What tipped off this driver’s license applicant that something wasn’t right…

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester, Wash.

CHEHALIS, Wash. — A Washington man has been arrested for impersonating a state driver’s license examiner, and he may not have been found out if it wasn’t for the strange trip he took his driving applicant on.

According to the story on Lewis County Sirens.com, the man taking the driving test that day last week — Edward Jerns — thought it was odd when his driving examiner, ‘Dave’, directed him to pull into a casino.

But it got stranger.

‘Dave’ then invited Jerns inside the casino to meet a female acquaintance.

And then ‘Dave’ asked to borrow $20.

After spending some time at the Lucky Eagle Casino, Lewis County Sirens said, Jerns called the state Department of Licensing to tell them of Dave’s behavior, at which point they told him to immediately call security.

The man who called himself “Dave” was later identified by police as Daniel Norby, 47, of Chehalis, who was charged with first-degree criminal impersonation.

The Central Police Department told the website that the strange sequence of events started at the Washington Department of Licensing on Kresky Avenue in Centralia.

An employee said a man resembling Norby was standing in line behind Jerns at one point and then she saw them go out and get into Jerns’ car.

The website said police and prosecutors offered no explanation why Norby allegedly pretended he was giving a driving test.

As the website noted, the driver’s license applicant presumably will get a do-over on the test.



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