4-year-old Lacey boy returns home after vicious attack by pet: ‘He’s not scared of dogs, but leery…’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WARNING: Boy suffered serious facial wounds that some may find disturbing in video:

LACEY, Wash. -- It’s been just over a week since he was attacked by his pet dog, and now 4-year old Gavin Evans is back home from the hospital.

Gavin suffers from a broken jaw and missing teeth, but his mother, Alissa, said he hasn't skipped a beat since returning to his Lacey home. He's already running around and playing with friends.

Gavin and his family had their pit bull, "Smash", about two weeks when the dog attacked him in their backyard and ripped at his nose and face.

Smash is now in his final days of quarantine, and is expected to be euthanized sometime next week.

While Gavin's physical wounds are expected to heal, Alissa said she is worried about the emotional ones.

“He’s not scared of dogs, but he’s still leery of them, not like he was,” said Alissa Evans. “If he hears a dog barking, you have to say it’s a small dog. He only likes small dogs.”

Evans is trying to raise funds to get Gavin new teeth. She said that won’t be covered under insurance because it would be a cosmetic procedure. Here's the link if you'd like to donate:


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  • pamela

    First of all SHAME on q 13. Find out what “organization” this family adopted the dog from. If they (the “rescue”) did NOT properly test this dog it is there fault, especially if they call themselves a “no kill”. If there is any bite history with any dog what so ever, should be euthanized. Was it fixed? Was this dog properly tested for children. People always want a pit bull cause it is cool.

    Why was the mother NOT watching her child play with this dog??? No child of this age should be left alone with any dog. It just happened to be a pit bull. SO why did she want a pit bull??

    • Jerry L. Gelder

      Pamela if you had watched the story when this first happened you would know they got it off of craigslist. They didn’t get a from a shelter. Maybe she wanted a pit bull because they are just like any other dog. I agree she didn’t do her research in how the dog behaved. Also, I put more blame on the person who sold them the dog in not training it well.

      • Alissa

        If you would have watched the second story where they got the facts straight you would know what you are talking about..he wasn’t off CL..he wasn’t from an agency and he was raised with kids so I did my research he was fixed I know what I’m doing ANY dog at ANY time can turn..

        • Kris King

          I am so sorry this happened to you and your son. It must have been terrifying.
          Please don’t ever take a chance with a bully breed again. There is so much false information about these dogs, and it is getting children maimed or killed. I rescued 751 dogs, including members of the bully breeds for a short, miserable time. These dogs were never meant to be pets. They were created for bloodsports. They are different. Your comment about Smashed’s eyes “changing” made my blood run cold, as I have seen that happen in both pit bulls and American Bulldogs. Thankfully, you listened to your gut and reacted quickly. Best wishes for you and your son.

        • lee77

          @Alissa: Yes, “any dog at any time can turn,” but when a spaniel, collie, pointer, etc. turns, 99.99 percent of the time, nothing more than minor first aid is required to treat the “nip.” When a pit bull turns, people (especially children and the elderly) usually end up badly injured or DEAD! No, Alissa, you do NOT know what you’re doing because if you did, you would NEVER have adopted a pit bull and you would not allow a dog in the house where there are young children! What you did is unforgivable and your son will suffer the consequences for the remainder of his life!

      • lee77

        @Alissa: You have a very sarcastic attitude in light of what happened. The more of your comments I read, the better I understand why you had no better sense than to adopt a pit bull and expose your children to a dog bred solely for the purpose of fighting other dogs in a bloodsport. Your know-it-all attitude where dogs are concerned has left your child injured and scarred for life! But instead of feeling remorse and admitting you were wrong about pit bulls, you’re here arguing with people and defending your indefensible position on an internet message board!

        • Lynn Fredenburgh

          Are you kidding me? Who are you to judge this mom? You weren’t there for the choice of dog or for the dog’s response to her child. Unless you are omniscient you have no clue what happened or why, but you are so anxious to point fingers you end up looking a fool. Do you really think you got all the facts from a few lines in a news story? LOL! You are ridiculous. Take yourself off now and be gone. You have nothing intelligent to contribute, nor do you have any “victim advocacy” to share.

          • lee77

            @Lynn Fredenburgh: This so-called “mom” needs to be judged — and harshly! Pit bull-type dogs have attacked, mutilated and killed more children in the US than all other dog breeds combined and it doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to figure out these frankenmaulers are dangerous. These “facts” and the “fact” this sorry excuse for a mother exposed her toddler to one of these ugly, demon-eyed monsters are the only “facts” I need to judge her. YOU are the one who is “ridiculous” because it is obvious the fact this little boy will go through life carrying the scars of his mother’s negligence doesn’t bother you at all! And if you want me to “be gone,” I suggest you either wave a magic wand or contact FOX 13 and tell the moderators you don’t want me posting here because YOU disagree with my comments!

  • Dean

    Why would you trust any animal? These sweet pups(pit or mastiff) were bred to be monsters…to kill. Having any pit, mastiff, rot, or other big powerful-jawed animal around a child is nothing short of child-endangerment. CPS should be contacted and an incident file should be started.

    • Dugger

      Really? Mastiff? I have a 195# Mastiff that kids love to try and ride every time I go camping. This is my third Mastiff and i raised my kids around them as well. Monsters? Child endangerment? I bet you own a Poodle!

    • Kay

      Your statements bely your ignorance. Pit bulls were NOT bred to kill, they were bred to HOLD onto bulls. Stupid people exploit these dogs by using normally desirable traits : loyalty, strength, a willingness to please their people and twist them into dangerous dogs. Before it was the pit bull, it was the rotties, before that it was the german shepard and before those it was the Doberman that gained bad reputations. Also dogs that were actually bred by dog fighters are bred to be easily handled by people (so they can be broken up) and usually only show dog aggression which was NOT bred in but taught. As evidenced by the Vicktory dogs rescued from bad newz kennels. MOST of the 48 dogs rescued were rehabilitated and went on to live with families, often with other dogs and yes children WITHOUT incident. Some became service dogs, one became a frisbee champion. He competed with other dogs and he didn’t attack anyone.If these were monsters there would not be any bully breed service dogs, K9 units or companions. I have had pit bulls and many other breeds for over 25 years and NEVER once did any of my pits attack or bite anything be it human or animal. Also the “lock jaw” is a myth and Rottwielers have a stronger bite force than any pit bull. As far as saying someone deserves to have their children taken due to the type of dog they wish to have is a very revealing statement about you. I think it makes more sense for CPS to remove children from ignorant folks like yourself since views like yours about breed usually parallel one’s opinion about people and race. Since the media publishes a negative pit bull story for every 10 positive ones they disregard, you probably wouldn’t go out of your way to look them up but in case I am mistaken and you are not ignorant but merely misinformed instead, I challenge you to google “hero pit bull” there you will find dogs that adopt baby animals of different species, service dogs that save their owners’ lives and a whole lot of other pit bulls doing amazing things. Spreading stereotypes actually encourages people to use these dogs for fighting or abuse them and also results in thousand of dogs being killed in shelters. Most of those killed are not actually pit bull (there are 26 breeds’ not to mention mixes the are mistaken for pit bull) and pit bull is actually used more as an umbrella term under which dogs with certain physical characteristics are grouped (blocky head, muscular frame, short coat, etc.) but even the traits they use to identify a dog as such vary from place to place.

      • Stephajnie

        Thank you for posting this pitbuls rotts and other breeds get “picked”on all the darn time. I am tired of seeing it ,it hurts my heart. Pitbulls are a great family dog. Its all about the training and the love. Just like any other dog!

        • Kris King

          It isn’t the fault of shelters that approximately 1 million pits every year are killed.
          The blame rests on the shoulders of pit “advocates”, who foolishly resist Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), which requires mandatory spay and neuter. If it isn’t born, it can’t suffer and die.
          Who do you think is dumping all the pits at shelters? The misguided people who believe the myths that pit advocates spew forth. “It is all in how you raise them.” “Pits were nanny dogs” and “All dogs are alike”. None of those statements are true. Breeds were developed to have specific traits. Pits were NEVER nanny dogs. Historically, pits have mauled and killed more children than all other breeds COMBINED, and by a wide margin. Pits were created to be the ultimate fighting dog. Most pits will end up being dog aggressive, which is what they were bred to be.
          The reason why pits are being dumped at shelters is because the naive owners soon discover that it is NOT “All in how you raise them” when their pit mauls or kills after reaching maturity. You CANNOT ” love” a dog’s instinct out of it.
          The people who are “ignorant” about pit bulls are the ones advocating for them, which is allowing the endless cycle of breeding and killing to continue.

          • Lynn Fredenburgh

            Having rescued and adopted pits and pit mixes for over 30 years I must be terribly ignorant of their “reputation”. Thankfully, with all the dogs, kids and cats that I housed and raised, no one ever got hurt or even threatened. We have always had multiple dogs, multiple kids, multiple animals other than dogs in various stages of healing. The kids were taught to respect the dogs and other animals, and the 4 legged kids knew what was expected of them. The large lab-pit mix I have now rescued a turkey poult for me today after a harrowing escape from its cage. The dog picked it up very gently and handed the bird to me., no harm to the bird. I am not saying the bird would have survived if I were not there directing her, all dogs have a prey drive, but all my dogs have trained up very well. No one has been vicious or even unreasonably stubborn. They have all been loved and loving family pets.
            Alissa, I am sorry for what your son and family have endured.

    • gregk9

      You’re nuts, fella. To think having any ‘powerful-jawed’ animal is some kind of child endangerment is preposterous!! If you’re afraid of dog, by all means, stay away from them but don’t spew this nonsense out here.

  • Stephajnie

    Before you and say “pitbull” do your resurch they had found out it was not a pitbull yes part of the bull bread but not. pitbull. Quit making the genral masses scared of the breed. No one reports the good side of the breed. you all just want to scare everyone into thinking pits are dangerous. They are not. This family only owned this dog for 10 days! It was abused and still let it around a child before they knew for sure how it was going to respond…. The mother also “adopted this dog from craigslist. So Q13 you need to do your homework before you post this to scare the masses.

    • Alissa

      For those of you that believe everything they hear..this is what happened..we were in backyard I was there whole time my kids were never left alone with him..Gavin walked by him coming back in smash nudged him like he wanted to play..i said Gavin come on lets go in the house and smash changed, his eyes changed so I ran over there tried to push Gavin in the house but he didn’t know what was going on..smash wanted Gavin, I put my hand in his mouth trying to push him away and get Gavin in house but smashed knocked me over..i tried kicking that dog in the head to get him to let go..finally after hot coffee was thrown in his face he let go and Gavin was in the house..i DID NOT get him off cl he was raised with kids..i asked a million times he’s good with kids right cuz that’s all I care about..I NEVER left them alone with him..i also said if Gavin wants another dog we will get one..ONLY if and when he wants one..i don’t want him scared of dogs but I understand if he is..judge me all you want but that’s what happened..

    • Alissa

      For those of you that believe everything they hear..this is what really happened..we were in backyard I was there whole time my kids were never left alone with him..Gavin walked by him coming back in smash nudged him like he wanted to play..i said Gavin come on lets go in the house and smash changed, his eyes changed so I ran over there tried to push Gavin in the house but he didn’t know what was going on..smash wanted Gavin, I put my hand in his mouth trying to push him away and get Gavin in house but smashed knocked me over..i tried kicking that dog in the head to get him to let go..finally after hot coffee was thrown in his face he let go and Gavin was in the house..i DID NOT get him off cl he was raised with kids..i asked a million times he’s good with kids right cuz that’s all I care about..I NEVER left them alone with him..i also said if Gavin wants another dog we will get one..ONLY if and when he wants one..i don’t want him scared of dogs but I understand if he is..judge me all you want but that’s what happened..

  • Kay

    Glad this boy is ok. This story angers me because it highlights a few problems.
    1) Most responsible owners wouldn’t give away their pet on craigslist since there are people that comb it for free animals to torture, sell or use as bait for fighting dogs. This dog could have been abused by children. I have a rescued Chihuahua that was choked and thrown against walls by children. Even though he has been rehabilitated, children make him nervous so I pay attention to his body language and help children learn to respect his space and how to be able to interact with him in a way that makes him feel comfortable.
    2) Expert dog handlers will tell you that rarely is a dog unpredictable and a bite is the last resort warning when all other warnings go unheeded. These include: low posture, tucked tail, turning their head away from what is making them uneasy while still looking at it. They may lift a lip, lick their lips or growl. Kids can’t read a dog’s behavior, in fact a lot of people in general don’t know what to look for. Children should never be left unsupervised especially with a dog that is not well known. Kids like to jump on, climb over, pull tails or ears or put their face in the dog’s face. These things can make even the calmest of dogs nervous
    3) When any other type of dog bites the breed doesn’t get mentioned but the moment a pit bull (or mistakenly ID’d as one) is involved, the media latches on and vilifies the entire population. Sadly it seems they ignore the hundreds of positive stories about these dogs. Some are heroes, some are K9 units, some are service dogs. Not long ago a woman was being assaulted and a stray pit bull came to her rescue and chased the man off, while another woke her elderly owners when the house caught on fire and got them out. Baby was not done yet though, she went back in a pulled the family’s other dogs out of the fire as well. Dogs are like people each with their own likes dislikes and temperaments and when a negative story breaks it literally leads to 1000 dogs being killed in a shelter. Most have never done anybody harm at all but since they are branded as monsters they never make it out alive. I have had dogs my whole life, I have known pits that are big babies and golden retrievers that bite and A 180 lb wolf mix that thought he was a lapdog. Each was different in all aspects.
    And finally, this dog is a victim too: He will be killed after a life that possibly showed him no kindness and due to an adult human’s lack of common sense. The family says they will get a new dog but it won’t matter what breed it is because if they don’t learn more about dog behavior in general it could easily result in another bite, another dead dog and the poor child never getting over his fear. I wish this boy a speedy recovery and hope that his family will learn to use better judgment on child/dog interaction.

    • Mary Ford

      Did you even read what the mother said in her post before you posted? Or did you just blame the mother and the child outright without any knowledge. The mother gives a good account of the entire incident right before your post, you should try reading it. It doesn’t sound like the child or the mother did any thing to provoke the dog, in face the mother was taking the child in the house.

  • Carrie Parker King

    Pitt bulls are usually good with kids, do not ever get a dog, especially a powerful dog like this one without knowing it’s history. The boy probably did something the dog was raised to fight. Poor dog, people that do this need to be euthanized

    • lee77

      @Carrie Parker King: “Pit bulls are usually good with kids”?!!! Pit bulls murdered 16 kids last year and left hundreds of others injured and scarred for life. So far this year, pit bulls have already killed three children and not a day passes that we don’t read about a kid somewhere in the US being attacked and seriously injured by a pit bull. If that’s what you call “good with kids,” please tell us what you would consider “bad with kids.” Most of the pit bulls that attack and kill, or injure, children are “family pets,” raised from puppies, that were never abused, neglected or trained to fight and which never exhibited any signs of aggression until the day they decided to attack a child. Pit bulls, like all dogs, are products of their breeding and pit bulls do not have to be “raised to fight.” As far back as 1892, newspapers in the US were printing articles warning people that pit bulls were not safe as pets. Next, you’ll be telling us pit bulls used to be “nanny dogs!”

  • lee77

    This “mother” (and in this case, I use the term loosely) had no better sense than to adopt a pit bull — a dog that is bred specifically for the purpose of fighting other dogs — and now her son has paid the price. And why is she having to “raise funds to get Gavin new teeth”? If she has “funds” enough to feed and maintain a dog, why can’t she take care of her child’s medical bills? This is a case of gross negligence on the part of Gavin’s parents, both of whom should be investigated by child protective services for placing their child in unreasonable and preventable danger.

  • Phantomtoni

    I have been following this story from day one and have commented on the initial stories as well.
    I am a dog lover and judge the dog and not the breed. I wish that more people would do the same and remove their biases and private agendas toward promoting Breed Specific Legislation which many do wherever something happens involving Pitt mixes.
    First and foremost NO AGENCY was involved. First it was reported that smash was optained from Craig’s list , then after a bad public backlash , that story changed to they received Smash from a “friend of a neighbor” . Either way, a shelter behavioral ” safer” test was not administered nor did the family go to TRAINING CLASSES to make sure that Smash understood his place in the pack. They only had him two weeks when this incidence occurred but he was outside and the child was with him???? We do not know what transpired. The mother came over later to break it up and her hand was hurt.
    In some states they have a ” first bite” guideline where the owner is put on notice after a bite. That should it happen again the dog would be put down. I am not sure if that is used here in this state.
    I am saddened and upset for Gavin and all that he had to go through. Life is difficult enough for a child who is sick but for him to experience this injury is so awful because it may have been PREVENTED.

    Please adopt a dog from a reputable shelter or rescue and if you do get one from hmmmmm …a friend … Find out if good with children and have a trainer come to your house or go to TRAINING immediately and never expose young children alone to ANY DOG BREED without supervision. TEACH children how to be gentle and respectful toward dogs.
    I really wish that Cesar Millan could save Smash and take him to his ranch with other dogs because he is a displaced victim in this too. Maybe the news will film his “injury” because it IS LIFE THEATENING.

    • lee77

      @Phantomtoni: A little boy has been seriously injured and will go through life with facial scars because his sorry excuse for a mother had no better sense than to adopt a pit bull, and the only thing you’re concerned about is the “breed.” Furthermore, many pit bulls that have been evaluated by rescues and shelters attack (and sometimes kill) a person shortly after adoption (e.g., 5-year-old Jordan Ryan in Oregon in 2013). Within a period of one month back in 2013, pit bulls that had been behaviorally assessed and deemed “safe” for adoption attacked people in Arkansas, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Last April, an adopted pit bull in Branford, Conn., ran out the door of the delusional man who adopted it and attacked Rita Pepe, an elderly woman out taking a walk, and she died of her injuries the following month. The neutered pit bull, had been advertised as “a friendly dog who loves to play.” After the land shark attacked the woman, Laura Selvaggio Burban, director of Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in Branford, said the pit bull “underwent extensive evaluations by staff, volunteers and trainers. He did not show a propensity of violence towards people. He was well-socialized with different age groups, both men and women.” Anyone who adopts a pit bull from ANY shelter or rescue is placing themselves, friends and family members, and anyone else who comes in contact with their demon dog in danger.

    • lee77

      @Phantomtoni: “Smash” is NOT a “victim” in this, he is a big-headed, hellhole-mouth killer that should be taken out and shot between his ugly little demonic eyes! I cannot believe you would even mention Cesar Milan after the last pit bull he took after it attacked and almost killed a woman in Texas recently attacked and tried to kill another woman in California and Milan is being sued!

  • Phantomtoni

    Lee and other people who would like to shoot Pit Bulls:

    I have no idea how all you got out of my response was that I am worried about the “breed”… The only breed that I am worried about are humans because they keep making decisions without thinking them through logically including writing posts about shooting dogs between their demonic eyes, you are sick!!!
    I am worried about little Gavin … This incident should have never happened, nor do I want another bite to happen . Prevention is important to me. So much that I felt another dog should not be brought into that home without TRAINING!!! In fact, that was the message of my post …. Education n training . And yes, I did mention Cesar Millan as a reputable trainer …for Smash to live at his place as a sanctuary n not be adopted because humans failed him . That last dog you mentioned was released from Cesar’s program prematurely and therefore the buck stopped there and yes Cesar Millan is getting sued. I am sure that you believe everyone who has a lawsuit filed against them is guilty. Please never serve on a jury. Oh that’s right, your form of Justice is a backyard bullet!!!!

    • lee77

      A dog that attacks a human, or even threatens to bite a human, does not deserve to live and if more people resorted to using a “backyard bullet” on problem dogs, there would be a lot less human beings (particularly children) maimed and scarred for life. Until around 25 years ago, serious dog attacks were few and far between in the United States because back then, people didn’t anthropomorphize dogs, kept them outside where they belong, and if one threatened a human, it didn’t live long enough to attack. Cesar Milan defied a court order when he allowed the demon dog he was supposed to “train” to be removed from his facility, which makes him guilty as sin. (BTW, it’s my understanding “Smash” was euthanized Saturday, April 11 and good riddance!) YOU need to get a life that doesn’t revolve around a dog’s rear end!

  • Phantomtoni

    I can see some of the readers on this blog are the type that leave your dogs on a chain outside 24/7 year round and apparently believe in shooting companion animals. I can even fathom such thoughts. It is called animal abuse.
    You are the folks that the HSUS has been trying to educate for years. You are myopic and can’t see past your ” upbringing ” to see around anything!
    You’re right. The subject is dead. I have removed myself from the post.
    Good riddance to you!

    • lee77

      Shooting a dog that attacks a human being or livestock is NOT “animal abuse,” it is a means of ensuring the dog will never attack again. Last year in Texas, an elderly woman was murdered by a pit bull that had attacked a 12-year-old boy a few months earlier. If the child’s father (or some other relative) had shot the demon dog after it attacked the boy, the frail, innocent old lady wouldn’t have been attacked and literally torn to shreds by that monster! You are in dire need of a reality check!

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