Bonney Lake releases police report on deadly SR 410 construction accident

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Josh, Vanessa and Hudson Ellis

BONNEY LAKE, Wash. — Work will resume Monday at the Bonney Lake construction site, where a chunk of overpass fell and crushed a young family.

Bonney Lake Police released their report Friday, which includes interviews from witnesses and those who were working on the bridge.

On April 13, the concrete barrier fell from the 410 bridge onto a truck on Angeline Road, instantly killing youth pastors Josh and Vanessa Ellis and their 8-month old baby Hudson.

Inside a 112 page report, police note they interviewed at least six construction workers after the incident. One of them tells an officer he was hired to operate an excavator, but the wrong one had been brought to the site contrary to the demo plans. It came without a thumb, which allows the operator to grab objects. However, work continued anyway.

He also notes the crew may not have been aware the concrete barrier wasn`t attached to the bridge deck and therefore began cutting it too deeply.

According to the report, a traffic control supervisor with W.H.H. Nisqually told police she was waiting, but never got the cue to stop traffic, before the barrier fell onto the truck. A truck neighbors and drivers say could have easily been anyone's.

The City of Bonney Lake said the subcontractors involved in the work have been removed from the project. As for this report, the city is still determining whether it will hire a private agency to review these findings and do an independent report on what happened on the overpass.

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  • Robert Burch

    I have been in the construction/demolition industry more than 40 years including 20 years in accident investigations and expert witness. Not having a detailed demolition plan or failure to follow the plan often results in worker or pedestrian injury/fatality. There is going to be an astounding litigation involving multiple plaintiffs in this unfortunate and sad circumstance. A full time qualified safety expert with hands on knowledge of the project could have prevented the accident, but in my vast experience safety is the last item funded on a project.
    Robert Burch, CHST

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