Is this offensive? DMV revoking man’s license plate after finding ‘hidden’ message

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Credit: KPRC

HOUSTON – He's had it for three years. Now, a Texas driver is being told to hand over his license plate, or it will be suspended.  The state has deemed the plate unacceptable.

There are more than 120,000 personalized license plates available in Texas. Safeer Hasaan has had one on his Lamborghini for the last three years, according to KPRC.  It reads, "370Hh55V."

The problem is the state says this puzzling alpha-numeric jumble is no longer acceptable. They told him, "It has been determined that the personalization is offensive."

Haven't figured it out why this plate could be considered offensive? How about when we flip it over?  You're now looking at a blurred out cuss word, and it took the state some time to reach the conclusion.

Here's the rule for revocation:  "Would it invoke a response from other drivers that would be driving past that vehicle."

Hasaan argues his plate doesn't meet that standard, saying "I definitely think the state is overreaching their boundaries."

Hassan said he is strongly considering appealing the state's decision.

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  • dg54321

    Yeah, I’m sure that was just a coincidence on your custom license plate. Free speech and all, but I fail to feel sympathy for this “370H55V”.

    • 12345GD

      He’s not talking about free speech at all, he’s talking about the state standard of evoking a response. Nice work understanding the article.

      • Jim E Rotten


        So is this the KOMO Troll now on Q13 to pester people, or calapete? Same person by chance?

        Go ahead and laugh/smile at the fact I sent you a response, because it’s clear you have a sad life if you have nothing better to do than bug people the way you do—you need the laugh.

  • Shelly420

    That is really stupid. 99.9% of the people driving by wouldn’t have a clue, and the .01 that could would probably thinks it’s funny because they got the joke. He should be able to keep the plates, this is ridiculous.

  • Glen

    There is nothing wrong with his plates. The ONLY way you would notice is if you are upside down looking at the plate, or if the car is upside down. Besides, I think it’s funny! Texas, that explains a lot right there.

  • Jim E Rotten

    “Offensive”? No.
    Funny? Yes.
    Worth confiscating? Sure, I could see the Lone Star State’s position here.
    Wonder if WA State would let me have an “455-M4N” plate. (Yes, that’s a Seinfeld reference).

  • Reid

    How much time has the DMV (and effectively tax money) wasted on a license plate… I’m more annoyed the government is blowing money on something so stupid. How about spending your time working on that line that everyone dreads seeing when they come visit you?

  • Been There Seen That

    I was living in the DFW area back in the late 70’s and one day I was driving south on a local street, passed a convertible driven by this really hot blond going north. Her plates read “3-SOME”. I almost did a U-Turn right there!! Now those plates had to be reviewed and approved first by someone with DMV. And yet somehow they were approved and she had ’em on her car. I’m sure it probably didn’t hurt none that she was young (I’m guessing early to mid 20’s), blond and hot. If she had been old and ugly the plates probably would have been denied. Sexist anyone? Maybe this is the same thing. Since he’s not young, buff and hot the state has revoked the plate.

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