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Teachers from 8 school districts to hold one-day protest strikes starting next week

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Flipped classrooms a new wave in teaching


SEATTLE (AP) — The Washington Education Association says members of the union from eight school districts plan to hold one-day strikes to protest legislative inaction on education funding reform.

The WEA says Arlington, Lakewood and Stanwood-Camano teachers will strike April 22. Bellingham and Ferndale teachers plan to strike April 24.

Teachers in Mount Vernon, Blaine and Sedro-Woolley have approved strikes, but haven’t selected days yet.

They are protesting the Senate’s decision to send the class-size initiative back to the voters. They are objecting to a plan to require student test scores be used for teacher evaluations. And they say the Senate is going to short-change teacher pay and benefits, while giving themselves a raise.

Educators are also planning to rally on the steps of the state Capitol on April 25, one day before the regular legislative session ends.


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    • Ken

      I too would like to see them not get paid for the day BUT, the school shuts down for the day, meaning the kids did not attend, meaning they have to make up the day so, the teacher gets paid… all this is doing is screwing up a day for a lot of parents. I think they have a right to protest/strike but unfortunately a teachers union is not like other for profit company unions where the general concept is quite simple to understand, no work, no pay. Teachers don’t get that concept. Besides, it’s all about the kids, right?

  • ShadowWalker59

    Now THIS, does not surprise me at all……………….. “And they say the Senate is going to short-change teacher pay and benefits, while giving themselves a raise”. You know, I’m not a ‘all about the kids’ type of individual, but hey, I simply detest our ‘illustrious’ politicians getting wallets fattened by taking it from someone else’s. And taxes?……..well, they sure do know how to take our money with all their taxes. And with most of their ‘decisions’, it benefits THEM, and very seldom….US. I mean really……Do you really think they are worth what they are paid????????????

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