Seattle teens become overnight guerrilla fashionistas, popular men’s style company takes note & asks for advice

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE --  Patrick and Kirby McDermott (yes, they ARE related to our own M.J.  she's there mom!) are two well dressed high school seniors.

They are so well dressed these days that their friends and even their friends' parents are asking for fashion help.

So how did they do it?  They discovered online and mobile men's fashion help-site Cladwell.

And now the company is taking notice.  The two have been asked to consult with the company's CEO and they're featured in a blog post on the company website.

Here's how it all happened in their own words as sent to Cladwell:

Hello Cladwell, My name is Patrick McDermott. My brother Kirby and I are both high school seniors in Seattle, Washington. We love your website and we just wanted to share our cool story with you.

We discovered your website after watching a video online that suggested Cladwell as the best website a man can go to. My brother and I immediately made a joint account on my second email address (we're twins so we figured we could share clothing). We were excited to learn about our color pallet (soft autumn) and the idea of a finish line for our wardrobe was especially appealing.

One week we were both sick and away from school so we decided to get cracking on our wardrobe. In three days we went to Value Village, Goodwill and JCPenney to look for what we needed. We purchased 22 items, all Cladwell suggested, and spent only $193. We calculated what we saved from going to these cheaper stores and realized it was over $1500. Being poor high school seniors, we were very grateful to you guys for this opportunity.

Soon we weren't wearing t-shirts and running shoes every day, we were wearing sweaters, leather shoes and chinos. This wardrobe change is helpful to high school life but it is especially appealing knowing that we will need to dress better for college soon. The change in our style was instantly noticeable and we were getting complements and looks from girls and even the guys at our school. They wanted to know how we did it.

So, we showed them.

My brother and I have helped many guys at my school set up their own personal Cladwell accounts. One day, in the library, I was setting up an account for one of my friends, and soon eleven guys around us were looking in and I helped all of them set up their accounts as well.

These guys have gone on to tell their friends about it.

The guys at my high school have never looked classier. The guys are much more confident and needless to say the girls are a lot happier. But it didn't stop there. I set up an account for my friend at another high school in Seattle. His mom was very grateful for getting him out of his basketball shorts and athletic jackets. She actually gave me and my brother money to go shopping with him to help him out and to make him feel more comfortable. He liked Cladwell so much he told his entire cross country team at his school.

The love for Cladwell is growing exponentially.

Cladwell is currently spreading to other Seattle schools. The guys in the Seattle school district have never looked better.

That's our Cladwell story.

Best regards, Patrick and Kirby McDermott

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