Auburn man visiting Seattle’s Kerry Park robbed at gunpoint: ‘I thought I was going to die’

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SEATTLE — An Auburn man visiting Kerry Park for a view of the beautiful Seattle skyline was stunned when two masked men walked up and robbed him and a friend at gunpoint. And that wasn’t even the scariest part.

“At first I thought the guns were fake,” Joshua Guyette said Friday, recalling how he felt safe because he was with a group of five friends.

Two masked men demanded Guyette and one of his friends empty their pockets.

Guyette says they were so shocked they hesitated.

“I just remember seeing a flash,” Guyette said.

The victim says the robbers fired a shot in his direction as he frantically tried to give up his belongings.

“I thought I was going to die, it didn’t seem real,” Guyette said.

“I told him my key was stuck, I can’t get them out, and so he moved to my friend and put the gun on his neck,” Guyette said.

The armed robbers snatched Guyette's iPhone and his friend’s wallet.

“They said, 'Now move!' They just started to move us over this way,” Guyette said.

The robbers ordered the victims to run, firing three more shots as Guyette and his friends ran for their lives.

“A bullet could have hit us, it could have hit someone on the side, it could have hit someone inside their home,” Guyette said.

The suspects are still on the loose but police seized a gold Honda not far from the crime scene.

“When you come to a place like this, you don’t think about a crime happening,” visitor Matt Schneider said.

Visitors on Friday were surprised to hear about crime at the iconic park.

“I would hope an incident like that wouldn’t tarnish a reputation of a place like this because it’s a special place,” Schneider said.

But Guyette says it makes him think twice about visiting after dark.

“It makes you question coming back to this park, to this city,” Guyette said.

One suspect is described as a white man, about 6-foot, wearing a dark-colored handkerchief across his face.

The second suspect is described as a black man, about 5-feet-10, wearing a bandana with a skeleton design on it.

Both suspects were wearing a black sweatshirt and blue jeans.

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  • Wallus

    Now now, remember we are getting closer and closer in Seattle to activists and academics being sure no one can be arrested because of how “white privileged” makes them do crime and how any kind of accountability is a monster of the “prison industrial complex.”

  • Mick W

    Unreal, nothing like risking prison time and getting shot in the face all over a phone and wallet. The return on investment for crime is pretty low I would say.

  • dg54321

    “When you come to a place like this, you don’t think about a crime happening,”

    Weird, being from Auburn, one would think he would have felt at home.

  • EdwardAPeak

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