Deputies: 3-year-old found wandering streets alone, parents say they were sleeping

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BELFAIR — Sheriff’s deputies are investigating how and why a 3-year-old girl was found wandering a street by herself Monday morning, wearing nothing but pajamas and asking for her “mommy.”

According to the Mason County Sheriff’s Department, deputies received a call around 7:54 a.m. from a resident in the 400 block of NE Schooner Loop in Belfair. The caller said they found a 3-year-old girl alone in the street, calling for her mother.

Deputies drove caller and placed the girl into protective custody as they searched for the child’s parents.

The parents were located around 10:52 a.m. and allegedly told deputies they had been asleep when the girl left the house. When they realized the girl was missing, they said, they began looking for her.

Police said their home was several blocks away from where the child was found.The parents will interview with Child Protective Services, deputies said. It is unknown if any charges will be filed, or if the girl will be immediately reunited with her parents.

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  • Christopher Mangold

    I am glad she was found safe and returned to her parents!! I’m sure there will be many that will be quick to judge the parents as incompetent, but I can tell you from experience that kids of this age are tough to contain. Caught our 3 year old unlocking our front door an trying to go explore on many occasions. I finally had to install a lock on the door that he couldn’t reach so he wouldn’t take off while we were a sleep like this little girl did. Man, it is tough being a parent of toddlers! We are always on ‘alert’ in our house. :(

  • heide

    We had three girls and the youngest would wake up and wander around the house in the middle of the night when she was about two years old. I bought some of those adhesive alarms for all of the windows and doors so that when a seal was broken they would go off. I also wired Christmas bells to the chain lock that was on our front door and I would often sleep with her next to me and I’d keep my hand on her leg. The thought of her getting out was terrifying. This same child was also able to pull out the kitchen drawers and use them like steps when she wanted something from the counter. She definitely outsmarted most of the childproof accessories sold on the market. It’s possible that this toddler is the same way. The story says that the parents were looking for her at 10:52, when they were contacted. Unless the story is missing information, I wonder why the family didn’t immediately call 911.

    • Christopher Mangold

      I think, calling 911 is usually not the first action a parent will take in an event like this. I know the time when my son wondered off, my first reaction was to control the strong urge to panic, take a depth breath and go out looking for him shouting his name. Fortunately for us, he hadn’t wondered very far at all and I found him very quickly. A call to 911 that early in the situation wouldn’t have been much help. Also, it feels like there is a large group of people out there that seem to keep CPS on their speed dial these days and are quick to pull that card out at the first sign of issue regardless of whether they know the circumstances or not. They have NO idea how heartbreaking it is for a parent to be accused of abusing or neglecting their own child when the accusation is completely unfound and unwarranted.

      • Mom

        I agree whole heartedly, calling CPS on families causes CPS to Immediately accuse the parents of abusing and or neglecting the children, CPS SAYS a parent is GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN NOT.. That not Constitutional at all

    • The Decider

      I too wonder why they didnt call 911… I think that out of everything, that would be the suspicious part of it. I would be in a panick!

  • tired worker

    My daughter at 2 years old would unlock and lock the doors behind her, then she would go exploring. She learned how to use a broom and unlock the chain locks at the top of the doors. Deadbolt was not problem. We could have got keyed deadbolts but my sister went out to get the mail and my nephew shut the door, she for got the key because he was in bed taken a nap. would never risk that. my son at 4 unlocked the screen and was found on the main street at rush hour. my son is mentality disabled but very smart. We put motion alarms on our doors, the only thing to stop him. So I see no reason why they should be charged with anything. I am sure they were terrified when they found her gone. Those that will condem the parents either have no children, are very lucky their kids don’t roam or are abusive and their kids are to scared of them to roam.

  • Jackie Bowers

    I agree with all of the PARENTS who posted on here about the Extremely Wonderful and yet Terrifyingly Creative toddler’s who manage to figure out ways to outwit the best “childproof” locks made!!! And manage to get past our best efforts as parents to keep them safe. While we try to get some desperately needed sleep at night! But their growing bodies and ever increasingly and always unceasingly (we hope!! we soooo hope it is unceasing!!) curious minds feel the urge and desperation it seems to escape and explore!! Not realizing, of course!, that once they step out the door into the realm of the outside “World” without Mommy or Daddy there to protect and guide them it becomes a VERY different outside than it was before!
    Instead of being caring, friendly, helpful, understanding, NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBOR’S like the NEIGHBOR’S were in the NEIGHBORHOOD where I grew up as a child – we now have people who, I believe it was Christopher who said this, I think, “we now have people who have CPS on speed dial”!!! These are the NEW neighbors. This is our NEW mentality towards each other as a society?! If so, I feel that is kind of sickening! It actually makes me feel physically nauseated!
    But, one of the things I noticed about this story is who wrote it!
    FOX news!!
    sooooo…. not ALL of the story has to be true!

  • amanda

    This actually was in my mom’s neighborhood. I know who the parents are and unfortunately this isn’t just a case of a curious, sneaky child. These people rarely watch their babies. They’re constantly in or near the busy, street. I hope this was a major wake up call for them…..

  • AnnaKDennis

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