WATCH: Seattle City Council member defends calling May Day arrest by police ‘idiotic’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • dg54321

    Nobody’s surprised that Bruce Harrell is doubling down on his stupidity. He’s always been a toolshed, and likely always will be. Just part of the comedy act that is the Seattle City Council.

  • "peety"

    The most popular council member in Seattle was arrested and had an open mic in SeaTac to present her case in front of the media.

    How can any other council member compete? I like Harrell but this isn’t the best strategy for a relatively quiet council member.

  • Big Time

    C’mon people, let’s be real. Harrell makes some good points, especially in questioning the process in which the protester was arrested.


    Yeah the protesters deserved to be arrested, but it was clear that the cops could have done a better job doing it

  • Cagekicker

    “Is that the best way to make an arrest?” Obviously not, but that is the situation they were given. What were they supposed to do with a guy who had committed a felony by assaulting police? Follow him around all afternoon hoping he would get off his bike?

  • Sara

    They had more cops than protesters and after that takedown split the groups up and blocked them from leaving totally. By blocking people and battering them with every spray/ grenade/rubber bullet people acted out. It was the cops that made it worse and its proven on film not media spin. Its bad for the citizens because people should be able to gather without overreaction by riot cops.

  • Frank D.

    Poor Harold just doesn’t get it. I bet if they were in his nice fancy rich neighborhood he would be praising the police for a great effort. These polticians always speak out thier asses.

  • david

    Maybe the city council should inact a law that would hold the protest organizers responsible for any damage to property and injury to people .and require them to have security forces to turn over any disruptive person to police. Then we won’t have all the people crying about the police.

  • Jim kelly

    The fascist in seattle could care less when big government violently attacks a white man protesting and they almost have a heart attack cuz a non- white takes issue with it. Racism is Seattle!

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