Cesar

    Sitting way up there to stay safe from the handcuffs, huh? Build a fire with Shell gasoline under that silly tripod and then see how fast he gets down!

  • GOLDEN45

    You hit it right on the head, I totally agree it is funny when someone shows up with a fossil burning vehicle while unloading boats made from fossil fuels. I don’t understand what the mission is for these protestors, and what will they gain out of all this.

  • Gato

    Who speaks for me? I WANT the drill rig to dock here. It is not doing anything untoward to Puget Sound. If you don’t want humans to use oil, I suggest you don’t use your cell phone which is made by machines run by oil. You don’t use the bus which runs on oil. You don’t eat food grown with the help of oil.

  • Mark Roddy

    I am glad we still have people who care deeply, who think, and who act peacefully but directly on their decisions. Thanks for that, Annie.

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