Pair in crosswalk hit by trooper’s vehicle fined for jaywalking

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (AP) — After a months-long investigation, the Washington State Patrol says a trooper who hit two pedestrians with his patrol car in Bellingham last December won’t face any consequences for it.

But the people who got hit have each been given $112 tickets for jaywalking.

The Bellingham Herald reports that 31-year-old Aaron Connors-Driftmier and 21-year-old Lauren Keenan were in a crosswalk but crossing against the light when Trooper Brian Thompson tried to make a left turn on a green arrow as he chased a car that had been speeding.

Connors-Driftmier landed on the hood of the car. He suffered injuries to his leg and neck. Keenan sustained a wound to her head.

The pair admitted they crossed illegally. It was a rainy night and they were wearing dark clothing, but they said the trooper should have seen them anyway.

Washington State Patrol spokesman Mark Francis said he doesn’t think any driver would be cited in those circumstances.

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  • BearTex3

    Why do people who walk, jog, or even run in bad weather or even in the dark prefer to wear dark clothing. Do they have any idea how dangerous that is, and what that could do to a driver who really cant see them in the road and they hit them. And bad weather like rain is the worse. If a vehicle is driving in your direction and there is someone in the line of sight of the other vehicle, there is almost no way to see them with headlights reflecting off wet roads. I know that it may not be fashionable, because that is a joggers goal, to be fashionable, but a $5 vest could actually save your life while out jogging in the dark or the rain. Oh and holding a flashlight does not work either since sometimes it will look like a headlight of an oncoming car. Oh and you parents out there might want to think about wether or not your kids who walk to school in the dark, can really be seen, since their fashion sense nowdays requires them to wear all black.

    And whether or not a pedestrian has the right of way or not, I think it is pretty stupid of them to just step out in traffic whether they are in a crosswalk or not, because even if you are in the right, being right does not fix dead if some teens goes through a crosswalk while on the phone and is not paying attention. And yes parents who have teen drivers, your teen is on their phone. The only way they are not is if either they do not have a phone or you personally take it from them. And it does not matter how much you trust them, they are always going to do the same thing we did as kids and was told to not do something, they will do it. Besides everyone knows that a teen and most adults have to keep their status updated. And I do have teens so I know.

  • tired worker

    I wonder why you would be walking around at 3 am wearing dark clothes in Bellingham? I mean in downtown Seattle there are many places still open and people walking around,