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Owner of Osaka Grill Teriyaki, others accused of trafficking in stolen property

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Police have arrested the owner of the Osaka Grill Teriyaki, his wife and his brother for allegedly trafficking in stolen property.

Police said detectives spent the last week working undercover at the restaurant at 128 Pike St. after receiving a trip that the shop’s owners were also running a side business — buying stolen goods.

“During the investigation, restaurant staff placed orders with undercover police for stolen iPhones, iPods and top shelf liquor … and later paid for the items right out of the shop’s cash register,” the Seattle Police Department blotter said.

Detectives sold electronics and booze to staff on 11 different occasions and finally asked the employees if they wanted to buy a case of stolen iPads, police said. The owner agreed to pay $70 for each of the iPads, which were worth a total of about $10,000, police said.

When the owner left his shop Thursday night with the iPads, police arrested him, his wife and his brother and six staff members.

The six staff members were later released, but the owner, his wife and brother were booked into the King County Jail on charges of trafficking in stolen property.




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  • Wallus

    Well, it was ever thus. If you read the history of Seattle (which is not an isolated case) graft has not been solely the domain of politicians.

  • A Good Asian Restaurateur

    In case the landlord is reading this: If you need a new tenant good and clean, reply to me. You don’t need the scumbags as your tenant if you ask me. Btw, I specialize in Asian Fusion.

  • Lane

    A good restaurateur …do you have rocks for brains?? does this look like a topic to look for a rental?? who said the place was available even??

  • anonymous

    Great Job! It’s been know that this business been dealing in illegal activities for a long time. Its about time!!

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