Deputies: Man looking at his phone caused crash that killed 1, injured 2 others

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENT — A 25-year-old Federal Way woman was killed and two others were seriously injured Monday night in a two-car, head-on collision that the King County sheriff’s deputies say was caused by distracted driving.

The accident occurred in the 20200 block of 148th Avenue SE in Kent just before 8 p.m., the King County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to deputies, a Ford sedan crossed the center line and collided with a Honda Civic coming in the opposite direction. It is believed the driver of the Ford looked down at his phone as his vehicle drifted into oncoming traffic.

The female driver of the Honda died on the scene. She was identified Tuesday as Sherri White, 25, of Federal Way.

Two other passengers were transported to Harborview Medical Center with serious injuries.

The driver of the Ford, who deputies say took his eyes off the road to look down at his phone, had no reported injury. King county Sherrif’s Office Major Accident Response and Reconstruction Detectives are investigating the crash. No arrest has been made at this time.

The sherrif’s office said the crash is a sad reminder of how distracted driving is dangerous.

“No text message, phone call, or social media update is wroth the damage done by taking your eyes off the road,” deputies said.



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    • VoiceOfReason

      Definitely an idiotic thing to do but his might be a little harsh. If it was me I ‘d rather be shot than deal with the knowledge I’d taken a life. This is a good reminder for all of us. Whether its cell phones, kids in the back seat, the radio, my hunch is we’re all guilty of this to some extent.

  • Kit

    We see the foolish texters weaving on freeways and the floating bridges everyday. When I am driving, I ignore the phone until I am parked at my destination. You stupid people and your phones, you’re not so important that you have to be texting every minute of the day. You are ignorant careless drivers! This dumb ass should be in prison.

  • Magnus

    But we have a law against texting and driving… Why didn’t that stop this senseless tragedy? Oh right, only if people choose to follow it is it effective or if it is forced down their throats. “law breakers” can still get around it. Just like any other law out there.

    Senseless tragedy. The kid should be booked for vehicular manslaughter and serve some sort of punishment on top of the knowledge that his poor choice ended the life of someone and changed it dramatically for others. Jail time, hard labor, something. Otherwise nothing will change.

  • Vicki

    This is a horrible tragedy, but not one of you can say that you have not been guilty of being distracted while driving. Whether it is from your phone, kids, music , eating, drinking.
    This person will have to live with knowing that he killed someone because of a mistake. There is no reason that we should be chastising this person. Trust me he will be beating himself up for a lifetime.

  • A good driver - no ticket, no accident for the last 20 years.

    I’ve called 911 probably thousand times and reported many dangerous texting drivers and reckless drivers. Guess what! Each time, no police showed up within reasonable amount of time!! So I stopped calling in. Even if I see a reckless driver endangering everyone on the road, I never call. I know it’s a big waste of time and breath.

  • ShadowWalker59

    They just never learn, do they! All the facts staring them in the face, it’s in the news, magazines, papers, on your phones, on your tablets, it’s everywhere but in their minds. They think they’re invincible, well, here’s more proof, that It CAN, happen to you, and the only ones I feel for, are the ones they kill or maim. If they die, then so be it, it’s their choosing, but I hate it when they take someone else with them or they kill another and get out of it alive!

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