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Semi-truck carrying millions of bees overturns on I-5, WSP warns drivers

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LYNNWOOD — A semi-truck loaded with more than 40 million bees overturned on Interstate 5 in Lynnwood, sending more and more angry insects into the air as the temperature warms up and traffic intensifies.

The crash occurred sometime before 4 a.m. Friday morning near Milepost 183 at the intersection of I-5 and I-405. The semi-truck blew a front tire and overturned, Washington State Patrol Troopers said, sending more than 448 honey bee hives onto their side onto the roadway.

The driver of the semi-truck was not inured in the crash.

The bees remained calm at first in the cool morning air, but are growing increasingly agitated, WSP troopers said.  Firefighters were on the scene spraying the bees with water, and a company from Burlington suited up in an attempt to calm and remove the bees.

At least two Q13 FOX News photographers, along with reporter Kelly O’Connell, were stung as the bees waken with the sun. Once temperature gets above 55 degrees, the bees will stop clustering together and branch out, Seth Smith of Valley Buzz Beekeeping said.

Officials warned removal of the bees could take hours. They also encouraged drivers to roll up their windows and close vents while driving by, as a number of people have reported being stung.

A local beekeeper called the crash a “big blow” to local beekeepers. However, as long as the queens are alive, lots can be saved.

This story is breaking and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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    • John Kleinkopf

      I agree! That driver really needs to work on his prognostication skills because a “blow-out” is synonymous with “traffic conditions.”

        • Politics Unspun (@politicsunspun)

          Many truck tires are re-treads — failure of the tire or the steel belt could have caused the blowout. How about waiting until the police decide what happened? If it was the driver’s fault he will be cited. There are very strict maintenance rules when it comes to trucks, both federally and at a state level.

        • Kelvin Berry

          Or damaged by road debris.Or damaged by the road itself (i.e. potholes). Or damaged by any number of other causes. Do some research before jumping to conclusions… surely WSP will.

    • Chris

      Obviously some of you people are to stupid to figure it out. When I semi blows a steer tire, and for some of you that dont under stand trucking language its a front tire. I drive a truck everyday. My max weight is 105,000 lbs. that is the legal weight limit for some trucks. And if your steer tire, i.e. front tire blows sometimes and I’m not saying all the time, but sometimes it throws the truck to one side or the other. So stop jumping to conclusion that the company or the river was at fault. The ones that seem to be talking smack, have no clue on how a truck and weight works. So STOP the negative comments when you know nothing about how a truck works.

      So Pat, and John learn something will ya instead of bitching and blaming someone else.

      • Politics Unspun (@politicsunspun)

        Thank you Chris. My son drives a truck (also named Chris). I have much respect for truckers, the general public does not appreciate all they do. There is not a single item that lands in a store that didn’t make it to it’s final destination without some type of truck in the delivery chain.

  • tm

    You people are idiots…my husband is a truck driver….a front tire on a semi is not the same as loosing one of the back tires. No one can anticipate a blowout. Thats a lot of weight being pulled to one side when that happens…also he probably was trying not to hit someone. Think before you post!

  • Liz

    Steer tire blow outs are one of the scariest things to happen on a big rig. 90% of them result in a crash. You stupid 4 wheeler steering wheel holders dont have a clue about the physics of how tractor trailers handle. So until you have driven one and had a steer tire blow out, keep your stupid ” they need training” comments to yourself

  • JH

    I find it funny that everyone has their 2 cents to add with the continuation of “this guy should be be fined,” or consistent diagnostics as though they’re mechanical experts. People… Please, stop being so ignorant and realize that there are many factors that can affect a tire in a semi. I use to drive Box trucks, and I can assure you… we drag more weight and a tire blowout is something we cannot anticipate. Car owners: Yes, you can anticipate that. Stop being so daft and acting like you’re a genius when it’s clear you are nothing but short of one.

  • cutter

    I watched that truck roll this morning at 330… To all you people there is nothing that driver could do that tire blew out in the turn he is lucky to walk away and didnt hit anyone else Accidents happened there uncontrollably….. Its the risk you take while driving

  • Ray Caldwell

    Ok just a damn minute for all you people ready to slam the driver . I was a driver for 12 years but never had a front blow out but i was trained that you can never anticipate a blow out even taking steps in a pretrip to make sure that don’t happen . You can pick something up on the highway and not know it like nails or glass and a front blow out on a semi is worse thing to happen and you can lose control very quickly with the size of vehicle . Once again a bunch of idiots making statements without all the facts of how it happened and obviously by some comments i see on here some have never been behind the wheel of a semi so keep your yap shut .

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