Oregon Legislature passes bill expanding background checks for gun sales

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon Democrats have muscled through legislation expanding background checks to cover nearly every private firearm sale in the state.

House lawmakers passed a bill Monday making it illegal to transfer a gun to someone who isn’t a close relative. Private sales would have to take place in front of a licensed gun dealer who can run a background check.

The bill would make Oregon the eighth state with universal background checks.

The measure now goes to Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, who has indicated she will sign it into law.

Advocates say no other states have passed such legislation this year.

Republicans have opposed the measure since it was introduced, and hundreds of opponents flooded legislators with emails and calls urging them to vote against it.

But last year’s election helped Democrats increase their majorities in both chambers, paving the way for the bill’s passage.


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  • Beestocker

    This is more crap from the demoRATS that don’t know the difference between their ass an hole in the ground. The criminals aren’t going to go and buy guns and have back ground check all this is doing is making it harder for the honest people but they don’t give a damn.

  • greg

    soooo….let’s hear all the 594 success stories from WA….all those hoards of bad guys that have been identified and arrested due to 594….its a huge scam and a lie – welcome to the party OR, you’ve just been duped by the stupid legislators – start the lawsuits

  • "peety"

    great job Oregon! America’s #1 whiny special interest group is once again slapped in the face with common sense gun background checks!

    • Scruffy

      This isnt a common sense back ground check. How is this enforceable? People have to go to a gun dealer, what is stopping people from NOT going to the dealer? Are you stupid?

  • dg54321

    So Oregonians get to ignore the same law Washingtonians have been ignoring for about a year now? Cool.
    Unconstitutional laws are not valid laws. Sheriffs won’t enforce them, people won’t obey them. Rich limousine liberals cannot disarm us via backdoor registration, no matter how much money they waste to buy out the government.

    • "peety"

      where is the lawsuit? It would be a great move for gun owners to cost taxpayers even more by fighting common sense background checks!

  • Irene Walker Gilbert

    Every time you want to give a gun to a friend, or leave it with someone while you are on vacation, just remember that the democrats own this bill, own the attack on the constitution, the fact that they ignored their oath of office to uphold the constitution and they were bought by Bloomberg’s money and those who would like to take away your freedom.