Family of 10 killed after dad refuses to let daughter marry

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — A man killed his uncle, aunt and their eight children after the uncle refused to let him marry his daughter, Pakistani police said.

Gul Ahmed Said is accused of shooting and killing the family of 10 in the Charsadda district of northern Pakistan on Sunday, district police Officer Shafiullah Khan said.

The quarrel stemmed from an argument over the amount of gold that would be offered for the daughter’s marriage, Khan said.

The daughter, whom the suspect wanted to marry, was also a cousin of the suspect.

Deputy Police Superintendent Tangi Rashid Marwat said Said apparently killed the family with the help of others.

Authorities are now searching for Said, who is also wanted for the November 2014 killings of his own parents, his brother and his sister-in-law.

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  • Kit

    Yet another reason why the third world will always be way behind western countries. How can the US do business with such a messed-up country? Backward ignorant idiots. Yeah, we’re not perfect either, but some progress has been made.

  • jj

    Who cares what they do in their own lands? Keep them there. Isolate them. Have nothing further to do with them. Alternatives to oil could have been developed long ago if it weren’t for the families here getting wealthy from oil.

    • pantherswin

      Have some compassion for the family of the deceased!!
      This is not a “3rd” world country thing. There are two sicko’s in Carnation, Washington that murdered her parents, brother, sister-in law, and two young children on Christmas Eve 2007… There are sick people everywhere.

  • danish omer zuberi

    The police have arrested the actual killers. They were three brothers of the accused who had mowed down the family because they believed that their brother had killed his parents on instigation of the victims. The actual crime was reported far and wide, but when the killers were caught, it was just a brief news on state owned news agency. CHARSADDHA, April 15 (APP): The district police Wednesday claimed to have unveiled and arrested actual killers of 10 family members in Taj-ud-Din area near here. The District Police Officer (DPO) told media that the nephew of slain Jamal Syed was accused of the killing, however, after forensic and scientific investigation, the police found the three brothers of Jamal Syed as the actual killers of 10 members of the family. He said the three killers, identified as Lal Syed, Muhammad Zaman and Sher Zaman were arrested along with three AK-47 used during the killing, adding that former accused, nephew of Jamal Syed was not involved in the killing incident.APP/adi/absð 18:26/18:48/18:4820150415 : TAG = DEB : IBD No. = 240

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