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School district tries to crack down on Mount Si High boys ranking girls in hot-or-not contest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SNOQUALMIE, Wash. — The Snoqualmie Valley School District is taking a tougher stance this year on Mount Si High School boys who are ranking the girls online in a hot-or-not contest.

Zoe Virta says she’s one of many girls at the school who have once again found themselves on a hot-or-not bracket, created by their fellow male classmates.

It’s known as ‘May Madness’ and it’s set up in a bracket system similar to college basketball’s March Madness. It’s been going on for years, on a private Facebook page, allegedly created by Mount Si High School boys.

“I am so much more than just my face and my body,” Zoe said. “I am a scholar. I am a musician. I am an athlete. I’m a friend, I’m a sister, I’m a daughter. I’m hopefully gonna be a mother. I am so much more than my face and my body.”

To make their feelings clear, girls are wearing T-shirts made last year that read, "Be above the madness."

“I’m disgusted. It makes me feel so angry that these boys think that they can just take all their classmates, these people they've known for a decade or more, and just stack them against each other to determine their worth for them,” says Naomi Litwack.

This year the Snoqualmie Valley School District is cracking down, sending home a letter to the parents of certain male students who may have been invited to join or are participating in the private Facebook group rating female classmates.

The notice alerts parents if their son is continuing to participate after Friday, they could find themselves not participating in athletics, prom or even graduation ceremonies.

“I really want this to stop. I don't want other girls to have to deal with this. I don't want my friends to have to deal with this. I don't want future generations to have to deal with this,” Zoe said.

Since this is a private Facebook page, the district says it hard to shut down because only the people invited can see it. Also the creator of the page used a fake name to set it up.

Either way, the girls say they're not backing down. They've set up a gofundme page to help Mt Si's Gender Equality Club. Click here to go that page.




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  • APenny4

    Seems like a cut and dry free speech issue, the school is a government body and should not be infringing on students rights. I know there are cases if it disrupts the educational process directly but this is something happening on a non-school site and as far as I can tell feelings are being hurt but no direct disruption to education. The kids are expressing an opinion and they should be allowed to do so. I thought the kids went to school to learn about freedom/rights and to think deeply about subject not to be sheltered and be shown that if you do something people might not like big brother will retaliate.

    • NWNative

      Yeah, that’s real deep thinking. Pretty shallow if you ask me. They could be putting their puny brains to work on actually learning something.

      • APenny4

        They could be doing deep thought about freedoms and speech. About how it can and will be used negatively but it isn’t the governments job to silence it. Let “bad” speech be fought with more speech not less. You should probably be doing a little more thinking and critical analysis of the true issue here and not just a gut reaction of offense.

      • EastboundAndDown

        The thing about free speech is it only guarantees that you are able to say what you want. It does not guarantee that what is said is thoughtful, moral or even remotely coherent. What these kids are doing is pretty slimy and their values should be at a level to prevent such a thing from occurring but the first amendment does protect even this idiotic stuff that is frankly common to high school kids. What should be happening is some parents should be finding out if their kids are involved and the correct discipline administered.

          • dg54321

            Take a deep breath before you hurt yourself. Nothing about a “hot or not” FB page makes these kids sex offenders, and your hyperbole only serves to show you’re emotionally compromised on the topic.

  • Frank D.

    Come on Schools….there are for a fact hotties and not so hotties….but that doesn’t mean a darn thing except for a horny high school boy. That is a fact of life when the teenage hormones are at work. Get over it you can’t chage human nature even if liberals in the school would like to.

  • Jim from Canada

    I wonder how many level 3 sex offenders are on that list? Maybe the guys just don’t realize they could be setting up their fellow classmates for a Castro Arias scenario? If that happens, there could be charges against them too.

  • NWNative

    This just gives everyone from that school a bad name. I for one won’t be hiring any males from that school. And definitely does not look good on college applications. See you all at your interviews!!

      • NWNative

        Bitter and jealous over what?? Some shallow high school kids who are giving themselves a bad online reputations and potentially ruining others by affiliation?? I think not. I’m perfectly happy in my successful life thanks.

        • dg54321

          Someone doth protest too much methinks. Hitting a little close to home for you? Worried you’d find yourself in the “not” category?

          It’s stupid, but then, that describes many things about teenage boys of high school age.

    • k

      What you won’t hire any males from that school – that makes NO sense Mt. Si has many outstanding students and it’s a shame a few kids give the school a black eye

  • User Two

    Censor? Shut down? So, now we are teaching our kids that the 1st amendment is wrong?
    First Amendment definition. An amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteeing the rights of free expression and action that are fundamental to democratic government. These rights include freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech.

    This has gone on longer than Facebook has been around. In the old days it was passed on by notes and word of mouth. Nothing really has changed. Maybe if you are a little heavy you should lose some weight.

  • sugar daddy

    Yes, Zoe is more than just a face and body….but she is also a face and body. I definitely vote her as “Hot”, she is yummy. You betcha.

  • dg54321

    This isn’t anything new. It only becomes visible due to the public nature of Facebook. And it’s a clear free speech issue. Try to penalize these students for exercising their right to free speech and I would hope the school district would be sued for those violations.

    • Jim from Canada

      Some don’t seem to “get” it. These aren’t yearbook photos being passed around. It’s pictures illegally taken in the girls locker or shower rooms or even homes of these underage girls, naked or nearly so, which were done without their permission or knowledge.
      Has the creepy factor kicked in yet?

      • hellomurica

        Then that is a crime, and those who broke the law should be arrested and tried in a court. However, there is nothing in this article which alludes to this, which leaves me to believe you’re full of ****.

        • thatcatmando

          Guy tells you to scroll down and you scroll up? Are you new to the Intardnet? Link below: Child safety expert: Photos of Mount Si High School students likely being traded by pedophiles. SNOQUALMIE, Wash. — A Mount Si High School student is under arrest, accused of posting “inappropriate photos” of his classmates on the Internet.

          • dg54321

            I’m failing to see how the two articles are related. Nothing indicates that article has anything to do with this private Facebook group. That is a crime being described in that article. What’s described here is free speech, no matter how controversial or distasteful you may find it.

          • Jim from Canada

            Reading comprehension owns you: On Wednesday afternoon, police arrested a male student on the Mount Si High School campus. Detectives believe he posted inappropriate images of his classmates, both boys and girls, on social media sites.

          • dg54321

            And? It says nothing about the Facebook group for “hot or not” as the article is talking about. You’re desperately grasping at straws to lend credence to your “pedophile” obsession, where none exists.

            Not everything that happens on “social media” is linked to other happenings.

        • hellomurica

          You people fail so hard at this it’s not even funny. Linking unrelated articles in order to salvage your pathetic argument, as if that’s not easily ripped apart in seconds. Better luck next time.

  • Hello Murica

    Give me a freaking break. Men will ALWAYS judge women on a scale of how attractive they are. It’s literally encoded in our genes. You idiots are attempting to fight against human nature that’s been a part of our evolutionary process. I can understand why some females might be offended when viewed in this manner, but this isn’t anything new. Be offended all you want, but you will *never* stop this type of scrutiny. EVER.

    • dg54321

      And whether they admit it or not, girls do the EXACT same thing to boys. They just lie about it a lot more.

      • EastboundAndDown

        Agreed. Additionally many people dress to get the exact reaction these kids are having. A little modesty wouldn’t hurt.

  • julie stengel

    In todays day and age, pretty much everybody has had a photo or video taken of them without their knowledge, in a locker room or bathroom or dressing room. It’s just how the world is now, I’m not saying that’s good but the sooner you realize this the better. It’s not that big of a deal, it’s just a naked body. Yes you might be on the internet naked somewhere but so are about 50 million others.

    • murphs 76

      It is not uncommon for girls to take pics of other girls in the locker room with their phone and sell them to boys….a very easy way to make cash.

      • thatcatmando

        That’s why they should know there is a law against it and they could get charged with a sex offender crime and be labeled the rest of their lives. Who cares about the hot or not? It’s the illegal taking and posting photos of these girls that is the real issue. Bullying is a crime too.

  • oledawg

    Why does the school feel like they have any authority outside of their walls. Then they start making ridiculous threats and accusations, tell the school to F-off!

  • cheryl

    Good for you Zoe. None of those boys are worth it and are losers themselves and could not hold a candle to you.

  • A male student at MSHS

    As a male student at MSHS I want to set the record straight. Our school has roughly 800 boys. This May Madness page had about 60 people on it. Do the math. That’s less than 10% of the guys at our school. Most of the guys in our school, like myself, were not on the page. We have a lot of great guys at our school who are intelligent, kind, respectful, and caring individuals. We also have a few idiots who do this every year, but it is a very small percentage. I feel like this article fails to highlight this fact, and instead chooses to paint a broad and inaccurate picture of what is really happening by implying that all of the guys at Mt Si were doing this. Way to be professional Q13. It’s ok to report a story, just make sure you tell the whole story and don’t conveniently leave out the facts of the situation.

  • John

    8 years? Rating contests were going on like this when I was in middle school almost 50 years ago. This kind of thing is not new. What I don’t get is why the school officials are getting involved in such a trivial matter when their primary concern should be academics not thought policing.

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