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McNugget, Issaquah’s favorite rooster, killed in tragic dog attack

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
R.I.P. McNugget

R.I.P. McNugget

ISSAQUAH — McNugget, a beloved bantam rooster known to frequent an Issaquah parking lot and espresso stand, was killed Tuesday night by a neighborhood dog that escaped its residence.

“It’s so sad,” said Your Espresso stand owner Michelle Schneider. “My customers have been bawling all morning.”

McNugget has been a fixture and tourist attraction in Issaquah ever since it escaped a grain supply store 13 years ago and made its  home in the parking lot. The rooster, known to split its days between the coffee shop, parking lot and nearby Staples store, was the feature of many media pieces, including one by the Seattle Times.

Schneider said she received a call from one of her well-known customers late Tuesday night, saying she saw a neighborhood dog carrying the dead rooster in its mouth. The dog, Schneider said, is also well-known in the neighborhood, and had apparently escaped its house while it’s owners were out of town.

Schneider says no one was at fault in McNugget’s death, and it appeared to be a tragic accident.

The “famous” rooster was a favorite attraction for many Issaquah residents, Schneider said, and known for it’s dog-like attitude. It would often fly up to the espresso counter and peak his head in for treats, and reacted to commands like a well-trained dog.

“I say, ‘Down!'” Schneider told the Times. “He gets down. He’s like a dog.”

McNugget’s coop outside of the espresso stand has turned into a makeshift shrine as people learn of the news, Schneider said. One woman, who usually comes to feed the favorite rooster every three hours, was nearly inconsolable.

“It’s horrible,” Schneider said. “He’s a neighborhood pet.”

Schneider said the rooster was one of a kind, and wanted to remind people that he chose to live among the people of Issaquah. She encouraged well-meaning customers to keep their own roosters at home, saying that they will miss McNuggett, but he can’t be replaced.

“We don’t need people dropping off their chickens and roosters,” she said. “They mean well, but we don’t need that.”

R.I.P McNugget. We’ll see you in that big chicken coop in the sky.


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  • lee77

    “Schneider says no one was at fault in McNugget’s death, and it appeared to be a tragic accident.”
    No one at fault?!!!! What about the owner of the worthless fleabag that killed the rooster? Allowing a dog to “get loose” is no “accident!” This incident illustrates just how dog-crazy people in the US are becoming. If a law enforcement officer, or someone else, kills a dog that is attacking him/her, another person, or an animal, all the dog freaks are up in arms about it, some going so far as to threaten the life of the person who wasted the dog. If a dog attacks and seriously injures or kills someone (even an innocent child) or another animal, these same people flock to the defense of the vicious dog, creating Facebook pages and demanding the mauler be spared. Here we have an innocent animal that people loved and he’s dead at the teeth of a dog that was neither controlled nor appropriately confined by its owner. Where is the outrage? Why hasn’t the killer dog been confiscated and put down by animal control?

    • tyler

      I believe you are being a little over dramatic. The way a dog acts is not its own fault, but the owners who raised it. Stop being angry at the dog or canines in general, you dog hater.

      • lee77

        You can “believe” anything you choose. Dogs are products of their breeding and while how they are “raised” can impact behavior to some extent, it cannot change or transform a dog’s genetic characteristics. Dogs, unlike the wolves from which they are descended, kill solely for the fun of chasing and killing. They are the sadistic serial killers and mass murderers of the animal kingdom.

    • Dont F with me

      NO ONE who expected McNugget to live in a parking lot “loved” him and neither did you! Read my comment below. He had a safe place to go, you wanted him to stay there exposed to all sorts of dangers because he entertained you. You, like many others who would not allow him to go to a farm, are responsible for him being DEAD.

      • lee77

        The killer fleabag, its irresponsible owner and elected officials who refuse to pass laws requiring that any dog that injures or kills a person, livestock or wildlife be put down are the ones responsible for him being dead!

      • Thinking One

        Even farm animals are not safe from loose dogs. Dogs regularly enter rural property to maim and kill. Humans have been killed by “good” mauling dogs in every type of community, city, suburban, rural, Good determined mauling dogs gave worked for hours to gain entry to homes to kill victim dogs inside.

        If its acceptable for dogs to escape and kill, to be fair it would be decriminalized to attack and kill dogs where ever they are found, even inside their own fenced yards. Oops, your dog is dead on your patio. That would be “fair’.

  • Kathy Miles

    Always the risk…lower on the food chain…a victim to a predatory animal. I remember my sweet hen named Lucy. I named her Lucy because the name is a female version of “lucky”. She arrived to me in a box of chicks a lifeless tiny thing in the corner of the box. She as the suprise “Mystery” chick of the order. She seemed dead, I picked her up, put her mouth into the sugar water, placed her in my palm and kept rubbing her….and she revived. She went on to become nothing less than a blue ribbon babe . My daughter showed her with 4H for years. Beatiful sweet hen. Our pen was secure…but, our fence in the back corner wasnt. Neighbors dog came into our yard and killed my little hen. I miss her and hope to see her in heaven. Sweet Lucy. I can olnly hold so much blame to the neighbor and even less to the dog. Even I hold some of the responsibility. Glad you were all able to enjoy this little rooster. It shows you that these little guys have a personality and are not just a meat product.

    • Dont F with me

      Well you can bet all the people who claimed to love McNugget so much munched on chicken without any thought to it. They didn’t care. He’s dead and they are “bummed out” that their little roadside attraction is gone, that’s all

      • lee77

        What’s your point? Just because people are outraged over the death of an animal they considered a “pet” killed by some worthless fleabag has nothing to do with what they eat. Nevertheless, in the case of McNugget, he was a rooster and would be much too tough to “fry up” for dinner! Chickens have to be killed when they’re young and tender if you’re going to fry them — that’s why young chickens are called “fryers.” There are plenty of people in the world who eat dogs and cats and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

  • Dont F with me

    THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TO BLAME are ALL the members of the community who wanted him there as a prop for their own selfish entertainment. I was the one who brought him his little shelter because all the people who CLAIM to care about him so much did nothing. I had someone who lived on a farm with PROPER SHELTER who was willing and ready to take him and there was literally a Jerry Springer crowd of Grange staff members, The espresso owner and her stupid coffee customers who threw a huge fir and called the cops on us – a few compassionate animal advocates who knew this day was coming. I told this to the selfish owner of the Grange, that McNugget faced several dangers living in a parking lot such as a DOG attack. I was right, they were wrong and now he is dead. So thanks to all you heartless people who wanted him to stay put, and sleep on a bare tree branch, winter after winter, with nothing blocking his wind chill…YOU are all responsible for his death. And if people are actually talking about bringing a “replacement” rooster, you will see me and be sorry you did.

    • lee77

      If people want a replacement rooster, it’s none of your business. Birds roost in trees throughout the winter without freezing. Animals aren’t human, they have higher average body temperatures (the temperature of a chicken is 102-103 F.) and they have feathers or fur to keep them warm. If you want to do something to “help” animals in general, you will start a campaign to hold dog-owners responsible for the damage their fleabags do and petition elected officials to pass laws that any dog that kills or injures another animal, or a person, be confiscated and put down.

      • Dont F with me

        Yep, you another idiot. Hello??? You didn’t learn from this, you actually think the same thing won’t happen to another rooster? You people are selfish and heartless to expect FARM animals to live in the parking lots of big box stores to entertain you. You’re full of sh*t if you say they don’t need shelter, enough said on that topic. And to answer your question “what business is it of yours?” ANY animal in harms way is my business because they cannot speak or fend for themselves so people like me (who care!) have to, you certainly don’t!

        • Thinking One

          Farm animals aren’t safe from dogs either. If a dog severely maims or kills a domestic animal, or a human, the dog’s owner is guilty of animal neglect and should be banned from dog ownership. Perhaps that will impress on dog owners that they must be responsible or pay the price. This would reduce dog hit by car fatalities too.

        • Linda

          I understand your sense of outrage Dont F With Me but I believe your vehemence directed towards the community is a bit too strong. This rooster brought members of the community together and was loved by myself and others. There is danger in any environment. It is what it is. I respect your opinion but I also respect the intrigue and community spirit that revolved around this little fellow.

          • Dont F with me

            LINDA, McNugget was a sitting duck in that environment, I warned them, they didn’t listen. Allowing an animal to live in an unsafe environment is not loving him. You, and others placed more importance on him entertaining you. You did not have his best interest in mind, I DID and he’d still be alive today living with other chickens with warm shelter in the winter. If a parent allowed a toddler to walk around the neighborhood unprotected and the child went missing or dead, would you simply respond “oh well, there is danger everywhere?” No, you’d be the first to cry negligence and that is what happened with McNugget. Doesn’t matter if he’s a rooster or a child, he was a living being who deserved the best. He had the option and my friends and I were STOPPED. Blame yourselves!

  • Mike

    In case anyone is unfamiliar with the past events where it was known this would be McNugget’s outcome, let me take you back to 2009 when a group of people made an effort to give this little guy a safe home. The owners of the rooster, “Your Espresso” and the community of Issaquah refused to allow him to be removed and also refused to provide him with proper shelter in temperatures that dipped into the single digits, even though The Grange has these items at it’s disposal. This did not have to happen. Blood is on the hands of those who chose to leave McNugget in an unsecured environment. Nice work people.

  • Dont F with me

    Get real people. Far too many of you fail to see the point here. Getting enraged over the dog is totally irrelevant. If it hadn’t been a dog it would have been a coyote, or a raccoon, or a car, or some sicko who decided to poison him….get it???? You cannot remove danger, you can only protect yourself from it and McNugget would have been protected had he been ALLOWED to move to a safe environment. BTW Jason, how can you claim to love one animal while threatening to murder another? Do you understand the dog only did what was instinctual to him? LOTS of dogs are aggressive toward small animals, its their nature. It does not mean the dog was dangerous at all. I place no blame on the dog. The dog owner? Thats a different story…just another irresponsible person in the mix. All of you who wanted McNugget to stay where he was FAILED him. You know it, other people know it and you’re only being defensive because you feel stupid now.
    Compassion toward animals is directly proportionate to a person’s level of intelligence and I think we have seen that level when people think a parking lot is a kind place to leave an animal!

    • jason bender

      >how can you claim to love one animal while threatening to murder another?
      Easily. Just as I love people, but support the death penalty for terrorists.

      > LOTS of dogs are aggressive toward small animals, its their nature
      Not necessarily, my parents have a huge dog that waits patiently until my cat is done eating some of her 1 meal per day. Most dogs are not aggressive towards small animals. And, those dogs that are, are by definition, dangerous.

      • Mike

        Get a grip Jason. People that are faced with the death penalty have done something horrible and deserve to be charged with that sentence. What did McNugget do to deserve the death sentence?
        All dogs are a danger to birds and farm animals, even the most docile dogs can show behavior never before seen when they get around other animals. Your example of one dog does that may not be aggressive towards birds is irrelevant.