Parents withdraw teen from college after spring break video shows him biting off hamster’s head

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WARNING: Video contains graphic subject matter. Viewer discretion advised.

MADISON, Miss. — It’s gone viral online and it’s really disturbing; a spring break video of a college student biting the head off a live hamster.

As it turns out, the teen is part of a well-known family in Mississippi. His stepfather apparently ran for governor of the state.

The video posted by the purports to show 18-year-old Brady Eaves of Madison, Mississippi, biting the head off a live hamster in front of a crowd at a spring break party in Florida.

Eaves was a student at Ole Miss and a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity until this week. A letter his parents released indicates they have withdrawn Eaves from the University of Mississippi.

WLBT posted the full statement:

First, as the parents of Brady Eaves, let everyone please be assured that we do not take the subject of animal cruelty lightly, nor do we in any way condone the behavior displayed in the recent video of our son that has gone viral on the internet. The actions that appear in the video go against everything that our son has been taught, and we can assure everyone that his actions are not what he believes in his heart, nor are true to his character. While we are extremely disappointed and greatly disturbed by his actions, as his parents, we know Brady to be a very bright and talented young man with a huge heart.

As parents we are obviously and very seriously concerned about the well-being of our son. We have withdrawn him from school, and fully intend on professionally assessing why he behaved in such a horrible way, and what we must do as a family to keep this type of behavior from ever happening again. Raising teenagers in today’s world, as most caring and loving parents realize, can challenge the best of us. We will continue to love our son with all of our hearts and be right there by his side as our family addresses this situation. We would sincerely appreciate that all parents who have gone through similar incidents with their children, and the entire community please keep us in their thoughts and prayers.

Thank you,

John & Angel Eaves

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  • Frank D.

    That kid has some real serious problems. I am glad the parents are trying to maybe get this kid some help. Time for Fraternities to go. They seem to encourage drunken and immature behavior. This isn’t the 50’s .

  • Patrick

    Two points to be made.
    1. I’ve seen way worse done to get in to a frat house.
    2. Seems like this could be inspired by Ozzy Osbourne.

    Dumb shit is dumb shit. Cool. A hamster. I know people who buy hamsters to feed a snake. No difference really. Doesn’t matter if its done directly, or indirectly, it’s still done. Ozzy had no legal issues when he bit the head off a live bat in front of thousands of fans, and on television. It’s known as one of the greatest moments in rock history.
    If someone famous doesn’t get in trouble for this, why should some kid trying to fit in somewhere to make it through college? Pretty sure this wasn’t done just for the hell of it, or to look cool. I’m pretty sure this was initiation. Why charge him with anything? Why not the people who had him do it? How was he to know it was going to go this far?

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