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Auto shop owner offers discounts to customers with guns, won’t do business with ‘openly gay persons’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRANDVILLE, Michigan — The owner of a Michigan auto shop has declared on the shop’s Facebook page that he will give discounts to customers who bring in their guns, but that he won’t do business with ‘openly gay persons or persons.’

FOX17 News reported that owner Brian Klawiter posted the statement on the Dieseltec Facebook page earlier this week.

“Guns ARE allowed at DIESELTEC, so much so in fact that we will offer a discount if you bring in your gun,” wrote Klawiter.

But then he wrote that he was a Christian and that he runs his company in a way that reflects that.

Dishonesty, thievery, immoral behavior, etc. will not be welcomed at MY place of business. (I would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons. Homosexuality is wrong, period. If you want to argue this fact with me then I will put your vehicle together with all bolts and no nuts and you can see how that works.)

The post has attracted thousands of comments, including many who are outraged at Klawiter’s words.

“The true bible doesn't say homosexuality is wrong,” wrote Stephen Jeffcoat. “Denying gay people is a huge sin to Christianity so you honestly aren't Christian.”

“I will pray for you,” wrote Jamie Goldsmith. “You claim Christianity, but the Good book says love thy neighbor.”

Dieseltec is located in Grandville Michigan.

A new post appeared on the auto shop's Facebook page Thursday indicating the business had received threats since the original post went up.

Listen up folks, If you have an opposing view to mine that IS OK, what is NOT OK is threats to kill me, my family, and friends; threats to burn down my shop and my home. I will stand firm on my views and will not back down.

Klawiter also tried to refute claims that he made the posting just for publicity and to raise money.  A Pizza shop in Indiana raised nearly $1-million dollars several weeks ago after declaring it would refuse service to gay customers.

“I also am not asking for anyone to do the gofundme postings,” wrote Klawiter. “We are a successful business and are blessed to be able to feed our families. If there is any money raised it will be redistributed to people with greater needs than ours.”

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    • tootietuttle

      it depends on whether the liberals will gang together and force him to love all people by threatening to kill him or his business…

        • tootietuttle

          Has he broken any laws? By the way, have they charged anyone threatening the pizza shop owners in Indiana? Are they even investigating the threats?…laws have been broken, but I guess that is not in the interest of liberal justices, lawmakers, and media who need to be politically correct.

        • Paul

          Michigan has no law to force Christians to go against their beliefs. Sodomites preach for tolerance and acceptance, but have no tolerance for Christians and their beliefs. News flash; Tolerance is a two way street, you have to give tolerance to get tolerance. Threatening some body’s life is a crime regardless if someone is a sodomite or not.

          • Chris Vogel

            Since when have Christians ever been tolerant? Since modern secular governments have prevented your traditional responses to difference (torture and mass murder), you have had to confine yourselves to advocating censorship, firing of educators and public servants, continued criminalization of homosexuality, no limit on discrimination in employment, housing and everything else, no legal recognition for relationships, and every other (characteristically) vicious thing you can think of. You will get tolerance when, if ever, you practice it yourselves. Not likely, is it?

  • Dee

    So he basically just admitted that if a gay/lesbian came to his shop he would intentionally rig their vehicle to make it unsafe and potentially injury them? What a jerk.

    • VoiceOfReason

      I think he was trying to make a point which I thought was a brilliant analogy. Personally I don’t have a problem with gay folks. I have a number of fiends that are wonderful people. I do think he should be able to choose whomever he wants. If he can afford to eliminate a segment of the population from his customer base, go for it. I can also choose not to frequent it if I disagree. Death threats for your opinion, that’s pathetic .

  • Lawrence

    First off he did not say he was going to do harm. He did say he would not service them.
    Secondly pay attention to the wording and it’s context.
    Homosexuality is wrong, period. If you want to argue this fact with me then I will put your vehicle together with all bolts and no nuts and you can see how that works.)
    He said it that way to make a point about you need a bolt and a nut to do the job correctly and would be the same as sayig two nuts don’t make a baby.
    Asp ertaining to the bible and scriptures pertaining to homosexuality. I condemns it as a sin and an abomination.
    Lev. 18:22, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”1
    Lev. 20:13, “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them.”
    1 Cor. 6:9-10, “Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”
    Rom. 1:26-28, “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27 and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. 28 And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper.”
    Homosexuality is clearly condemned in the Bible. It undermines God’s created order where He made Adam and Eve, a man and a woman, to carry out his command to fill and subdue the earth (Gen. 1:28). Homosexuality cannot carry out that mandate. In addition, it undermines the basic family unit of husband and wife which is the God-ordained means of procreation. And, believe it or not, it is also dangerous to society.
    Unlike other sins, homosexuality has a heavy judgment administered by God Himself upon those who commit it and support it. This judgment is that those who practice it are given over to their passions and believe its lie, which means that their hearts are allowed to be hardened by their sins.
    “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27 and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error,” (Romans 1:26-27).
    As a result, they can no longer see the error of what they are doing, will not seek forgiveness, and will not repent. They will die in their sins and face God’s righteous condemnation.
    But their rebellion against God does not stop there. Those thus judged also promote it and condemn others who don’t approve of their behavior.
    “…and, although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them,” (Rom. 1:32).
    So, in their “hearty approval” of homosexuality, they encourage others to accept their practice; and thus their sin spreads. In this, they will reject the ways of God and stand in opposition to Christ’s redemptive work on the cross. Without Jesus, they will have no forgiveness. Without forgiveness, they will have no salvation. Without salvation, there is only damnation in eternal Hell.
    As for discrimination we do that every day in every choice we make.

    • "peety"

      where did Jesus say you cannot do business with this one cherry picked type of sinner? And, how many marriages is this hypocrite on? Does he fix cars for adulterers?

      8 Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. 9 I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.” Mathew 19

  • Chris Vogel

    This, and all of those that follow, cannot be a surprise to anyone. Firstly, it is exactly what is intended by all of the moronic “Religious Freedom Restoration Acts” that over 20 states have passed. Secondly, it is further evidence, if it were needed, as to what Christians are really like.

    • "peety"

      They are NOT Christians, they are hypocrites hiding behind the bible to mask their hatred and bigotry. Jesus would never and never as we know, suggest a business discriminate against one type of sinner and ignore the rest of sinners.

      Most of the Religions freedom acts of other states have restrictions for gay and lesbians. Indiana’s law did not, In fact the Governor made sure it was not included. He was also told my over 40 lawyers that what he was doing was wrong and against the Constitution. He did it anyways.

      • chrisgeraldvogel

        In fact, none of the RFRAs made any specific reference to gays and lesbians, although Indiana was obliged, by the backlash they caused, to enact amendments to provide some human rights protection. All of the RFRAs allow discrimination against anyone in anything (employment, rental housing, business services, etc.) if the person doing it claimed a “sincerely held religious belief” or ‘firmly held conviction”. Prior to that amendment, Indiana, like almost all of the other states with RFRAs did not prohibit discrimination against homosexuals, so that was legal anyway. RFRAs extend that allowance to everyone, against anyone. All very Christian.

  • jason

    I’m christian and opposed to the same things but not fixing a car for gay’s is ridiculous, they exist whether anyone agrees with it or not. Unless it infringes on religious freedom and existence doesn’t. Love your neighbor.

  • dg54321

    Think this guy’s head would explode if there were a gay, gun toting customer to enter his shop. He wouldn’t know which direction to go with it.

    That said, this is clearly a pretty bigoted stance to take, unlike the other situations that have been misconstrued and blown out of proportion by the MSM. But like it or not, freedom means people like this have the right to say what they want and out themselves if they choose. You have the same right you’ve always had; patronize the business or don’t. Something tells me he won’t have nearly as many customers now.

  • Jodi

    We are a free country, and his freedom of speech shouldnt be persecuted. Persecutions for ones beliefs has been done people. Look how “well” that went. Lets move on.

  • Lindern

    Why do people make the plunge into hatred and sexism, when someone says they do not agree with homosexuality. I absolutely do not hate anyone. Not even my former husband who deserved that and more. I do not agree with the practice of homosexuality. It does not mean i hate someone who is homosexual. BIG difference. I do not agree with a husband who commits adultery, molestation of a child, rape, and other sins. It does not mean I am against the person….just the sin. And yes, I am a sinful person, we all are. I don’t expect people to hate me because of it. It seems to me there is more hatred in the homosexual community, than in the heterosexual, since they are beating everyone over the head with a big stick and making threatening remarks and trying to destroy peoples businesses. Stop it! Love your neighbor. Just not in a sinful way.

  • Juan Mena

    The bible condems favoritism ( AKA discrimination) in James 2:9 and about homosexuality in the bible its in 1 Corinthians 6:9: “…Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men”.

    Still no one has the right to refuse service to anybody because it is not our place to judge :Mathew 7:1.


    everyones a hater and a bigot if we dont agree with homosexuality….who gives a shit!!!! nice to see normal people standing up for whats right!!

    • Juan Mena

      It is in most states. You can carry anything and walk down the street and stores as long it is not in a “threatning manner”.

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