George Floyd protesters take to downtown Seattle streets

16-year-old accused of high school shooting in Lacey was on probation at time; bail set at $500K

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OLYMPIA — The alleged gunman involved in the North Thurston High School shooting in Lacey made his first appearance in court Tuesday.

It turns out the 16-year-old suspect has a criminal history in King County and was on active probation for fourth-degree assault.

He’s now facing a slew of new charges, including theft of a firearm and bringing it to school.

Data pix.

The teenager sat quietly in the courtroom. The suspect is a minor so Q13 FOX News isn’t showing his face or identifying him by name.

Prosecutors said the teen could have injured many people in North Thurston High School when he fired two rounds Monday near hundreds of students. His first shot was fired into the ground.

“He faced the crowd, raised his weapon up and fired a second shot into the ceiling,” said the prosecutor.

The child’s defense attorney asked the judge to set bail at $100,000 but the judge disagreed, saying bail should be set much higher.

“There is a danger and threat to the community at this time and it’s appropriate that he be detained,” said the judge.

Q13 FOX News learned the suspect is already on probation after pleading guilty last November in King County to charges of groping two female students at Mount Rainier High School in Des Moines. He had just recently transferred to North Thurston High.

Prosecutors said he stole one of his parent’s guns and brought it to school fully loaded with hollow-point bullets. Police said the boy told them he didn't intend to harm anyone but himself.

The judge set bail at $500,000 and ordered the boy held until he completes a mental health evaluation.

The boy’s father said he’s very concerned for his son.

The teen is scheduled to be back in court later in May.

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  • Wallus

    Typical attorney, someone is clearly in crisis and a threat to people and they try to get them out on the streets again. Pigs.

  • anonymous

    This kids sentence was done right 500K and a full jail time/psyche evaluation at the end. It’s only right. He obviously set out to do harm regardless of what he said. Why else would you bring hollow point bullets and to the school, serious criminal intent if you ask me.
    It’s just too bad that this kid thinks/feels that his life is bad enough to do such a thing. It’ll probably only go down from here unless he/we try to reform.


    lol he shot the ceiling, he wasn’t shooting anyone, he just shot the ceiling as a joke, but still pretty messed up tbh

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