UPDATE: Officer recorded in heated exchange with 3 during traffic stop resigns

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENNEWICK, Wash. (AP) — A Kennewick police officer recorded on video in a heated verbal exchange with three people during a traffic stop has resigned.

The Tri-City Herald reports (http://is.gd/pMnoAw ) police said Tuesday that officer Glenn Ball submitted his retirement notice to Chief Ken Hohenberg because of the incident in late March. The resignation is effective immediately.

A police statement says “Ball recognizes his conduct was not consistent with the core values of the Kennewick Police Department.”

He served 30 years as an officer, including 21 years in Kennewick and nine years as an Adams County deputy.

Ball is heard saying on the nighttime video that there are expectations of so many arrests or tickets a month. He asks the group, “So would you like to be part of my quota tonight?”

Kennewick Sgt. Ken Lattin said earlier that officers are not expected to make a certain number of arrests or issue a certain number of tickets a month.

Editor’s note: The video contains language that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

The nighttime video was taken by the younger brother of 20-year-old Omar Abarca, who along with a cousin was stopped March 31.

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  • The World is Ending

    Kennewick Sgt. Ken Lattin says officers are not expected to make a certain number of arrests or issue a certain number of tickets a month…..yea right…

  • IP: 174.34.753

    Yeah this 21 damn year veteran of the police force doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Just what has he been doing all these years, boinking spiders?

  • 25 Year Resident of Kennnewick

    Couple of thoughts, first this recording is probably illegal because of the audio recording, secondly, I’ve had run ins with Officer Ball and he has ALWAYS been an arrogant jerk.

  • so get ya some of that

    If I understand this correctly, they were let go with out even being cited. Guess what kids you won’t be so lucky next time, LOL.

  • tootietuttle

    he makes a hundred grand??? no degree, no class, and he makes a hundred grand??? Fire him quickly and get on with it. Great to work in government…a hundred grand, huh?

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