Outrage over Jamie Foxx’s Bruce Jenner joke at iHeartRadio Music Awards

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Some viewers of the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night took to social media to vent about the opening monologue, saying one controversial joke crossed the line.

Musician and actor Jamie Foxx hosted the second annual awards show in Los Angeles.

“We got some ground-breaking performances, here too, tonight,” Foxx said. “We got Bruce Jenner, who will be doing some musical performances. He’s doing a his-and-her duet all by himself.”

There have been reports that Jenner, an Olympic gold medalist, plans to transition from male to female. However, Jenner has not spoken publicly about any such possibility.

Many television viewers took to social media to voice outrage. The hashtag #iHeartRadioMusicAwards rocketed to become a top trend.

“Jamie Foxx just made a terrible, disgusting joke about Bruce Jenner’s rumored transition on this trash awards show,” tweeted @laurennostro.

“Seriously #JamieFoxx? #BruceJenner jokes?” wrote @AngelaPquigley. “You’re disgusting, that’s not ok. It wasn’t funny, just mean spirited and lazy.”

Foxx’s curtain-raiser act also took unorthodox potshots at a copyright infringement legal battle and the health of a famous 1990s record executive.

Those jokes found more acceptance than the Jenner quip.

“Marvin Gaye had the number one song, featuring Pharrell (Williams) and Robin Thicke,” Foxx said, setting up for his punch line:

“Marvin Gaye just made $7.4 million just last week. He’s making beats in heaven. It’s crazy,” he joked. “He might be dead, but he ain’t dead broke.”

Gaye’s children battled with Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke over their hit “Blurred Lines,” which jurors decided was a knockoff of Gaye’s soul classic “Got to Give It Up.”

The performers were ordered to pay millions for copyright damages and infringement.

The crowd laughed as attention turned to founder of Death Row Records Marion “Suge” Knight, who has been arrested and charged with murder.

“He will not be here tonight,” Foxx said of Knight. “He founded Tha Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and now he needs a seeing eye dog.”

Knight collapsed in court recently, as a result of ongoing health issues, after a judge set his bail at $25 million in the murder case. He hit his head during the fall, knocking himself out.

The crowd had laughed at those previous jokes but clammed up when Foxx turned his attention to Jenner.

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  • tootietuttle

    it’s hollywood, there are no limits…why is it okay to make fun of certain people and not others?? LGBT are off limits I guess, unless they are making fun of everyone else.

  • jennifer

    he is a comedian, he is supposed to poke fun!! make us all laugh!!! I have heard worse from the media and so on then this!!!!!! funny ;) baking soda, I got baking soda <3

  • Dixon Yorbum

    This is news worthy? This is worth crying about? Are you kidding me? I’m just glad it made it to the news so I could see it and laugh at a good solid joke about a wealthy woMan that is so attention starved he’s going through all this just to stay in the news.

  • huh

    I think the sensitivity is warranted, given that it is still socially accepted to attack GBLT people. Look at the proposed law in CA in which it would be OK to kill gays. Please, why is that even allowed to be suggested? Because this society still doesn’t understand that it is not OK to ostracize and promote hate aimed at innocent people. So far, the only ism that seems to be almost universally disallowed in this society is supposed racism. If someone had made some crude joke about blacks or about Obama being black, that person would be fired from their job and driven from their home. Right now there is not that kind of universal disgust for anti-GBLT speech.

  • ryan717

    wow people are overly sensitive. joke about this not this? “Transition” really? that’s what we’re going to use to describe this? how about mental illness. oh so sorry …that is offensive to someone! lol

  • Joe

    It was funny, but why no outrage when they slime and defame a woman called Sara Palin, because liberals love that hatred when aimed at those who don’t buy their view points.

    • john

      Yes!!! Well played. Sad but that statement is very true. This is all a devised plan for those running the new world order….. more fact than fiction

  • Kiedy Silniejsza

    Come on guys, you’re better than this. It was a light hearted comment…this is not news. I thought it was funny. Not bigoted.

  • Randy Clark

    It is public knowledge that Bruce Jenner has been making the change to be more feminine. The story is on the front page of several popular, and not so popular magazines. He even goes out in public wearing feminine clothes, and has told his family, so I can see no reason for anyone who doesn’t live under a rock somewhere to be shocked at this joke.


    Jayson, I dare you to say that to his FACE!! coward! only behind a computer!! obviously this world has never and will never be open to anything new. this is why we still have people like JAYSON in this world making it even worse for anything to change. Old minded people are disgusting! if people crusified Christ don’t think you are safe! what makes ceirtain people better than others? Racist people are the worst kind. People are humans just like everyone in this world if you can not except your self than there is no need for you to be here because you will never except anything or anyone in this world. Go hide under your bed like you do when you send stupid comments!Gays, lesbians bisexuals, minorities we are HERE and STAYING!! get use to it or save some money so you can fly to the moon when it comes down to it!!! And beleive me WE ALL CAN NOT WAIT…You know why???? you will be and are starting to be the minority in this country!!! Can’t stand that huh?? never thought this would happen, right?? LOOSER!