Mary Kay Letourneau: I want to teach again

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SEATTLE (AP) — The former sixth-grade teacher imprisoned for raping a student she later married wants to teach again.

Mary Kay Letourneau, now 53, and her husband Vili Fualaau, now 31, discussed their lives together with Barbara Walters in an interview airing on ABC News’ “20/20” Friday night.

Letourneau is a former suburban Seattle teacher who gained notoriety in the 1990s when she was convicted of raping the then-12-year-old Fualaau. They later married and have two teenage daughters.

Fualaau told Walters he has battled depression and would be upset if his children had a relationship with someone older, adding “I don’t support younger kids being married or having a relationship with someone older.”

ABC reported ( ) Letourneau is working as a legal assistant. She is trying to get her name removed from the sex-offender registry and wants to return to teaching.

Letourneau and her husband were interviewed in advance of their upcoming 10th wedding anniversary on May 20.


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      • ditchdigger

        Parents of all kids, boys included, need to be on this. Talk to your kids, teenagers are easily manipulated by teachers, other people of “authority” Most are honest, dedicated educators, like cops. Some are not. Parents, taxpayers need to run things. Scum floats to the top.

  • sheila

    I watched this last night and I don’t think they are a happily married couple! She criticized him and he looked like he didn’t want to be there. Barbara Walters even commented that they never mentioned they loved each other. They really only did the interview for the money.

    • ditchdigger

      Remember when Barbra did boy Geo, what ever it’s name was, thought she was going to crawl under the table live TV, sick puppies. Strange. Hollywood, Werd culture.

  • Debra

    Grant you………her decision making skills SUCKED back then and she should NEVER be allowed to teach again because she betrayed the trust. With that being said……………..They’re still together. 22 yrs age difference. IF, this situation was reversed society would expect it better. Why the double standard???

  • Frank D.

    She will never teach again….she is a reregistered sexual offender. I bet in 10 years they will have gone their own ways. There is too much of an age difference.

  • The Decider

    So freaking creepy… Anyone who finds children attractive… Just wrong. Gives me the shivers. Creepy. Wrong. Gross. Chimo status for sure. She should be permanently on the sex offender list. Just like anyone else who touches a child, I believe facing a firing squad is fair punishment.

  • wowjustwow

    Ya, with villi’s career highlight “being a DJ”, I can imagine she probably has to go back to work. The 750 grand they got for the first interview is probably gone and the “Hot for Teacher” tavern gigs probably didn’t amount to much.

    • ditchdigger

      Kids stink, putting morality, culture aside. These people are crosswired. Most cultures that abuse kids, it is dominance, control, like their wifes, daughters. Live with dogs, cattle, they do the same thing. Not sex, dominance, control, abuse. This was a female, predators come in both sexes, females do the most hunting, males are lazy, just reap the bounty.

  • Sara

    Sickening! I can’t believe anyone would use her as a tutor! She shouldn’t be allowed access at all and shame on those parents that give her $ for piano lessons/ect. Sad that molesting a 12 year old made them big money and probably more on the way. Good honest people can’t afford waterfront Tacoma houses but this monster can. Totally disgusting. Male or female child predators should be prosecuted harshly and shunned by society as dangerous. They are usually grooming another victim asap anyway…

    • Commonsense

      Agreed!!! Adults are the protector of children! We mature adults keeps our and all children safe, warm, and fed!!! It is our responsibility! It is our duty!

  • Jessica sontay

    Shes digusting and She is a pedophile. A rapist if there is any justice in this world dont let that child rapist teach again

    • Commonsense

      If there would be a time to protest and even riot, letting such people teach again would definitely be a time for me to go out and protest! That would be the end of right and wrong for sure! Lawlessness!

      • ditchdigger

        How about singling out the POS that is responsible, trying him/her, under the law, by jury. Then punishment. Up to a jury. Commonsense, hope you jest. Why riot, conviction, then hang them. Save the infrastructure.

      • ditchdigger

        Riot and protest. A teacher banging a student in Ca. schools. News? How about students banging HS teacher, goats, horses, condors, it’s Ca. You think any one cares. I am a native Californian. Fire on my pod.

  • Mynah Byrd

    Are you kidding me? She wants to rape I mean teach again? Seattle wake the hell up and stop this liberal bullshit from happening. All you guys up there are following the path of the Romans-

  • Ellie

    Hm … I don’t think she needs to go back to teaching . She needs a job like the one she had now where there’s no interaction with children . Now that she’s divorcing her husband she may try again to start a new relation with another young man. I wish she just fade into the horizon and keeps quiet about her immoral behavior with a young man. I bet his depression is mainly due to his introduction to sex with her . What a disgusting individual this woman is and no she should not be allowed to teach or be on a school setting !😡

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