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1-year-old shot in head in apparent road rage incident, Kent police say

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENT, Wash. -- A 1-year-old child riding in the back of a car was shot in the head and critically injured in what police called a road rage shooting Thursday afternoon in Kent.

According to police, the baby was struck in the head by gunfire around 4:30 p.m. at the intersection of Lake Fenwick Road and Reith Road.

The child was transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle in critical condition. Spokeswoman Susan Gregg said Thursday night the baby was in "very critical condition."

Kent police spokeswoman Melanie Robinson said the child was in a car seat in the back seat of a silver Chevrolet Impala and her parents were in the front seat when a black car pulled alongside at about 4:30 p.m. Thursday. Robinson says both the driver and passenger in the black car fired at the silver car, then drove off.

The shooting took place at an intersection near an apartment complex.

Police did not offer any details on the possible conflict between occupants of the two cars.

Investigators said at least four or five shots were fired. The child's parents were in their silver car at the time and were not injured.

But their baby, in the back seat, was hit in the head.

Police were trying to get descriptions of the gunman or gunmen in the shooting.

No further information was immediately released.

Stay with Q13 FOX News for updates on this breaking news.

Editor's note: Kent police informed the media around 6:40 p.m. that the child had died, however police officials later corrected that to say that the baby remains in critical condition on life support.

Google Map for coordinates 47.378633 by -122.274571.

Reith Road & Lake Fenwick Road, Kent, WA

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  • Bruce Al Knowingly

    As for road rage, it usually takes two to tango… Usually it involves two monkeys with low IQ and anger management skill….

    • Spades

      This is so wrong that it’s not even funny. Road Rage is a reaction that can be controlled. Adults becoming children isn’t okay and saying things like both parties are to blame gives an excuse for road rage. There are tons of people out there that don’t do anything and are victims of road rage. There is only one person to blame here and it’s the man that shot a gun. It doesn’t matter what the other person ddid, if they did anything at all. Nothing is a rgight to pull gun on another human and open fire…unless you are fending for your life.

    • mel

      USUALLY is the key word here. At 9 months pregnant, while driving extremely cautiously/courteously because of my new maternal paranoia, (and having worked in traffic police dispatch, having read the traffic statutes for “fun”, and knowing how quickly things can escalate) I evidently slighted some guy at a roundabout. I did absolutely nothing to provoke him, especially after it was clear he was upset – he then went 15 mph down the street and I still stayed 5+ car lengths behind to avoid confrontation. Finally he put on his turn signal to go right and pulled into the turn lane, but when I continued on the main road, he rode alongside until there were parked cars in his lane, all the while screaming “YOU’RE A F***ING IDIOT” repeatedly. I was absolutely terrified since this was only a couple blocks from home and I’d undoubtedly see him again. (Being 9 months pregnant in a full upper-body support brace and barely able to walk didn’t help either.)

      Assumptions about what happened before an investigation are complete do absolutely nothing to help. And even if these parents did something to provoke the other driver, it doesn’t excuse having a gun displayed, much less having their child SHOT.

  • The Decider

    I hope the baby makes it. Editors note says baby is in critical condition. The innocent always get the short end of the stick. Makes me sick.

  • Mr. Solution

    Drive carefully always~ It will save your life and your children’s lives some day~

    If some immature/crazy/stupid driver is pi$$ed off at your driving, don’t react. Don’t provoke them further. Don’t even look at them. Just ignore them continuously and keep your eyes on the road.

  • Kaden's Family

    Another senseless shooting. Prayers going out to the baby and her family. We know the feeing all to well. We are laying Kaden Lum who was brutally murdered almost 3 weeks ago to rest this Saturday.

  • Wallus

    Keep deluding yourselves that more guns make us safer. The number of U.S. households having guns has gone down to historic lows but the number of gun sales has gone up. Domestic violence, suicide, road rage, stolen guns making their way into crime, etc. No wonder the medical profession is starting to treat it like a public health issue; This little girl getting shot cannot be justified as collateral damage of our internal arms race.

    • Hello Murica

      Patently false, your post is full of misinformation and lies. Crime continues to drop, despite a huge surge in firearms and ammunition. Bad people and stupid people will always be bad and do stupid things. Blaming an inanimate object for the actions of irresponsible people is a foolish way of looking at the issue. You fail to mention the close to 100,000 defensive uses with a firearm per year that prevents people from becoming another statistic. Oops, I guess that doesn’t fit your narrative, does it?

        • Seattle Liberal

          Citations as to what point? I assume you mean the second sentence — for that, you can easily try google or any number of good search engines. Or do you mean to dispute his third or fourth sentences? On his fifth sentence, there are many studies out there on this, with wildly differing numbers (mostly due to significant differences in how they get their data). Some indicate many more than 100,000 per year (some in the millions), others point to differing numbers. But they all note that the number is significant by any measure. A study published in 2013 by the Violence Policy Center, using five years of nationwide statistics (2007-2011) compiled by the federal Bureau of Justice has found that defensive gun uses (DGU) occur at an average of 67,740 times per year. And remember — if it will save just one life, then it’s worth it, right?
          But I suspect that your sarcastic comment wasn’t really because you wanted to know The Truth, or even because you’re too danged lazy or research-ability-impaired to do a quick google yourself.

  • latinagurl

    this is so sad I hope they find the fuckers who did this put there asses to justice especially for hurting that precious baby this makes me very mad and sad at the same time it hurts to much I have a baby boy almost 4 months I cant imagine my baby going through that its despicable and cruel I hope they have to pay for what they did to that poor baby my prayers are with the baby and her family

  • Alex

    The problem is rooted deeper than that. The fact that we call it road rage, and give a cutesy name to everything just promotes it. Call it hat it is. Attempted murder. If I pull a gun on you and fire with malicious intent, I am attempting to kill you. But it isnt anyone’s fault here. Just the road. I guess. When is anerica going to grow up and start taking (and expecting people to take) responsibility for their actions?

  • noname

    Oh how I pray that someone that knows the suspect speaks up, or they give themselves up.. that was the innocent. I don’t know the family but I have a one year old and I pray and cried that she’ll be ok miraculously.. Oh how I hope and pray..please pray for her

  • Jen V

    Washington has some of the most agressive and obnoxious drivers anywhere I have driven. Having lived and driven in California, Pennsylvania, D.C., Florida, NYC, and Washington, Washington has by far pee capita the worst drivers I have encountered. What that leads to is road rage. Please people! Stop driving to slow or to fast or failing to signal or driving to close to other cars or cutting people off. Show some courtesy and it will go a long way. Also if you’re lost or just really slow, safely and legally pull to the side of the road or slower lane and allow faster drivers to pass and fast drivers need to quit being so agressive.
    On this tragedy, I hope she will be ok and they catch the shooter.

    • Hello Murica

      I agree. This state is rife with clueless drivers. Idiots who ride in the “fast” lane and go under the speed limit. People who merge and don’t even look when they merge, causing others to slam on their brakes. People who tailgate in the slow lane, despite traffic going the speed limit. Others who think they’re playing a video game, and cut through traffic, risking hitting other people as they recklessly change lanes. It’s absurd. It doesn’t justify people participating in road rage, but I sure can understand why people get angry.

  • Derek

    The parents should drive more carefully when a child is with them.
    For someone to shoot at you means you really pissed them off.
    Remember idiots have guns ie people with small dingalings.
    I drive safe when my seven year old is with me when he is not i drive like a BMW driver due to I drive a BMW and you poor people need to get out of my way.

    • Darren

      man.. parents drive safer… the fucker with a gun… should not of open fired.. on a fuckin car with people in it… people make me sick …. 99% of people are fuckin idiots

    • Kutz

      Are you f’ing serious? Two pieces of garbage shoot up a car and it’s the victims that should have acted differently? How about don’t fucking shoot people just because they piss you off?

      • Seattle Liberal

        Kutz — your comment assumes that the people in the front seat were innocent angels, perhaps on their way home from choir practice and that the shooters were acting solely in blind rage. The police have now backed off the “road rage” baloney. Did the baby get caught in the way of an attempted hit on mom and/or dad? If so, then do they share blame with the shooters, for putting their baby in harm’s way?

  • Seattle Liberal

    OK — who really believes it was “road rage” and not a gang hit? Both driver and passenger fired on the vehicle, put more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese. Tell us a little about the two people in the front seat, then maybe we’ll have a better idea why the shooters shot.

    • Seattle Liberal

      Interestingly, I see that the police are now backing off the “road rage” baloney. So why were all of the commenters above so quick to just buy that flimsy story hook, line and sinker?

      • Jen V

        Even if the shooting wasn’t road rage related, Washington has an epidemic of road rage caused by another epidemic in Washington known as bad, rude, and agressive drivers. So commenting about it is relevant because it’s A: true that road rage here is a real problem B: the story was originally reported as a road rage incident and C: since we don’t yet know all the facts, road rage is a logical
        and common occurrence that fits what we know thus far.

  • Coral

    My thoughts and prayer go out to the little girl and her family, I sincerely pray she recovers from such a senseless act that could of taken the lives of all three.

    • sara

      Bad people will always get guns. Ohh did you say regulate alcohol? Pot? Ohh yeah we know that worked well from history right! Guns don’t kill people the people aiming to kill people do. So should we regulate all rope in the world? People use that to kill other people too. No bottom line is if they thought they could have a gun pulled on them they probably would not have done what they did. If their life could be placed in jeopardy people tend to stop and think more. Everyone should carry and know how to use a gun. People like you are very frustrating. You want to regulate everything and just call back on the.. Well it was illeagle to have that gun but did it change they outcome? Want to know what will change the outcome. Evryone has one and know how to use them and feels confident with a gun to protect themselves and their families. The only way to change an outcome is to first empower the people with knowledge and skill. Stop spending money on regulating and start spending money on family values.
      Everyone looks over the fact that some person just friggin shot a little kid in the head and probably doesn’t give a rats butt about it. Ohh it was the guns fault. I hope that makes you feel better blaming the gun because it doesn’t make me.

      • heck yeah murica

        Everyone needs a gun. Because that obviously worked out well in the Old West.
        Fact is, an infant was shot in the head. Let me say that again. AN. INFANT. WAS. SHOT. IN. THE. HEAD.
        Now… road rage, feud, political disagreement, f***ing knee to the balls, whatever the circumstance… none of this justifies a child being shot in the head. The ONLY PERSON to blame for shooting the child is (pay attention, this is important) THE PERSON THAT SHOT THE CHILD. Maybe if he’d been carrying a rope as you’ve suggested instead of a gun, the baby wouldn’t have been SHOT IN THE HEAD. We are a first world nation. Time to act like it.

  • NinaFWhitake

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