Neighbor interrupts, scares off 3 violent home intruders who held woman at gunpoint in Seattle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE -- Police are searching for three men who broke into a north Seattle woman’s home Monday morning and held her at gunpoint. A neighbor was able to scare them off before they hurt her or stole anything

“You see how they opened it? They kicked in here, put something in there and they opened it.”

Tensu Goush shows us the chisel marks on the back door of her home. Three men forced their way through the door and into an apartment where a friend of hers had just moved in. She heard the noises from the front part of the house.

“First I heard a door kick, like three times. Then it was a minute, and then I heard her scream. Then she was quiet, nothing.”

Goush says she ran around the house and started yelling out her friend’s name. A few seconds later, she saw the men run out. They didn’t steal anything. Seattle police say that may be because Goush stepped in and scared them off.

“You see it a lot where some people don’t realize what’s going on, and they don’t do that thing to help out. This neighbor did a great thing,” says detective Patrick Michaud. “Risky, yes. But they definitely helped out in this situation.”

Goush is now trying to figure out why the men were there. She doesn’t think it was an attempted robbery, because she says they didn’t ask her friend for any money.

“They just came in, told her to be quiet, and said if she screamed, they would shoot and kill her. Other than that, they didn’t say anything.”

She’s hoping the men broke into the wrong house and fled when they realized that. But she’s already planning to replace her doors and increase her home security, so nothing like this happens again.

“It’s just so scary.”

The victims said the suspects were all men in their mid-20s, tall, with heavy builds, wearing masks and black clothing. Officers and a K-9 team searched the neighborhood, but were unable to find the suspects.

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  • hellomurica

    It is SO IMPORTANT for homeowners to harden their homes. People think putting a deadbolt on a door is good enough, and they couldn’t be more wrong. American doors are almost all flimsy and hung with 1″ screws at best. A single hard kick is usually all it takes for someone to gain entry – deadbolt or not. Look into products like the Door Club, which ties the door to the floor, and Ez Armor, which reinforces the door jam, strike plate and hinges. There’s also security window film that you can apply, which makes smashing a window for easy access a lot more difficult. Also trim any trees and bushes up against your house, as it makes an attractive cover for those up to no good.

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