Marchers in Seattle join nationwide police brutality protest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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SEATTLE -- Dozens of people took to the streets of Seattle to protest what they call an epidemic of police brutality.

Many of them are still downtown as of Tuesday afternoon, blocking traffic at Seattle police headquarters at 5th and Cherry.

This is part of a nationwide day of protest with similar demonstrations in New York, Los Angeles, Oakland and Ferguson, Missouri.

Students walked out of Seattle Central Community College and walked down to Westlake Park where the crowd blocked traffic for more than an hour.

The protesters are outraged about the police shooting in South Carolina where an officer was caught on camera shooting a man in the back.

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  • Judge Dredd

    Don’t run, don’t fight police, don’t resist arrest. Do follow police officers command, and you won’t become a victim of police brutality.

    • JGalt

      Judge Dredd is right. And I will add this: While I have compassion for the real victims and their families (unfortunate for the Ferguson punk, but he was just stupid), and I think much needs to be done in terms of training officers to show more restraint and better judgement when using their weapons, why do protesters think the best way to address these issues is by inflicting traffic delays and otherwise disrupting the lives of innocent citizens?

  • A Greedy Lawyer

    Never provoke a police officer physically. But do provoke them emotionally. If they lose their self-control and beat da sh** out of you, you’ll become a millionaire very fast. Many African-American people got rich by that way. Hey, hey, don’t thank me for the advice. Thank them!


      By the same token, a police officer must never lose their cool under any circumstances. Otherwise, your fists of fury will cost tax payers the heaven and earth!!!


        And also, never shoot an unarmed man in the back if he’s simply running away and not being a danger to the public.

      • PositiveLife

        Police are humans to and do lose their cool. They deal with idiots none stop. A few are going to make really bad decisions from time to time. No this guy should not have been shot in the back. But his dumbass shouldn’t have been running either. If he would have done what the cop told him to do he would still be alive. Even if you think the cop is wrong, always do what they say. Let lawyers and a judge sort it out later. People act like it’s easy work being a cop. How many cops get killed while on duty? A bunch. So can you really blame them for shooting sometimes when maybe they shouldn’t? Most of them have families they go home to everyday. And because of punk kids like Michael Brown and other punk kids and stupid people cops have to fear for their own safety and lives. Not saying this cop was right because he wasn’t, but people need to get off the police brutality crap. I don’t see anyone marching and protesting dumb punks brutality when someone kills a cop. Most the people protesting are uneducated idiots who really know none of the facts about the event that happened that they are protesting.

        In the end it all comes down to do what the police say and you won’t end up dead. Act stupid and disobey and you are risking your own life.

  • "peety"

    while many disagree with their chant that there is a Michael Brown in every city, they cannot deny that there is an Officer Wilson in every town.

  • Sons of Cypherin

    If it wasn’t for the thug life culture created in the early eighties an dopes still going around gangsta this and gangsta that, law enforcement wouldn’t be the way it is now.

  • sandy

    These protesters are so Gullible it’s pathetic. Sad to see. But, they represent the “new America” – an America that is Darker, Fatter, Lazier, and Dumber than the old America.

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