Dad posts Facebook video with young sons, says they are regularly assaulted by classmates because he is gay

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PUNA, Hawaii —  A dad on Hawaii’s Big Island has taken to YouTube to share the stories of assault he says his young sons suffer on a regular basis at the hands of classmates all because that dad says he is an openly gay man.

In the video Alameda Franklin can be seen talking with his own to sons.  In their own words the boys describe being called names, punched, hit and thrown to the ground.  One son tells Franklin the abuse happens several times per month, while the older son says it is a daily occurrence.

“I was bullied because people would ask me about my father if he was gay and I would say, ‘Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that,'” says one of Franklin’s sons who then describes one such encounter.  “I tried to walk away from this kid.  He jumped on me and he slammed my face to a pole and gave me a black eye.”

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Franklin himself says on the video that he has witnessed some of the abuse and he has asked officials at his children's schools in Hilo to do something to protect them.

The father spoke with Hawaii's KITV over the weekend after the video blew up online, garnering more than 60-thousand views on Facebook and more than 32-thousand on YouTube.

"The school is telling the perpetrators that are doing this to my children that they need to tolerate us, and they're using the word tolerance or tolerate in a way where it's very exclusive," Alameda Franklin said in an interview with KITV4. "So, basically what's being stated is that they're not willing to tell the kids that are doing this to my children, 'Hey, you know what, there's nothing wrong with being gay.'"

KITV reports that Franklin is now considering home schooling both boys to ensure their safety.  He has also launched a GoFundMe page to 'become an advocate for equality in all public schools and create a safe learning environment for any and all children.'

Despite the abuse the family has allegedly suffered, Franklin says their motto has not changed.

"Life is an opportunity to be good to others."

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  • Magnus

    If the school doesn’t appear to be taking action, assault charges need to be brought up on the bullies at the school (Via the police/DA) and then child neglect against the teachers/school district. Let’s see how fast they correct themselves when a court case is on the line.

  • llbeen

    I agree that the word “tolerate” is wrong in this context. Acceptance is what should be taught. Embrace the variety inherent in the human species. Gays don’t go around robbing and slitting people’s throats, yet a certain demographic does and is accepted and deemed worthy of special protections. Gays tend to be intelligent hard working and contribute a lot to society, on the other hand.

      • Just sayin

        Well Tim.. it seems that the most common and more disproportionate factor is that most are males. So perhaps if gays need to be watched, controlled, whatever.. then men should be put in a position of subservience and under monitor in our society. I mean… they’re clearly a danger to decent human beings.

        Better yet.. lets just lock em up.. only take them out if we need heavy lifting or reproductive material… and hit them with stun guns if they complain.

        THANK YOU, Tim, for bringing these statistics to my attention. Since you clearly care about safety enough to cast doubt based on statistics despite correlation and causation being two different factors…. I’m sure you will do the right thing and volunteer to be the first to be regarded as the inhuman thing you apparently are… according to your statistics.

    • James

      In almost every community rich, poor, middle class or white, black or Hispanic Hiv is being spread by bisexual men playing for both sides.

  • D Sprag

    No..if you are gay I do NOT have to accept or tolerate you.I will not allow my boy’s to bully you but rather have nothing to do with you..Also instead of using his boys suffering to further his agenda why not teach them to take care of themselves so they are no longer victims

    • BecauseICare

      Who asked you to accept or tolerate anything? And what do you mean by, “Furthering his agenda”…. what agenda? Sounds like he’s teaching “his” boys well.

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