Inslee ending presidential bid, will seek 3rd term as governor

MUST WATCH: How to beat the bad guys with this burglar alarm

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  • hellomurica

    Certainly not bad advice. I have an alarm that is completely wireless, has a flashing light that can be seen from the street, and also communicates and can be remotely operated via cell phone. It has door and window sensors, motion sensors as well as glass breakage sensors. The whole system was less than $200 on Amazon.

    Also not mentioned by equally, if not more important, is hardening your home to prevent easy access in the first place. A burglar can break through most doors with one solid kick, and windows are also an obvious target and simple to smash. You can slow, and in some cases make it next to impossible, someone’s ability to gain unwanted access:

    – There are items like the Door Club which ties the floor to your doors by inserting a solid chunk of steel that’s anchored to the floor in front of the door, preventing it from being opened.
    – Hinge, strike plate, door knob and deadbolt reinforcement kits that come with 3″ or longer steel screws make it incredibly difficult for someone to break down an exterior door.
    – 3M and other companies also make a film laminate that can be applied to windows in order to make them a lot harder to shatter.
    – Hurricane screens double as security for your windows. They’re constructed to prevent 2x4s thrown with the force of hurricane winds from smashing through the windows, and coupled with the aforementioned window laminates would deter all but the most absolutely dedicated burglars with a cordless grinding wheel from getting through them.
    – Last, but not least, arm yourselves. Having firearms in your home as a last-ditch defense against threats to your safety as well as your family’s safety is a must. All the barriers to entry I gave should give anyone inside the home enough time to get to their weapons before anyone can get through.

    Everything I listed has videos you can watch on youtube to see them in action.

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