‘I was stupid:’ Soccer star Kasey Keller jokes on why he became a goalkeeper (VIDEO)

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SEATTLE -- Former U.S. Men's National Team goalkeeper and Sounders FC star Kasey Keller jokes it was "pure stupidity" that brought him to the most harrowed position in the game.

"I really didn't realize what a horrible position it was until it was too late," Keller said, laughing.

Keller, who just Wednesday was elected to the National Soccer hall of Fame, stood atop the Space Needle with Q13 FOX's Michelle Ludtka for an exclusive one-on-one interview detailing his career, his favorite saves, his life abroad and what he thinks the future of soccer in the U.S. will be.

Part I of the interview will air at 9:45 p.m. Friday.

Of course, Keller says he mostly loved his position in front the net, and originally gravitated to it because he was a stand-out.

"I enjoy it," Keller says. "And success helps breed enjoyment. I was good at it."

Good, indeed. Keller, a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee, is one of the most successful and experienced goalkeepers in U.S. Soccer history. He enters the Hall of Fame following a 19-year international career, having played 102 games for the United States between 1990 and 2007. He played for various European clubs throughout his career, including the Tottenham Hotspur, before joining the Sounders FC in 2009, where he played until his retirement in 2011.

Watch the video above for more on Keller's thoughts on why he became a goalkeeper, and tune in Friday for more from his exclusive one-on-one interview.

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