Hundreds surprise girl at 10th birthday party after classmates decline to attend

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MINNEAPOLIS — A 10-year-old girl who suffers from a rare genetic disorder invited her classmates to her birthday party, but nobody said they were coming.

Mackenzie Moretter has Sotos Syndrome which left her with brain damage, WCCO reports.

“I have a hard time making friends at school,” she told the TV station.

Mackenzie’s mother Jenny decided to post an open invitation on Facebook asking other children around her daughter’s age to show up, and that’s exactly what happened.

Hundreds of people from the community, including firefighters, Snoopy and even a Minnesota Vikings football player, showed up for the party.

“It’s truly inspiring to know somebody who cares for somebody they don’t know,” Jenny told the station.

Mackenzie said it was the best day of her life.

“It means a lot to me for all of you coming to spend time with me,” she said.

WCCO reports about 400 people attended the party — many brought gifts. The girl’s parents told her she could pick out a few to keep, but the rest would be donated to other kids in need.

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  • The Decider

    That’s pretty awful that children and/or parents chose not to attend her party. I’m so happy this little girl had a fun birthday after all. For such a let down from others, its great to see people step up to right the wrong. Even if you don’t particularly care for a person, if they invite you to a birthday, the right thing to do is attended because they obviously like you enough to think about you. Just make their birthday special, for one day. I would like to know who the vikings player is who attended. I will always support them simply because of this kind gesture.

  • Amanda Wernsing

    This is an amazing community. It takes a village. ;) Well done. So very very well done, now THAT’S how to look after one another.