Police: Teacher arrested for sexual misconduct with student caught by her husband, tried to convince student to lie

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Courtesy Bainbridge Schools

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND — A 25-year-old female teacher at Bainbridge High School was arrested Thursday for alleged sexual misconduct with a 16-year-old boy.

Now, documents just released allege that she was caught in a sex act with the student by her husband, and later tried to convince the 16-year-old boy to lie to investigators.

The Bainbridge Police Department said Jessica M. Fuchs was booked into the Kitsap County Jail on charges of sexual misconduct with a minor, communication with a minor for immoral purposes, and tampering with a witness. She is being held on $100,000 bail.

According to probable cause documents, police were contacted in late February by a Bainbridge Island High School Associate Principal who believed Fuchs was in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. Police contacted the boy’s parents, and uncovered evidence that the boy communicated with Fuchs via the popular social media app SnapChat.

At first, documents show, the boy denied anything sexual occurred between himself and Fuchs. However, the boy allegedly later admitted to his mother that he engaged in sexual relations with Fuchs at her home, saying that Fuchs’ husband even walked in and caught them in the act.

Detectives further investigated the case, allegedly discovering that Fuchs had done an internet search on how to permanently delete cell phone records in late February. Police received a warrant to investigate Fuchs’ electronic devices, and allegedly uncovered illicit text messages and graphic videos that Fuchs sent to the boy. She allegedly sent videos titled “ForMyBaby!,” that show her without clothes.

On Feb. 23, Fuchs’ also allegedly sent a message to the boy encouraging him to delete all the messages she had sent him. According to court documents, the message to the boy reads:

“Well protect me as best you can. Remember NOTHING COMES OUT EVER! About anything you have been to my house only once. Lie like you have NEVER lied before. And try to get your mom to side with you completely and say this was all a misunderstanding! And tell the investigator that!”

Bainbridge police do not believe there were any additional victims. “At this time the police do not have any indication that there are additional victims involved,” a Bainbridge Police Department news release said.

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  • Brett Murray

    Fuchs has been charged with felony first degree sexual misconduct with a minor, communication with a minor for immoral purposes, and felony tampering with a witness. Her bail was set at $100,000.
    All I can think is …….BAM take that

  • Just me

    25 years old, spent years and money on college education, probably recently married, the future was bright, now just blew it all way and at the same time F’d up a budding young adult, causing needless pain to his family. Simply SICK!!!

    • JMG

      she has messed up not only her life but that of the student. She is one very sick individual that deserves to be locked up for a very long time. I do feel for her husband and any child/ren she has. What a mess!!

  • BHSanonymous

    I’m a student at BHS, Ms.Fuchs is married to a 40-something year-old man, and has a 3 year old baby. Her husband is the guy that had put video cameras in the women’s bathroom at the restaurant Docs located on Bainbridge Island. The boy she was involved with had no friends, and spent morning, breaks, and even lunches with Fuchs- and she quickly became his best and only friend. Fuchs is also rumored to be pregnant with the 16-year olds baby. She was Googling paternity tests and facts on her school computer. Everyone (including staff) are very uncomfortable with this whole situation. Our school has encouraged students not to reach out to the media about what’s going on- as an attempt to keep up Bainbridges reputation. A group of sophomore girls had to have a talk with the vice principle for being seen talking to reporters. Said students were off-campus, and in my opinion have every right to tell their story. Bainbridge is a small community where everybody knows everyone and who did what. People have been talking, and I highly encourage the media to reach out to students and locals who will openly say more than the school district. It’s been a tough year for BHS, with the death of a beloved teacher, and a librarian weeks later. This was the last thing we needed, and I am very disturbed that Fuchs wasn’t arrested until now when they had suspicions in February. She’s been spotted just last week grocery shopping with her husband. I never had her as a teacher, but my friends did, and I had been into her room countless times and even made small talk with her. Fuchs just seemed like your average quirky, kind of dorky science teacher. The boy she had relations with was a young-looking sophomore who could easily pass as a 7th grader. Him and his family moved out of state recently. Reguarding comments below, obviously the Teachers Union will not be protecting Fuchs. A Union is just there to make sure workers are treated well, paid a fair wage, and have a safe work environment. Fuchs will obviously never have the opportunity to become a teacher ever again.

    • BHSForever

      I must agree with what you’re saying. I graduated in the 90’s from there, and image is a very big driver there. I also agree with what’ll happen with the teacher. Now that everything is out, the administration will do whatever it can to push her into the deep dark hole she may be heading to.

      I’m actually very encouraged by the reactions I’m seeing to this. Most cases I’ve read about female on male predation by the teacher, quite often the consensus has been “No harm done.” So it’s truly good to see this for what it is- every bit as harmful if it was male on female predation. What’s truly sad is it sounds like the kid truly needed a friend. The teacher had every opportunity to help him. I’m not saying she was looking to hurt him at the beginning, but being the adult, she had every opportunity to not go there. Instead, the kid is going to have an even harder time finishing school wherever it is that he went. My heart goes out to him and his family.

  • Sara

    It’s so disturbing how prevalent this is. If you teach kids and find yourself attracted to them just change jobs or work with a different situation. You will be caught and rightly shamed. Didn’t they used to use old teachers for high schoolers for this reason?

  • david waldeck

    Unbelievable!!! I am 49. I remember when this wa one of the coolest things that could happen to a teenage male. Crazy, ol enuff to drive a car, old enough to die for your country. But not old enough for a real woman and teacher to boot. U people say, ruining his life! Only because u make it that way. A bunch of crap. Yeah kids, here come play some grand theft auto or somr other crap. I just find it amazing, how much as changed in such little time. Sissies everywhere!! Bite Me!

    • The Decider

      16 is the age you can die for your country? I was pretty sure that was 18. I think your just a gross old pervert.

    • Sara

      Teachers pledge a code of conduct/ethics in thier contract. No innapropriate contact with students. If you went for a gyno./prostate exam and were propositioned for a date that would be a huge breech of ethics/ conduct. In a position of trust and authority you cannot cross lines without losing your job or license. Period. Hot for teacher fantasies should remain just that.

  • IslandMom

    @BHSAnonymous – I doubt you’re actually a student (who says “had relations with” under the age of 50?) and what is the purpose of talking to the media? It’s not important. This will be handled in court and any information printed will just make it harder to prosecute this teacher. She’s been arrested. At this point, it’s just gossip and Bainbridge (just like any small community) loves to gossip. Personally, I don’t want the details. I want justice. I want a potentially mentally UNFIT teacher removed from the classroom, and God help her 3 year old and unborn child. @Davidwaldeck, the 49 year old perv? It’s all fun and games until YOU MAKE A 16 YEAR OLD A FATHER YOU IDIOT. Did you watch the Barbara Wallace with Vili Fualaau? He’s clearly struggled with being forced into adulthood by someone who was charged with protecting him. Move on people…… don’t be part of the chatter.

  • Bob Smith

    Contrary to what some believe, casual sex shouldn’t be the recreational activity of choice for minors. Unwanted pregnancy, SIDs (including drug resistant strains), and as here the loss of career and added social stigma indicate more positive choices can be made. Now consider that 1 in 5 new cases of AIDS are reported in the 13-18 year old age group (good lord)! Perhaps so called adults would be better off keeping it zipped up around children and search for appropriate partners within their own age grouo.

  • AprilWBingham

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