‘Bumbling Business Burglars:’ Crooks caught on camera trying, failing to break into Issaquah restaurant

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Property crime is an issue everywhere, not just in the city of Seattle and one community is on alert after small business have been targeted.

“It wasn’t a spur of the moment thing, they definitely had the intent to break in,” says Jeff Brady.

They may have had the intent, but the follow through wasn’t successful.

“They did work very, very hard and they came very prepared for a horrible execution,” says Peter Cummings.

At the popular Coho Cafe late in the evening on March 26th, security cameras caught two men pulling up in a U-Haul van.

One man hops out with a tool in hand and begins burrowing his way into the building.

When that didn't work, he walks back to the van, grabs another tool and tries again.

He does this again and again -- until he's pulling insulation out through the small hole he's created.

After several attempts, the pair realize they're not making any progress. So they give up.

"You think of a suburban neighborhood as being a little bit more tranquil and safe. I think it's unfortunate, but I'm not naive to think it can't happen to us," says Cummings.

Issaquah police say it happened again on the same night -- another attempted burglary at Joker's Pub and Grill just blocks away. The damage was mainly to the door, which has already been replaced.

It's frustrating for business owners who say the thieves got away with nothing, but left behind a hefty tab in damages.

"I think it's a tough economy.  We live in a pretty sheltered area, but not everybody is sheltered. You get people who get hungry and they get desperate. I always think there's a lot of people who want to take the easy way instead of taking the hard way and working their way up," says Cummings.

In this case it's clear nobody's working their way up or in. But they're definitely giving everyone in this community a reason to be on guard.

"We kind of do a buddy system at nighttime and everybody is told to keep an extra eye out. But I figure they tried and failed famously so I doubt they will come back and do it again," says Brady.

The manager of Coho Cafe says whether they got in or not, there's really no cash to steal because most people use credit cards.

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