‘I’m a little offended’: Man can’t believe what he sees after scratching off lottery ticket

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ELMIRA, N.Y. -- A man playing the New York Lottery's newest scratch-off game couldn't believe his eyes when he realized not only was his ticket a loser -- it was actually insulting, too.

"Unfortunately it says, 'you Elmira trash' on it. I'm a little offended by it for being a local here in Elmira, New York," Nick Lynogh told WETM.



"When I looked at it, I thought it was a fake ticket. Usually, most of my friends used to play some of those old fake ticket tricks on me and that's what I first thought it was. Unfortunately, it was a loser and I was like, 'Holy cow, I can't believe it literally said that,'" Lynogh said.

Authorities investigated and determined the ticket was real.

A New York Lottery representative told WETM:

“The unfortunate arrangement of words on this individual ticket was completely random, coincidental and -- most importantly -- unintentional. As soon as the ticket was brought to our attention, we immediately contacted the ticket printing vendor to remove the word 'trash' from being a possible result for any future game. We apologize to anyone who was offended by this unfortunate result."

"They could have had it as for any other city such as Onienta; they could have had it for Binghampton; they could have had it for Ithaca. But why Elmira?" Lynogh said.

According to the Gaming Commission, the odds of those words being selected in that order are 1 in 900 million.

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  • ???

    Omg people quit being so sensitive. Those tickets are all randomly picked by a computer I would think. Maybe because I don’t live there but I think it is funny lol

  • ken

    STOP BEING SO OFFENDED BY EVER LITTLE THING, PUNANI’S. It’s getting pathetic now! Make a big deal, maybe you can get on the news, attention who-uhs! Narcissistic, babies!

  • CriticalDad

    This isn’t news. The subtext of people being easily offended is news, THAT should be the story. But this person being a “little offended,” oh dear, oh my, take the afternoon off work and get yourself together, OK tulip? What kind of resilience must be lacking in this person’s life to go to these lengths?
    The deputies of the Sensitivity Police are always out in force. Don’t let them pull you over.

    • Chal

      Well criticaldad, if you knew anything about “news” you’d understand what a human interest piece is. This is it for your future reference. They’re not new.

  • EastboundAndDown

    Ah the professional “looking for offense where there is none” people strike again. This has become so common its beyond stupid.

  • M

    Yay! America is turning into a walking tampon. Suck it up people. Grow some thick skin! If things like this offend you. Then you are going to have a really hard time in life.

  • big john stankus

    We are turning into such a nation of wimps. I can’t believe the media would consider this newsworthy, even though it’s clearly not. I wonder if this wimp is going to sue, claiming “mental anguish”?