Lake Stevens parents upset over late notice of teachers planning one-day strike on Friday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. — Parents say they support their teachers and want the state to provide more money for education, but they say a notice of a planned teacher walkout came with too little notice.

“I’d say some parents are very frustrated due to the short notice,” Josh Wilson said Tuesday.

Wilson and thousands of other parents found out Monday night that classes in the Lake Stevens School District would be canceled Friday. The district’s 8,000 students will not be going to school, and parents with younger kids need to make quick plans for child care.

The majority of the Lake Stevens Education Association voted Monday in favor of walking out of class on Friday.

Lake Stevens teachers join a growing list of educators in the state who have staged one-day walkouts over concerns about the Legislature's education funding.

The state Supreme Court has ordered the Legislature to fully fund education or be held in contempt of court. Teachers want Olympia to fully fund schools, shrink class sizes and pay for a cost-of-living wage increase.

Officials understand they put parents in a tough spot but hope they stick with them in this cause.

Bob Ingraham, president of the Lake Stevens Education Association, said, "We’re really doing this for children and hopefully they’ll join us in it even though it is a rather short time-frame."

To make up for lost class time, the district will add another day of school at the end of the school year. A district spokesperson says they are working with families to excuse absences if people have vacation plans.

On Wednesday, nearly 3,000 teachers in the Northshore and Lake Washington School Districts plan a one-day strike.

The upcoming one-day teacher strikes are listed below:

  • Lake Washington (May 6)
  • Northshore (May 6)
  • South Whidbey (May 6)
  • Central Kitsap (May 7)
  • Granite Falls (May 8)
  • Lake Stevens (May 8)
  • Snohomish (May 8)
  • Franklin Pierce (May 8)
  • Shoreline (May 11)
  • Evergreen/Clark County (May 13)
  • Washougal (May 13)
  • North Kitsap (May 18)
  • Seattle (May 19)
  • Sequim (TBD)
  • Peninsula (TBD)

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  • Frank D.

    Funny thing the teachers will get paid for that day. Why don’t they take that money for not working that day and donate to families that can’t afford school supplies. Of course they won’t they are too greedy for that. This is not about the kids it is about lazy teachers.

    • Stephanie W.

      Actually, the teachers are only paid for the days in their contracts and will also be making up the missed day at the end of the year – just like the students.

    • sstephens

      They are not paid, and are donating their time to food drives and community service. You should check your facts before you embarass yourself with ignorant comments.

  • BearTex3

    Pretty sure the area teachers have been talking about this for a couple weeks. So it’s not like the parents didn’t know. They only choose to act like they didn’t know and then lay blame on others. Typical society

  • david

    So tired of teachers striking all the time .they tell the kid’s that they are doing it for them but really they are doing it for the money. Teachers tell the kids the truth and stay in the classroom and do your job.

  • Morris Ryan

    Walking off the mob is illegal. Only thing happening is the teacher union flexing it’s muscles to let the community know who is in charge.

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