Parents of kidnapped boy allege police mistreatment; video shows mother refusing to let officers search home

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FAIRFIELD, Calif. -- A California couple whose son was found safe a few hours after being kidnapped is now alleging they were mistreated by police.

Video taken by officers' body cameras appears to show the boy's mother screaming at police and refusing to allow them to search their house for the child.

According to KTXL, the 8-year-old Brock Guzman's parents said he was asleep in the family's car when it was stolen from their driveway early Monday.

Authorities issued an AMBER Alert which was canceled about three hours later when someone from the community spotted the car several blocks from the home with the boy inside.

Paul Guzman said police mistreated his wife Suzanne Guzman after she initially refused to allow officers inside the home over fears one of their dogs would bite.

“One will bite if I’m not present when people are in there,” Paul Guzman explained to KTXL. “So she asked them not to enter the house, she didn’t give them permission to go in the house until I got back because I was out looking for my son.”

Guzman claimed when he returned, an officer was next door “antagonizing” the dogs.

“So when my wife walked over there and asked him not to antagonize the dogs, and that her husband was here, and put her hand on the screen door to make sure the screen door was secure because the dogs will jump up on it and it will open, they manhandled her,” Guzman told the station.

Newly released cellphone and police body camera video showed the frantic mother as she apparently would not to let them inside the home. At one point, the video appeared to show the woman being pushed to the ground and placed in handcuffs.

Editor's note: Videos contain explicit language

“No, I am not resisting,” the woman screamed. “What am I doing? What am I doing.”

“Stop resisting,” an officer could be heard telling her. “Stop resisting, please.”

Police said they wanted to go inside the home to make sure the boy was not hiding somewhere.

According to Fairfield police, officers detained Suzanne in handcuffs when they noticed a "reddish substance smeared in the carpet" that resembled blood.

Paul was later detained after officers claimed he was interfering.

“It was the actions of the family during this investigation that caused us concern and ultimately led to their arrest,” police said in the news release. “Both Suzanne and Paul Guzman were later released without any charges being filed.”

The Guzmans told KTXL that they have already met with an attorney and are planning to file a complaint against the Fairfield Police Department and the city.

No arrests have been made in Brock’s kidnapping which remains under investigation.

H/T KTLA 5 News and FOX40 News

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  • MyEntitledTwoCentsDeliveredWithCommonSense

    Her behavior was irrationally defensive. The officers spoke calmly to her, made perfect sense, informed her they merely were trying to work with her, but could enter the house under emergency circumstances, and she very clearly (not hysterical at first, rather condescendingly) berated, mocked, threatened, swore, and disrespected them. Accept the facts of the situation. Get rich quick scheme? Ungrateful? Very combative, and making it difficult for officers, when she was so concerned for her son, yet leisurely lounged as she spoke down to them? If she was hysterical, she would have been pacing, not sitting there like stone telling the officers how & when they can do their “job” of finding her son, that she wasn’t watching closely to begin with. Put your dogs away, think of your child, and stop acting like you weren’t trying to hide something – why fight, claim personal space, when your child is missing?! If my child went missing? Search my house, get whatever steps necessary out of the way, and lets get this going. If you really loved your child, you wouldn’t be confrontational, and you would have made sure not to leave them in an unattended vehicle that was running or had them left there (you are responsible for who you choose to breed with, and common sense and law state not to leave your 8 year old asleep in a running car while you go back in your home for several minutes) Worried more about your dogs than your child. I watched every single video, and it’s very obvious who was in the wrong. /EndRant

  • KateBMyers

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