Armored car spills thousands on freeway, police ask for money back (VIDEO)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Weatherford, TX  — It was a Friday payday that some folks in Weatherford, Texas will never forget.

“We received a call that people were stopped on the side of the road picking up what appeared to be money on the side of the road. So we sent several units out there,” said Commander Gregory Lance with Weatherford PD.

Police say the door to a Brinks truck traveling to Abilene flew open on I-20, spilling an unknown amount of cah.

“It was blowing across the road so they were following it across the road; it was really a dangerous situation for everybody involved,” Commander Lance said.

Plenty of folks volunteered to pick up all that money littering the busy freeway. One driver took his cell phone out and caught the mad dash in action. Weatherford’s police are asking folks who snatched up the money to hand it back.

NewsFIX CW32 asked, “So, would you give back the money if you found it floating on the freeway?”

“I would return the money because somebody is going to have to pay for it, and its just the right thing to do,” said Weatherford resident Karen Webber.

Rocco Davidson agreed, “I would absolutely return the money. In hind sight you’ve got to have some integrity and conviction.”

Fourteen honest Abes have turned in a more than $48,000.

“It’s still under investigation, so we’re not releasing a lot of the information, but we can tell you that over $48,000 has been returned to the Weatherford Police Department,” Commander Lance said.

While NewsFix doesn’t know how much left there is to get back, Weatherford PD says individuals who don’t return the money could face fines.

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